EPT Copenhagen: Final table, level 26, 27 & 28 updates (blinds 40,000-80,000)

February 26, 2011


7.36pm: Break time
Players are on another 15 minute break.

7.35pm: Last hand of the level
The level ends with Per Linde picking up another million-plus. On a board reading J♣4♠4♥10♦A♠ Linde bet 400,000 which Tureniec called, mucking when Linde showed K♣Q♣. — SB

7.30pm: Linde doubled again
Per Linde is battling for his tournament life and it just got a whole lot easier with another double-up. All the chips went in pre-flop with both having pairs.

Linde: Q♥Q♠
Tureniec: 7♣7♦

The board ran 9♦4♣2♠J♣K♣ to take Linde’s stack up to 3,790,000. — MC

7.20pm: Waiting, waiting…
Sensing that this is a calm before the final storm as Tureniec inches ahead. — SB

7.10pm: Decisive hand?
Michael Tureniec has just taken down a very big pot to move up to 11,200,000, nine million ahead of Per Linde. He raised pre-flop and bet every street on the 7♥4♣7♦Q♥6♥ board. The flop bet was 200,000, the turn 500,000 and the river 1,400,000. Linde called all the way only to be shown J♦7♣ for trips by Tureniec. — MC


The heads-up battle goes on

7.05pm: Chip counts
Michael Tureniec — 9,000,000
Per Linde — 4,470,000

7.04pm: Linde failed river bluff
The two players made it to the river where the board read 9♠9♣J♥J♠4♦. The action leading up to this point included a Tureniec button raise and a Linde call. Linde check-called a 200,000 bet on the flop before both checked the turn. Linde led for 225,000 on the river and Tureniec tank-called. Linde mucked and Tureniec claimed the pot after showing Q♠5♠. — MC

7pm: Another to Linde
Per Linde wins another pot. He called Tureniec’s three-bet to 425,000 in the big blind for a flop of 10♣J♠10♠ then bet to take the pot. — SB

6.50pm: Tureniec reopens lead
It didn’t take long for Michael Tureniec to streak ahead again. He raised from the button and Per Linde called on the way to the 5♥J♦5♣ flop. Tureniec c-bet for 200,000 and Linde check-called before both players checked the 6♦ turn. The river came 6♣ and Linde led out for 325,000. Tureniec then surprised Linde with a raise up to 950,000. Linde made a reluctant-looking call but mucked upon seeing Tureniec’s K♣6♥ full house. Tureniec up to around 9,100,000 and Linde dropped to 4,300,000. — MC

6.43pm: Linde doubles up
Michael Tureniec just came within a river card of winning a first EPT title, until a Q♦ made Per Linde a flush to double him up and keep this final table going.

Linde opened for 160,000 which Tureniec raised to 425,000. Linde then moved all-in for 2,820,000 which Tureniec called, ahead, showing A♠8♠ against the A♦5♦ of Linde.
The board ran 4♥K♦J♣6♦Q♦, the river card saving Linde, who moved up to 5,630,000. Tureniec slips back to 7,830,000. – SB

6.40pm: Tureniec turning the screw
Michael Tureniec is up to more than 10,600,000 chips now after he four-bet jammed on Per Linde. He raised from the button and then came back over the top, for the lot, after Linde three-bet from the big blind. — MC

6.38pm: Chip counts
Michael Tureniec — 10,650,000
Per Linde — 2,820,000

6.35pm: More for Tureniec
Tureniec inches closer to the title, taking another pot to take him beyond 10,000,000 chips. He opened from the button and when Linde called the flop came 4♠10♥3♣. Linde checked before Tureniec bet 200,000. Linde called for a K♦ turn and then checked again. Tureniec bet to take the pot.

6.32pm: Last four hands
The last four hands have seen two pots won by each player. They both took the blinds with a button raise and they both took down a pot with c-bets on dry flops. Michael Tureniec currently sits on 9,930,000 and Per Linde has 3,540,000. — MC

6.20pm: Cards in the air
Play restarts in Level 28 with blinds of 40,000-80,000.

6.05pm: Chips at the break
Michael Tureniec — 9,295,000
Per Linde — 4,175,000



6pm: Break time
That’s the end of another level. 15 minute break everybody.

5.55pm: Raise and take
Raise and take, raise and take.

5.50pm: Power poker from Tureniec
Michael Tureniec is up to 9,095,000 chip after five-bet shoving on Per Linde pre-flop. Linde made it 125,000 from the button before Tureniec three-bet to 325,000 from the big blind. Linde four-bet to 725,000 but folded to a Tureniec shove. Linde dropped to 4,300,000. — MC

5.44pm: Chip counts
Michael Tureniec — 8,465,000
Per Linde — 4,930,000

5.42pm: One for Linde
Per Linde forced Michael Tureniec off a hand to gain some of the lost ground. He raised from the button and Tureniec called to see the 7♠9♠A♠ flop. He check-called a 125,000 bet before check-folding to a 425,000 bet on the Q♦ turn. — MC

5.37pm: Tureniec reclaims two-to-one lead
Michael Tureniec took a pot off Per Linde worth just under two million chips. Linde raised to 125,000 from the button and Tureniec peeled to see the 6♠10♣Q♦ flop. Tureniec checked-raised Linde’s 150,000 c-bet up to 400,000. Call. Both players checked the K♠ turn to see the 3♦ river. Tureniec led for 475,000 and was called by Linde who went on to muck upon seeing his opponent’s Q♥J♠ for second pair. — MC

5.28pm: More for Linde
Linde takes a smallish pot. On a flop of 5♦6♦6♠ Michael Tureniec bet 150,000 which Linde called ahead of a 7♣ turn. Both checked that for a A♠ river card. More checking, Linde taking the pot showing 3♦3♠. — SB


Linde in action

5.16pm: Linde clawing back
Linde pulls back further. After he opened for 125,000 in the button/small blind Tureniec three-bet to 325,000 which Linde called for a flop of A♥4♣10♠. Tureniec led out for 350,000 which Linde called for a K♥ on the turn. Both checked for a 6♣ on the river. A check from Tureniec before Linde bet 800,000. Tureniec thought for a moment, then folded. — SB

5.08pm: Linde all-in
Per Linde just got his stack in for the first time in this all Swedish heads-up battle. He raised from the button and Tureniec called from the big blind to see the 5♠8♠9♣. Linde continued with a 150,000 bet but faced a raise up to 400,000. His answer was to move all-in and that did the job as Tureniec mucked. Linde up to 4,380,000 to Tureniec’s 9.015,000. — MC

4.59pm: Heads-up chip counts
Michael Tureniec — 9,510,000
Per Linde — 3,885,000

4.55pm: John Eames falls in third spot
John Eames’ roller-coaster day at this final table has come to an end at the hand of his nemesis Michael Tureniec. Tureniec raised from the button and made the call when Eames shoved from the big blind.

Eames: K♣J♠
Tureniec: A♥Q♦

The board ran K♥9♠5♥A♣7♦. Eames took the lead on the flop but couldn’t stay there and exits in third place with DKK 1,400,000 (€187,778).

We now have an all Swedish heads-up match meaning we’ll crown a Swedish champion for the second year running, following Anton Wigg’s victory last year. — MC


John Eames shortly before his exit

4.50pm: Eames takes pot from Tureniec
John Eames opened for 125,000 from the button which Michael Tureniec called from the small blind for a flop of 2♣A♥4♦.

Tureniec checked to Eames who made it 150,000. Tureniec called for a A♣ turn which both checked. On the Q♣ river Tureniec checked again and passed when Eames bet 460,000. — SB

4.40pm: Play resumes
The players are back for Level 27. Blinds are 30,000-60,000, 5,000 ante.

4.25pm: Take a break
That’s the end of the level. Players are on a 15 minute break.

4.20pm: Eames officially back in the game
John Eames has doubled-up again, to 1,915,000, to be officially declared back in the game. He open shoved from the small blind with A♣4♦ and was called by Tureniec in the big blind with K♦9♦. The board ran 7♥A♦4♥6♣2♠ to the delight’s of Eames’ supporters on the rail. — MC

4.15pm: Chip counts
Michael Tureniec — 7.985,000
Per Linde — 4,400,000
John Eames — 1,010,000

4.12pm: Eames doubled next hand
John Eames wasted no time in getting his short stack in the middle. The very next hand Per Linde raised from the button and called when Eames shoved from the small blind.

Eames: A♣7♠
Linde: 10♥9♥

The board ran 10♠K♠6♠4♠6♦. Eames fell behind on the flop but locked up the hand with a flush on the turn. He’s up to 1,100,000 chips and back in with a chance. — MC

4.10pm: Massive pot hands Tureniec the lead, cripples Eames
In a pivotal hand, that could well define who wins this event, Michael Tureniec doubles up through John Eames, to move up to more than 8,300,000 chips and leave the Englishman with just 525,000.


Michael Tureniec

In what EPT Live commentator Nick Wealthall described as a “Big game of chicken”, Tureniec bet 125,000 from the button which Eames three bet to 280,000 from the big blind. Tureniec then four-bet to 600,000 which Eames five-bet to 1,080,000. Tureniec then moved all-in for 4,145,000 which Eames called, showing Q♠Q♦ to Tureniec’s A♦K♠.

The flop came 8♠7♥8♣, the dealer leaving a suitable pause to build the tension. But then the turn card K♣ changed everything in favour of the Swede. The K♥ river confirmed Tureniec’s double-up. — SB

4.05pm: Chip counts
John Eames — 4,675,000
Per Linde — 4,570,000
Michael Tureniec — 4,150,000

4.02pm: Eames fights back
John Eames has finally got something good going this level and reclaimed the lead as well. He raised from the button and was called by Michael Tureniec from the small blind. Eames led for 150,000 on the 2♠K♦5♥ flop. Call. The turn came 8♠ and a Eames bet of 330,000 was good as the Swede folded. Eames up to around 4,600,000 and Tureniec fell to 4,100,000. — MC

4pm: Ten good for a straight
On a board with all sorts of possibilities, reading 6♠4♣8♣9♣7♠, and with little more than 1,000,000 chips in the middle, both Michael Tureniec and John Eames eached checked, Eames taking the pot when he showed A♣10♥. — SB

3.55pm: Lucky Linde doubled
Per Linde has got lucky versus John Eames to double-up to 4,630,000 chips. Michael Tureniec started the pot with a 125,000 button raise that Linde called from the small blind before Eames three-bet to 350,000 from the big blind. Tureniec folded but Linde moved all-in. Call.

Linde: A♣J♦
Eames: A♥K♥

The board ran 5♦J♥5♠6♥A♦ to see Linde make the better two-pair. Eames dropped to 3,800,000 chips. — MC

3.51pm: To the flop
On a flop of 7♥5♥2♥ Michael Tureniec check called a bet of 175,000 from Per Linde. Then on a 10♣ turn Tureniec check-folded to another Linde bet of 375,000. — SB

3.50pm: Tureniec catching Eames
Michael Tureniec has taken another bunch of chips off John Eames to move to within 600,000 chips of him. Eames raised to 125,000 from the small blind and Tureniec called to see the K♣6♠Q♠ flop. Eames c-bet for 140,000 and Tureniec called. The turn came 10♣ and Eames checked to face a 275,000 bet. Eames didn’t like it and folded to drop to six million in chips. — MC

3.45pm: Chip counts
John Eames — 6,565,000
Michael Tureniec — 5,000,000
Per Linde — 1,830,000

3.40pm: Linde and Tureniec chop
Per Linde and Michael Tureniec both made it to showdown at the river. Linde raised to 110,000 from the button and Tureniec called from the big blind to see the 10♦Q♠K♦ flop. The action was checked to the J♦ turn where Tureniec check-called a 150,000 bet. The river came A♠ and Linde had a 250,000 bet called by his countryman. Both players tabled bad aces and chopped the pot. — MC


Per Linde

3.35pm: A walk with Linde
After Per Linde got a walk in the big blind he opened the next hand for 110,000 from the button, but then passed when Michael Tureniec three-bet to 275,000. — SB

3.30pm: Another one for Tureniec
Michael Tureniec has taken a small pot off John Eames. The hand took a similar line as earlier as Eames completed from the small blind and called when Tureniec raised to 135,000 from the big blind.

The flop was 10♦Q♠K♦ and both players checked to the J♦ turn. Tureniec bet this time, for 150,000, when checked to him. Eames called but check-folded to a 250,000 bet on the 5♦ river. — MC

3.22pm: Continued aggression worked for Tureniec
It’s all been Michael Tureniec since we’ve come back from break. He just took down a small pot off Per Linde. He raised from the small blind and Linde peeled from the big blind. The flop came K♠Q♣K♣ and a c-bet from Tureniec took the pot down. — MC

3.15pm: Pot to Tureniec
Michael Tureniec moves past 4,000,000 chips after a hand against John Eames. Tureniec opened for 105,000 from the button which Eames called for a flop of Q♥10♠5♥. Both checked for a 3♦ turn. Eames bet 125,000 before Tureniec raised to 400,000, enough to make Eames pass. — SB

3.06pm: Chip counts
John Eames — 6,835,000
Michael Tureniec — 4,015,000
Per Linde — 2,545,000

3.05pm: Play resumes
Play restarts in Level 26 with blinds at 50,000-100,000 with a 5,000 ante. — SB


Chips, chips

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Copenhagen (in order of partisanship): Marc Convey (“Come on Eames!”) and Stephen Bartley (“May the best man win. Quickly.”)


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