EPT Copenhagen: Friends reunited

February 17, 2009

There are some sizeable stacks appearing in front of immediately recognisable faces here in Copenhagen, including about 35,000 in neat order in front of the Norwegian Trond Erik Eidsvig.

Like Joao Barbosa this season, Eidsvig is another of those players who burst onto the tournament scene with a string of impressive results, seemingly all the more unlikely for the apparent instancy of the success. He made three final tables on his breakthrough season — in Barcelona, Dublin and Warsaw — and justly claimed the rookie of the year prize at last year’s EPT awards.

_MG_0058_Neil Stoddartcopenhagen.jpg
Trond Eidsvig

He’s been moved around a few tables here in Copenhagen, but seems to like his new spot and has watched his stack grow steadily to its current state. He’s been sitting to the immediate right of the jovial Tommy Dender and a couple of seats away from the PokerStars ShootingStar Johannes Strassmann for an hour or so. Just recently one of the dominant forces in this tournament to date, Albert Iversen, has been moved to the empty chair between them.

_MG_0200_EPT5SCA_Neil Stoddart.jpg
Albert Iversen

In case anyone was unsure when Iversen sat down, Eidsvig and his fellow Norwegian are good friends. And like many a pair of buddies around the poker tables, they are fierce rivals, with a neat line in mutually deprecating banter.

“How much do you have in those small ones?” quizzed Eidsvig as Iversen manouevred his stack of about 65,000 into place.
“Why does it matter how much I have in the small ones?” Iversen fizzed back.

They were in a pot, incidentally, and the flop came Jh-Kd-Ad. They, and Strassmann, checked and also checked the 9s on the turn. Iversen bet 1,825 on the 4c river and Eidsvig called and showed A-6. Iversen’s K-10 was beaten.

_MG_0197_EPT5SCA_Neil Stoddart.jpg

“Yeeeesssss!” hissed Eidsvig.
“That’s the first blood,” confirmed Iversen. “But how did you not bet the turn?”
No answer.
“I would have raised you,” Iversen continued.
“That’s why I didn’t bet it,” Eidsvig said. “It would have been a bad bet.”
“You’re not a champion,” Iversen thrust again. “You never will be.”
“Aaargghh,” growled an exasperated Eidsvig. “I’m so looking forward to our heads up.”
“I will take it all,” Iversen carried on. “And I will smile so much.”

Etc, etc, and so forth.


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