EPT Copenhagen: Final Table, Level 26 and 27 (30,000-60,000 5,000 ante)

February 21, 2010


8pm: Dinner
That’s it, we’re on a dinner break. Just the 45 minutes, so don’t go far.

7.55pm: New chipleader!
Monster hand alert…. Francesco De Vivo has doubled up through Anton Wigg to take the chip lead. De Vivo had opened with a raise to 160,000, Wigg re-raised to 425,000, then the Italian fired it up to 1,075,000. This time Wigg announced he was all in… call!

Wigg: J♣J♠
De Vivo: K♣K♠

The Italian needed to dodge one of the two more jacks in the deck to double up – and board obliged, running 10♥10♠5♦A♠7♦.

That means the chip counts now look something like this:
De Vivo, 5,800,000
Wigg, 4,000,000
Klein, 2,600,000.

7.50pm: Three-way raised pot you say?
For the first time three-handed all three players saw a flop after a raise. Anton Wigg opened to 140,000 and was called by both players to see the 4♠9♠10♣ flop. Wigg’s c-bet was only called by Klein both they both checked through the 4♥ turn and K♦ river. Wigg tabled 10-8 and it was good for the pot as Klein folded.

7.45pm: It’s better than nothing. Just.
Here’s some action. Or sort of. Morten Klein raises to 150,000 from the button and Anton Wigg calls from the big blind. The flop is J♣10♣K♦ and they both check it. They also check the 8♠ turn but Klein bets 275,000 on the 7♠ river, which is enough to persuade Wigg to let it go. — HS

7.40pm: Another small one
It’s an unraised battle of the blinds between Anton Wigg and Francesco De Vivo. The flop is 6♦A♥9♦ and De Vivo bets 140,000, which Wigg calls. The turn is 7♠ and they both check. They also check the 5♣ river, and De Vivo shows A♠J♣. Wigg has a nine, beaten, but probably thinks he got away cheaply as De Vivo didn’t bet the pair of aces. — HS

7.35pm: One for Italy
Anton Wigg opened from the button again to 140,000 and this time it was De Vivo who took him on but with a call rather than a raise. The flop came 5♣10♣10♦ and Wigg continued his aggression with a 180,000 bet when checked to him. This was treated with a raise to 480,000 from De Vivo. Wigg open folded A♥K♦ and was shown 7♠7♥ by his Italian opponent. — MC

7.30pm: Three handed three-betting
Anton Wigg was first to act on the button and made a raise to 140,000 before Morten Klein three-bet to 335,000 from the small blind. Wigg looked like he was going to four-bet but just made the call. The flop came K♠7♦K♥ and both checked through to the 10♥ turn. Klein found his betting shoes again (albeit a children’s size) and led for 160,000. Snap-fold from Wigg. — MC

7.22pm: Wigg waises
Anton Wigg makes it 180,000 from the small blind and Morten Klein calls from the big. On the 9♦6♥5♠ flop Wigg makes it 240,000 and Klein folds quickly. — SY.

7.10pm: Klein fighting
Anton Wigg, the dominant chip leader, raised to 235,000, looking to exert pressure on the other two remaining players. But Wigg did not count on Morten Klein announcing re-raise – and mucked his hand before even seeing the amount. — SY.


Anton Wigg: Towers of chips

7.05pm: Yorane trouble now
Yorane Kerignard opened for 150,000 which was raised by Anton Wigg to 415,000. At this point Kerignard moved all-in, 2,475,000 in total, and was called by Wigg at top speed. Kerignard would need help, showing A♠Q♦ to Wigg’s K♣K♦. A huge hand that would leave the tournament three handed. The board ran 2♠10♥10♣9♦5♣. That was it for Kerignard, out in fourth place. — SB.

7pm: Blind battle
Action folded around to Yorane Kerignard in the small blind who completed. Anton Wigg checked his option to go to a 5♠J♦K♠ flop. Kerignard check-called a 225,000 bet before both players checked through the 6♥ turn and 10♥ river. Kerignard opened A-5 but Wigg got there on the river with Q-10. — MC.

6.55pm: Richard Loth eliminated in 5th place earning 715,000 DKK
Richard Loth was left with just 40,000 after his major accident in the previous hand. So when Yorane Kerignard raised to 150,000 it was no surprise when Loth tossed his micro stack in the middle.


Richard Loth

Francesco De Vivo called the 150,000. While Loth could only watch, Kerignard and De Vivo checked down the 5♦7♥2♣4♥Q♥ board… and De Vivo’s [q][j] was good. We never got to see Loth’s hand. We’re down to four. — SY.

6.50pm: Dane downed, nearly
Francesco De Vivo started things off with a 210,000 raise and was treated to a rare three-bet by Richard Loth to 1,200,000 all-in. The Italian thought through his options and made the call all-in for 1,155,000. Showdown:

De Vido: A♣J♦
Loth: 6♣6♥

The board ran A♠8♦K♠7♥8♣. The ace door card enough to send the pot the Italian’s way, leaving the last remaining Dane with just 45,000. — MC.

6.42pm: Play resumes
Players are on their way back and should be at it again shortly.

6.27pm: Break time
That’s the end of the level. A fifteen minute break until we start level 27.

6.15pm: Battle of the blinds…. draw
Yorane Kerignard called from the small blind and Anton Wigg checked his option from the big blind. Both checked the 3♣9♥J♥ flop, and on the turn Kergnard bet 85,000 and got a call. Both then slowed down again on the A♥ river. Both revealed their hands, both had K-4. Chop, chop. We move on. — SY.

6.10pm: Roberto Romanello eliminated in sixth place
Roberto Romanello opened for 150,000 pre-flop and was re-raised by chip leader Anton Wigg to 385,000. Romanello then shoved in what would be his last act in EPT Copenhagen. He had 9♥8♥ but Wigg showed A♥A♠. Romanello’s head slumped as he stood to watch but hopes were revived on the 6♥K♥9♣ flop, good for a loud “oooh” across Copenhagen.


Roberto Romanello

But the hope was short lived. A 6♣ turn and a 10♠ river sent Romanello to the rail in sixth place. — SB.

6pm: Check-check
Roberto Romanello picks up a small pot against Anton Wigg who had raised pre-flop from the button. Romanello called from the big blind for a flop of 7♦2♦5♦. Romanello checked by Wigg made it 165,000. Romanello called for a 5♥. That, and the 7♠ on the river were checked down, Romanello taking the pot with ace high to Wigg’s king-high. — SB.

5.55pm: Morten Guldhammer eliminated in 7th place for 425,000 DKK
His run here in Copenhagen was the stuff that dreams are made of. Getting into the event via a $1 qualifier on PokerStars, he had a real shot at running deep on the final table. But now Morten Guldhammer is out, busting in a straight race with Yorane Kerignard.


Morten Guldhammer

Guldhammer started it off with a 125,000 bet, Keringnard re-raised to 525,0000, Guldhammer moved all in (875,000 total) and Kerignard called.

Kerignard: Q♣Q♦
Guldhammer: A♦K♦

The board ran 6♠2♥5♠J♣Q♥, and Guldhammer’s fairytale run was over. — SY.

5.45pm: De foldo
Yorane Kerignard raised to 130,000 from first position and everyone folded except Francesco De Vivo in the big blind who defended with a call. The flop came A♣10♦Q♥ where both players checked. De Vivo had enough of defending on the 7♥ turn as he check-folded to a 115,000 bet. — MC.

5.40pm: Hang on, what’s this?
Richard Loth just moved all-in for 710,000 on the button and Roberto Romanello was ready to call in the small blind. He showed A♣Q♣ to Loth’s A♦J♣. Would this be the end of Loth? Of course not. The board ran 4♠J♦K♠K♦9♦. Loth couldn’t watch until the reaction of the crowd told him he’d doubled up. We play on.

5.35pm: Some action in the blinds
It was folded around to Richard Loth in the small blind, who called. Richard Romanello checked his option in the big blind. Both checked the Q♥5♠2♦, but on the 8♣ turn Loth bet 75,000. Call. On the Q♠ river Loth made it 125,000, and again got a call.

Romanello: 5♣J♥
Loth: A♠4♦

The paired five for Romanello was good.

5.30pm: Limp, fold, limp, fold, shove
After four hands in a row where action folded around to the blinds, who checked it down, we had an all-in. Morten Guldhammer open shoved for 800,000 from under-the-gun. Were we going to see a call? Of course not, they all folded. — MC.

5.15pm: Pass the fives
Yorane Kerignard raised and then faced an all-in re-raise from Morten Guldhammer for around 650,000 more. He passed pocket fives, and was shown A♦K♣ by the Dane. – SY.

5.12pm: Wigg consolidates
Francesco De Vivo tried his luck with a bet of 135,000 from the button, but then mucked when chip leader Anton Wigg bumped it up to 330,000 from the big blind. — MC.

5.05pm: Play resumes
And we’re back. We play on. Seven left, six more eliminations to go.


Morten Guldhammer

PokerStars Blog reporting team: Stephen Bartley, Marc Convey, Howard Swains and Simon Young.


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