EPT Copenhagen: Final table, levels 28, 29 & 30 (60,000-120,000)

February 21, 2010


1.20am: Anton Wigg wins EPT Copenhagen, earning 3,675,000 DKK
Francesco De Vivo runner up, earning 2,275,000 DKK

After a titanic heads-up battle, Anton Wigg wins the EPT Copenhagen title and a monster pile of cash amounting to nearly half a million euros.

Wigg, from Sweden, opened the pot with a raise to 285,000 before facing a three-bet to 800,000 from Francesco De Vivo. Wigg moved all in – call. One more time the players were in a pre-flop heads-up showdown:

Wigg: A♦J♦
De Vivo: K♣10♠

The board ran Q♥9♥Q♦2♦8♥ and, yes, we finally had a champion. Credit to Italy’s Francesco De Vivo for his battling and patient performance.

On his win Anton said “This win will bring confidence, a lot of that and a bigger bankroll. I’ll also buy an apartment and my mum will be happy about that.”

So that’s it. We’ve got a full wrap of the final being polished off right now. It’ll be with you shortly. In the meantime, why not take a look at what everyone won? You’ll find that info on the prize page.

1.17am: Anton Wigg wins EPT Copenhagen
It’s over… finally. Details coming soon!

1.15am: Wigg back where all wigs should be: on top
This one didn’t get going until the turn, and then it got a bit pricey. The four cards out were 3♣7♦4♥8♣ and Wigg bet 475,000. Francesco De Vivo called. The river was Q♣ (back-door clubs, anyone?) and Wigg bet 845,000.

De Vivo also called that one, but he was beaten. Wigg had made runner-runner top two pair, showing Q♥8♥. That’ll work for the chip lead again. — HS

1.10amAggression pre, passive post
Francesco De Vivo raised from the button and was called by Anton Wigg in the big blind. Both players checked the 7♠A♣5♠ flop before Wigg took the pot down with a 500,000 bet on the turn.

1.05am: Trips for De Vivo
This one got all the way to the river, and there was betting, calling and everything. Wigg called a pre-flop raise from De Vivo and the flop was A♦A♠10♦. They both checked that, and then Wigg check-called De Vivo’s bet of 300,000 on the 8♣. The river was 5♥ and De Vivo bet 600,000. Wigg called and was shown A♥4♥, which was good, good, good.

1am: Wigg aggression
Francesco De Vivo started this pot off with a 350,000 raise before Anton Wigg three-bet to 850,000. De Vivo stared his opponent down for a moment or two but slid his cards in to the muck.

12.50am: The all-in matters now
Anton Wigg opened with a 285,000 raise from the button to face a three-bet to one million from Francesco De Vivo. Wigg casually moved in for around five million. It wasn’t an automatic call this time from the Italian; the raise was a little too much. De Vivo folded – and with that he gave up the chip lead, just, for the first time in a while.

12.45am: Fightback
Anton Wigg’s fine fightback has got him right back in it. Current counts:

De Vivo: 7,900,000
Wigg: 4,600,000

12.35am: All in, call!
They’re back with new blinds of 60,000-120,000 – and all the chips are immediately in the middle. Wigg raises pre-flop and De Vivo shoves. Insta-call from Wigg and he tables K♠K♥. It’s a huge hand, but De Vivo tables A♠5♠ and points suggestively at the ace.

The flop looks like it might be helping the tournament-ending suck-out. It comes 3♦8♠3♠, giving De Vivo a flush draw. The turn is 5♦, safe for Wigg, but he still needs to fade an eight, a five or a spade.

The river is 9♦ and that’s OK. Wigg doubles up again and now has 5,100,000. — HS

12.30am: We’re back
That was the shortest 15 minutes of my life.

12.25am: 15 minute break
That’s the end of another level.

12.25am: And Wigg gets himself back in it
The first hand after the massive double up, Anton Wigg moves all in pre-flop for his last 1,300,000-odd. Francesco De Vivo insta-calls.

Wigg: A♥J♠
De Vivo: 8♦7♦

Wigg is well ahead – but has been here plenty of times before, only to lose. Not this time, though, as the board misses De Vivo and Wigg doubles up. He still has about 2.6m, which is still plently to play with. — HS.

12.21am: Huuuge pot for De Vivo
This was the big clash we have been waiting for, and Francesco De Vivo came from behind to win it. He had raised to 300,000, Anton Wigg re-raised to 825,000, De Vivo moved all in and Wigg called. De Vivo was the man at risk, and he needed help:

Wigg: Q♥Q♣
De Vivo: A♣9♣

The flop was emphatic, coming 4♠A♦A♥, but a queen would still win the pot and the title for Wigg. It didn’t come, the turn was 6♦ and river 7♠.

After that, De Vivo moved on to 11million, way ahead of Wigg’s 1.3 million.

12.20am: Double up
There’s been a major hand. Details are coming.

12.19am: It’s time for a gallery!
Enjoy some pictures:

Two views of this heads up:


And here are our players:


Anton Wigg


Francesco De Vivo

12.15am: More slowness
Both checked the 9♣4♠3♥ flop, and on the A♦ turn Francesco De Vivo made it 300,000. Call. Wigg then checked the K♦ river, as did De Vivo.
De Vivo: K♥Q♥
Wigg: K♠9♦
On we go. — SY

12.11am: Sixes checked down
Francesco De Vivo raised to 300,000 and Anton Wigg called. They both checked the the A♦A♠Q♥, checked the 7♥ turn and checked the 10♣ river. De Vivo showed pocket sixes to win a small pot. — SY

12.10am: Flushed board
A limped pot brought a 8♠6♠2♠ flop. The rest of the action was less predictable – especially given what they were holding. Anton Wigg led for 125,000 and was called by Francesco De Vivo. Both players checked the 3♠ turn before Wigg led again for 275,000 on the J♠ river. De Vivo called with 7♠10♠ for a flopped flush, slow-played. Wigg was defeated, but again De Vivo perhaps missed some betting along the way. — MC

12.05am: De Vivo channels Jerry Yang
Anton Wigg raises to 250,000 and Francesco De Vivo makes it “One mirrion.” Wigg folds to the three bet – there have been hardly any of them, and it gets the respect it deserves. — HS

12am: It’s tomorrow
As we pass midnight, we deal the 214th hand of the final table. — HS

11.55pm: Two late barrels do the job
Francesco De Vivo raised from the button and was called by Anton Wigg. Both players checked the flop to give the board a Q♣8♦6♦J♣ look on the turn. Wigg check-called a 300,000 bet but check-folded to a 600,000 bet on the 6♥ river. — HS

11.45pm: Limped aces lose
Francesco De Vivo limped in with pocket aces and they saw a flop of 7♥6♦2♦. De Vivo bet 100,000 and Anton Wigg called. Both then checked the 10♠ turn, and on the 5♥ river Wigg made it 300,000 and got a call. [2][10] for Wigg, beating De Vivo’s slow-played aces. — SY

11.40pm: Wigg trying to chip up
Anton Wigg is turning up the aggression as he tries to close the gap ahead of him. On this one Francesco de Vivo made it 300,000 and Wigg called. Both checked the 5♣10♦7♦ flop, but on the 7♥ turn Wigg made it 400,000 and De Vivo folded.

11.35pm: Pendulum swings further from Wigg
The two players saw a 7♠A♣4♣ flop. Francesco De Vivo checked to face a 325,000 bet from Anton Wigg that he called. Both players checked the 3♠ turn to go to the A♥ river. De Vivo picked up the initiative with a 500,000 bet and was called very quickly. De Vivo tabled A♦6♦ for trip sixes. Wigg showed K♠ and had called him down with king high. The pendulum has truly swung towards the Italian now. — MC

11.30pm: Pick the bones out of this one
Francesco De Vivo raised pre-flop and Anton Wigg called. They saw a flop of 2♣9♦2♦ and Wigg check-called De Vivo’s 500,000 bet. It’s already a weird one: check-calling the flop has not been seen very much. The turn was 3♥ and Wigg again checked. But that only prompted De Vivo to shove all in, for about 6,900,000. That covered Wigg, who looked perplexed and folded. — HS

11.25pm: Seven beats seven
Anton Wigg raised up to 250,000 from the button and was quickly called by Francesco de Vivo in the big blind. The Italian checked before the flop came 10♣8♣6♥. Wigg checked behind and they both checked the 5♠ turn. De Vivo then led for 250,000 on the 3♦ river. Call. Wigg tabled 7-6 and it was good as De Vivo showed a 7 as well and mucked. — MC

11.20pm: This is i- Oh, actually it’s a double up for De Vivo
It looked for the world like this was all over, and Anton Wigg would be crowned our latest PokerStars EPT champion. But no.

Francesco De Vivo raised to 300,000, Wigg made it 825,000, De Vivo moved all – around 3.2 million in total – and Wigg called.

Wigg: A♦10♥
De Vivo: 7♥8♥

The flop was 5♣J♥J♣, a great one for Wigg, but the turn was 8♣, shooting De Vivo into the lead. The 3♠ river kept him there, and from being virtually out the man from Italy takes the chip lead with 7.9 million against Wigg’s 4.6 million. — SY

11.10pm: Italy 1, Sweden 0
This one went to Francesco De Vivo. He raised to 300,000 and got a call from Anton Wigg. Both checked the A♠Q♣K♣ flop, but on the 2♣ turn Wigg checked, De Vivo went to count out a bet and Wigg folded before the stack had even crossed the line. — SY

11pm: Level up
We’re into level 29 and we’re going to keep this in the same post. No one can tell us we’re wrong. The blinds are now 50,000-100,000 with a 5,000 ante. Will we finish? We might.*

*We might not.

10.50pm: Three bet! Three bet!
De Vivo opens for 225,000 and Wigg makes the deep reach. Wigg makes it 740,000 and De Vivo folds, showing an ace.

That’s the end of the level – players take a 15 minute break. — HS.

10.45pm: Wigg wins another
Anton Wigg makes it 200,000 and Francesco De Vivo calls. The flop comes 10♣K♠A♦ and both check, but on the 2♦ turn De Vivo gives a little smile, Wigg bets and De Vivo folds. — SY

10.40pm: What can I tell you?
Anton Wigg is gradually, gradually pulling clear here and is getting close to a 2:1 chip lead. There have been no major pots, however, he has simply found the bet button and De Vivo has still got a check-mark beside the auto-“Fold To Any Bet” option. — HS

10.30pm: Million plus pot to Wigg
Anton Wigg has taken the most significant pot of this heads-up so far. Francesco De Vivo limped from the button and then called Wigg’s 275,000 raise. The flop came 7♦6♠A♣ and Wigg’s 375,000 bet was called by the Italian. Wigg kept up the pressure on the Q♦ turn with a 850,000 bet. Too much pressure for De Vivo who folded. — MC

10.25pm: Here’s a pot
They go calmly to the flop – and check the 4♠9♣7♠ board. Then the 8♠ turns and Francesco De Vivo bets 160,000, which Wigg calls. The river is 7♣ and De Vivo bets 600,000 at it, but when Wigg announces re-raise, De Vivo folds. That’s a pretty big pot by the standards of this heads up. — HS

10.20pm: Nothing to see here
Really. — HS

10.10pm: The routine
Here’s how this heads-up has been going in the past 20 minutes: raise from Anton Wigg, fold from Francesco De Vivo. So far, Wigg has taken all the tiny pots, but De Vivo has taken the larger ones. All things are relative and there have been no notable fireworks.

De Vivo has a 1.5m chip lead. — HS

9.50pm: River dance
Another limped pot brought a 7♠K♦4♥ flop. Anton Wigg had a 110,000 stab at it from the big blind but Francesco De Vivo called. Both checked the 7♦ turn before Wigg bet 225,000 on the 9♣ river. He couldn’t stand the heat of De Vivo’s raise to 1,000,000 though and folded. — MC

9.46pm: First heads-up hand
The first hand played out between the two was limped to go to a 3♥J♥8♦ flop. Anton Wigg led for 110,000 from the big blind and was called Francesco De Vivo on the button. The turn 2♥ and river 2♣ were both checked through. De Vivo tabled 7♣8♣ and it was good for the pot as Wigg folded. — SY

9.40pm: This is real action. Morten Klein is OUT!
Well, well, well. On the button, Anton Wigg raises to 205,000 and Morten Klein, on the small blind, re-raises to 540,000. Wigg shoves all in and Klein insta-calls.

Wigg: J♣9♣
Klein: A♣10♦

They both have opportunities here, but the flop and turn only favour Klein. It comes 6♥7♥Q♣K♠. That leaves Wigg drawing to any ten or any nine and – boom – there’s the 10♣ on the river.

Klein takes 1,400,000 DKK for third, and we’re heads up. And if ever an expression said “I’m out” this is it:


Morten Klein

9.35pm: ‘You got it’
Francesco de Vivo raised it up to 225,000 from the button and was called by Morten Klein in the big blind to go to a K♦5♣8♥ flop. Klein checked to De Vivo who bet 300,000. “You got it said” Klein and folded.

9.32pm: Action. Sorry, that’s a lie
The first action after the dinner break is hardly that. Morten Klein limps from the button and Francesco de Vivo raises to 200,000 from the small blind. Anton Wigg gets out the way, leaving Klein with a decision. He takes the easy way out. Fold. — HS

9.30pm: We’re back!
The players are back around the table and cards are in the air.

9.15pm: Tumbleweed
We’re still waiting.

9pm: Hello?
Well, we thought the dinner break was scheduled for 45 minutes. But no-one has come back to the table yet. We’re watching, you’re watching, nobody is playing. Presumably the service in the hotel restaurants is a little slow tonight.

Anyway, I’m sure it’ll all kick off again soon. Stay tuned for the three-handed action.


Copenhagen: on a warm day

PokerStars Blog reporting team: Stephen Bartley, Marc Convey, Howard Swains and Simon Young.


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