EPT Copenhagen: Final table, level 29 updates (blinds 50,000-100,000)

February 26, 2011


8.35pm: Michael Tureniec wins EPT Copenhagen and DKK 3,700,000
It’s all over in the EPT Copenhagen Main Event. Having opened from the button for 375,000 Per Linde upped things to 600,000 before Tureniec shoved all-in. Linde snap called showing 7♥7♦ to Tureniec’s A♠J♣.

The board ran 2♣3♦5♣J♦4♣ to hand Tureniec the title on the turn. Per Linde, despite more than one spirited comeback, settles for second place, earning DKK 2,450,000.


Michael Tureniec is victorious

Congratulations to Michael Tureniec, the new EPT Copenhagen Champion. A full report of the final table will be posted shortly. — SB

8.25pm: Chip counts
Michael Tureniec — 10,350,000
Per Linde — 3,045,000

8.20pm: Tureniec extends his lead
On a flop of 6♠10♥10♣ Michael Tureniec checked to Per Linde who bet 200,000. Tureniec called for a 3♣ turn. Again Tureniec check called the 550,000 bet from Linde for a 6♥ river card. Both checked, Tureniec winning the hand showing A♦5♥. — SB

8.10pm: No change
A pot each, won pre-flop with a three-bet. Back to where they were three hands ago. — SB

8.06pm: Linde fights back
Per Linde is back up to around 5,000,000 after getting a fold from Michael Tureniec on the river.

Tureniec raised to 225,000 from the button and Linde peeled to see the J♣9♣5♥ flop. Tureniec continued with a 300,000 bet and Linde check-called. The turn was a dangerous looking A♣ and both players checked to the 10♦ river. Linde led for 600,000 and Tureniec quickly folded. — MC


Per Linde fighting back in his heads-up match

8.03pm: One for Linde
On a flop of 4♣8♣A♣ Per Linde bet 250,000 which Michael Tureniec called for a 9♠ turn. He then checked to Linde who bet 600,000 to take the pot. — SB

8pm: Another for Tureniec
The third hand back from break was similar to the first as Per Linde raised to 200,000 from the button only to face to a Michael Tureniec 525,000 three-bet. This time he called to see the 8♣2♥6♠ flop but he gave up when Tureniec led for 450,000.- MC

7.56pm: Tureniec starts off aggressive
The first hand back from break and Per Linde raised to 200,000 from the button only to then fold to a Michael Tureniec 525,000 three-bet. — MC

7.50pm: Play continues
A new level, a new post. Play continues in Level 29, with blinds at 50,000-100,000.


EPT Live commentator James Hartigan

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Copenhagen (in order of how long we expect this post to be needed): Marc Convey (another 33 minutes) and Stephen Bartley (another 2 hours and 33 minutes)


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