EPT Copenhagen: Final Table, Level 25 (20,000-40,000 4,000 ante)

February 21, 2010


4.50pm: Break time
And that’s the end of the level. Blinds up and a 15 minute break.

4.45pm: Jesper Ptersen eliminated in 8th place (282,800 DKK)
Jesper Petersen managed to get his chips in first this time and with the best hand but it hasn’t stopped him being eliminated. Chip leader Anton Wigg opened with a 92,000 raise and then called Petersen’s 414,000 all-in push from the big blind to go to showdown:

Wigg: A♠4♣
Petersen: A♣Q♠

The board ran 4♥7♥3♠8♦9♣. The door card paired Wigg’s kicker and we lose the first player from the official final table. — MC.

4.38pm: Slow down
Four hands in a row won with raise and takes: Step forward messrs. Guldhammer, Keringnard (twice) and Wigg. — SY.

4.30pm: Forced out for another
Jesper Petersen is down to just 11 big blinds after being forced out of another pot. He opened with a 120,000 raise from the small blind before Francesco De Vivo quickly moved all-in from the big blind. A pained looking Petersen thought for a while but let it go. He’s struggling at the moment but he’s not out yet. — MC.

4.25pm: Klein trips
Roberto Romanello made it 96,000 from the button and got a call from Morten Klein in the small blind. Jesper Petersen folded his big blind. Both players checked the Q♠Q♦2♥ flop, but on the 9♠ turn Klein made it 120,000. After giving it some thought, Romanello folded – and was shown a queen for his trouble. — SY.

4.20pm: Petersen jacks it in
Morten Klein raised to 110,000 before Jesper Petersen three-bet to 270,000. The raise represented about a third of his stack and it looked like the rest would be going in when Klein raised again for all his chips, but no, he folded. Even more surprising was that Petersen revealed what he folded; J♥J♦. — MC.

4.10pm: Guldhammer all-in
Was this to be the end of Morten Guldhammer? All-in for 612,000, here for a dollar gone for a few hundred thousand DKK? No. Morten Klein had the decision to call but passed on it. — SB.

4.05pm: Romenallo action
Richard Loth raised from the button to 92,000, and Roberto Romanello wasted no time in re-raising from the small blind to 235,000. Morten Klein was in the big blind and asked Romenallo for a count of his chips… before folding. Loth followed him into the muck, and Romanello picked up the pot. – SY.

4pm: Raising and taking
Francesco De Vivo makes it 105,000 and takes the blinds and antes. Then next hand Jesper Petersen raises to 100,000 – and he takes the blinds and antes as well. — SY.

3.55pm: C-bet does it
Anton Wigg opened the pot with a 92,000 raise from first position and found business in Morten Klein in the big blind. He called to go to a 3♥9♣2♦. This particular flop didn’t do it for him as he check-folded to a Wigg continuation bet. — MC.

3.48pm: Guldhammer calls on the river
Yorane Kerignard just won a pot worth over a million from Morten Guldhammer. He opened for 90,000 which Guldhammer called. On the flop of 10♣A♦9♣ Kerignard checked to Guldhammer, then called when the Dane bet 235,000. On the J♦ the both checked for a 3♥ river card. Kerignard now bet 260,000 which Guldhammer called in a flash, showing [a][8]. Kerignard showed A♣K♣ though, taking the pot of around 1.3 million. — SB.


Morten Guldhammer

3.40pm: Three-high for Klein
Jesper Petersen kicked off the first hand of eight-handed play with a raise from first position to 125,000. Morten Klein was the only caller from the big blind for a flop of 8♣Q♥4♥ flop. Petersen continued his aggression with a 115,000 bet that Klein raised to 235,000. After a dwell that included a lot of fiddling with his chips he called to see the K♣ turn. Klein led out this time with a 250,000 bet. It did the trick as Petersen folded only to be shown 2♥3♥ for a three-high flush draw. — MC.

3.33pm: We’re off
Cards are back in the air. Here we go until we get a winner.

3.20pm: Say cheese
Photographs now. This is the official final after all. Once they’re done we should be back up and running in no time. — SB.

3.15pm: Taking things back a bit
Tournament officials have announced that with 13 minutes left until the break they’re going to replay this level with the blinds staying at 20,000-40,000 with a 4,000 ante for a further 75 minutes. — SB.

3.10pm: Making it official
A short break now before we start our ‘official’ final table of eight.

3.05pm: Magnus Hansen eliminated in 9th place, earning 215,000 DKK
Magnus Hansen opened with a raise, and Anton Wigg re-raised to 257,000. Hansen, moved all in – call! Hansen, with 1,247,000 was at risk, but he was only just covered by Wigg.

Hansen: 10♣10♦
Wigg: A♦K♠

The race was more or less won straight from the off, with the flop coming K♥Q♥4♣, and the 3♥ turn and 3♠ river kept Wigg ahead. He now sits on the chip lead with around 2.5million, while Hansen leaves, reflecting on what could have been.

We’re now down to eight, and the official, official final table. — SY.

3pm: Romanello leaks some to Petersen
Roberto Romanello raised from early position to 81,000 and then called Jesper Petersen’s three-bet to 220,000. The flop came A♣2♦A♠ and Romanello check-called a relatively small 80,000 bet. With the board as scary as it was the two players were done with putting chips in the middle. The 6♦ turn and 4♣ river were checked through. Petersen opened pocket nines which was good for the pot as the Welshman could only muster pocket eights. — MC.

2.51pm: Cautious De Vivo
Roberto Romanello made it 96,000 and only Francesco De Vivo called, which should have sounded alarm bells. The flop was 6♠8♥5♦ and Romanello put out 96,000 again. But this time De Vivo, who has something of a tight image, re-raised to 250,000. Call. On the A♠ turn Romanello seized the initiative with a bet of 250,000 – and De Vivo open folded 10♣10♦. — SY.

2.40pm: Slow down
Few pots getting past first gear. Roberto Romanello raised from the small blind and after an aching amount of time Morten Klein folded. — SB.

2.35pm: I know what you’re thinking
Earlier in the week PokerStars laid on a special Mind Training seminar. I already know you want to know more…

Watch EPT Copenhagen 2010: Mental Training on PokerStars.tv

2.30pm: Klein take Morten’s Guld
Morten Klein just doubled up to 1.8million through Morten Guldhammer. Klein raised to 110,000 before Guldhammer min-raised to 210,000. Klein moved all-in and Guldhammer called quickly to take it to a showdown:

Klein: A♥A♣
Guldhammer: A♦2♣

The board ran J♦4♥10♣10♦4♣. Klein moved up into second place in chips whereas Guldhammer slips back, with 1.3 million. — MC.


Morten Klein

2.20pm: Guldhammer drops the hammer
Morten Guldhammer raises to 100,000 and takes the blinds and ante – turning over 7-2 in triumph! Only Magnus Hansen is showing similar aggression, taking the blinds and antes the hand before. — SY.

2.15pm: All in again
Morten Klein just moved all-in again. The action folded around to him in the small and his 80,000 raise was called by Jesper Petersen in the big blind. The flop came down queen-high and Klein open shoved, forcing Petersen to fold. Klein then showed Q♠, adding a little more to his stack. — MC.

2.12pm: Video, video
Here’s the video take on the start of today’s play…

Watch EPT Copenhagen 2010: Final Table Introduction on PokerStars.tv

2.10pm: Guldhammer retakes chip lead
Morten Guldhammer is back at the top of the pile. He min raised to 80,000 and got a call from Morten Klein in the big blind. The flop was 7♠8♥10♠, and Guldhammer’s 100,000 bet was enough to take it down. — SY.

2.05pm: An all-in from the off
First hand first all in. Here we go, this’ll be done by sundown. Well, not eactly. In a battle of the Mortens the Morten Klein moved all in with A♦J♣ and was called by the Morten Guldhammer in the small blind with A♣J♠. Nothing twisted on the 7♣6♣K♠10♥9♣ board and things continue as if nothing happened. — SB.

2pm: Here we go then, we’re off.
It’s a fairly prompt start today. We’re off.

Click through for full profiles of today’s nine players. Keep an eye on the chip count page for all the movements in stacks. Find out how they got there with a look back at yesterday’s wrap and see who is already in the money on prizewinner’s page.

You can also watch this over at EPT Live.

Play is due to start at 2pm.



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