EPT Copenhagen: Fourth time unlucky… again

February 19, 2009

Sigurd Terpling was out of his chair watching a do or die board being dealt, determining the wisdom behind his all-in move. When things went his way Terpling shouted something that sounded like “Sha-ten!” which may actually be the Danish “one time!” inadvertently creating exciting new marketing avenues for the newly minted PokerStars Blog One Time Chip™ .

Luca Pagano is steadily adding to his stack, taunting those once thought he could be out. His raises and re-raises are being met with the respect you’d expect an eight time EPT cashee to get.

Benoit Gariepy tried the same but got a different outcome. He pushed in, a decision that brought Reuban Peters to life. The Dublin champion unplugged his headphones to ask “how much?” All irrelevant – he was always going to call, showing aces to Gariepy’s K-Q.

One table along season three’s EPT Dortmund champion Andreas Hoivold pushed in. Marcus Liberski checked his cards, thunk, then moved in himself. Frenchman Remy Bechel, who had originally raised before Hoivold moved in, backed out sharpish, leaving just the showdown – ace-king against ace-queen. If Hoivold is to be believed it’s the fourth EPT he’s played where his big slick was brutalised by A-Q when all-in. This fourth time (the queen hitting the flop) left Hoivold with less than 3,000.


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