EPT Copenhagen: Day 4, levels 22 and 23 (10,000-20,000 2,000 ante)

February 20, 2010


8.37pm: That’s the break
Up a level, right after a ten minute break.

8.35pm: Loving the flop
Morten Guldhammer was on the rail shrugging off the hand, but the only concern for Yorane Kerignard is that he just used up all of his good fortune in one go.

Kerignard opened for 55,000 and Guldhammer re-raised from the small blind to 550,000, effectively telling Kerignard that he’d be playing for his stack if he wished to take this any further. After some thought Kerignard moved all-in. “Nice call,” said Guldhammer who would pitch his J♠7♠ against Kerignard’s A♥10♥.

The Frenchman needed to dodge a jack or a seven. The dealer flopped the cards, one at a time. A♠. Then A♣. Then A♦. It’s the dream flop you only see in children’s stories. Well, you know what I mean.

Guldhammer even made his full house on the J♦ turn. For those wanting to record all the detail for posterity the river was a 9♣. But by then the roars had lifted the roof.

8.25pm: Reaching out
A quick hello and welcome to our reader in Greenland. Hello.

8.15pm: First hand
On the first hand of one-table play, Yorane Kerignard raised only to see Morten Gulhammer re-raise. Kerignard called but check-folded to a Guldhammer c-bet on the 3♠K♣A♦ flop. — MC

8.05pm: Chips and chairs
With the redraw in progress let’s have a look at how the final last table will line up:

Seat 1 – Jesper Petersen – 1,246,000
Seat 2 – Francesco De Vivo – 2,235,000
Seat 3 – Yorane Kerignard – 706,000
Seat 4 – Magnus Hansen – 1,165,000
Seat 5 – Anton Wigg – 957,000
Seat 6 – Morten Guldhammer – 2,664,000
Seat 7 – Richard Loth – 960,000
Seat 8 – Roberto Romanello – 1,630,000
Seat 9 – Morten Klein – 1,213,000

8pm: Paul Szyszko eliminated in 10th
The PokerStars qualifier had been quiet all day, but finally found a spot where he could open-push his remaining 230,000. Magnus Hansen called behind and they were on their backs:


Paul Szyszko

Hansen: K♥J♠
Szyszko: A♦8♣

Szyszko, a PokerStars qualifier, needed to dodge some bullets, but the board ran an unfriendly Q♠J♣4♣9♣3♠. Hansen is now up to more than 1.1 million. — SY.

7.55pm: Set safe
A novel moment on the outer table with three players to the flop.

Anton Wigg raised to 57,000 and was called by Francesco De Vivo in the cut-off and Magnus Borg Hansen in the big blind. All three checked the flop, leaving 8♠9♣7♦K♥ by the turn. It was checked to De Vivo who saw his 60,000 bet called by just Hansen. Hansen then led for 82,000 on the 3♣ river and the Italian called very quickly with 8♣8♥ for a set. Hansen could only muster K♦J♣ for top pair. –MC

7.54pm: Kreignard doubles
A double up for Yorane Kerignard who calls all-in the bet from Jesper Petersen. Kerignard showed K♠9♣ against Petersen’s 7♣3♠. The board ran 10♠6♦10♦4♣2♣.

7.50pm: Full complement
Morten Klein’s penalty has been served. He’s back in the game. — SB.


Back in business – Morten Klein

7.45pm: Wigg still trying
Anton Wigg continues to be active. He raised one hand and took the blinds and antes, then he raised next hand under the gun to 57,000 and got a call from Magnus Hansen. They checked down a K♣2♣J♥4♥10♣ board and Wigg’s A♥J♣ was good.

Next hand Francesco De Vivo opens for 50,000 – and then folds when Wigg ups
it to 166,000. — SY.

Talking of Anton Wigg…

Watch EPT Copenhagen 2010: Anton Wigg on PokerStars.tv

7.40pm: Talking a good game
Roberto Romanello had some fun against Magnus Hansen. Romanello made it 50,000 pre-flop and Hansen called from the button. “I check in the dark,” announced Romanello as the dealer put out J♦4♦3♦. Hansen checked behind. “I check out in the dark again,” continued Romanello as the 10♣ came out on the turn. Again Hansen checked behind. On the 3♥ river Romanello put out a teasing 24,000.

“I haven’t got anything,” he told Hansen. “OK I will tell what I have, it’s king high.” Hansen called and Romanello turned over 8♣8♥. “It’s good to lie sometimes,” Romanello said. “But only at the poker table.”

Next hand, and Hansen opens with a 53,000 raise. Romanello is in the big blind. “Oh, so this is time to get me back?” Only Romanello called. The flop was A♣2♦K♣. “Thats a a good flop for you to bet,” said Romanello, and Hansen did just that, making it 65,000.

Romanello folded. “Okay, that’s 1-1,” he said. — SY.

7.35pm: Loth doubles up
Richard Loth moved all-in for 484,000 with Q♣Q♥. Jesper Petersen called and showed A♣J♥. The flop put this one to bed, the board running 3♣A♦Q♠3♥8♦. — SB.

7.30pm: Penalty
Morten Klein has just been given a penalty for acting out of turn, that’s five hands on the feature table that will only feature one Morten.

The crime occurred during a hand with the other Morten – Guldhammer. Klein opened for 49,000 which Guldhammer min-raised to 100,000, which Klein called for a flop of K♥3♥6♣. Guldhammer made it 200,000 and Klein descended deep into the tank. Several minutes passed before Guldhammer called the clock. Klein eventually called for a 9♦ turn. Both checked for a Q♠ river. This is when the controversy began.


Morten Klein, during the controversy

Klein checked and the action moved to Guldhammer. At this point Klein mistakenly believed Guldhammer had called and turned over A♦3♦. But Guldhammer had not called and now, realising he could not beat that hand, had no choice but to fold. But Klein had inadvertently prevented Guldhammer from betting on the end.

A one round penalty for Klein. — SB.

7.22pm: Just three-betting
The outside table has seen little in the way of flops since the break, but there has been no shortage of raising and re-raising. Twice now Anton Wigg has three-bet all-in to take the pot. Roberto Romanello didn’t have to commit his whole stack but his three-bet over the top of Magnus Borg Hansen’s opening bet was enough to force a fold. — MC.

7.15pm: Taking it easy
Nothing grand so far since the restart. Yorane Kerignard moved all in from the big blind after Jesper Petersen limped in the small. Petersen declined. — SB.

7.05pm: We’re back
Players are returning to the table. Play should resume shortly.

6.45pm: Break time
Another break after another level. Next up, level 23.

6.40pm: Mads Wissing eliminated in 11th
Francesco De Vivo wins a monster, busting Mads Wissing in the process. Anton Wigg started it off raising to 47,000 from the cut off. De Vivo called from the button, as did Wissing from the big blind.

On the 9♦8♣9♥ flop, Wissing led out with an 85,000 bet, Wigg got out of the way, but De Vivo called. On the 3♣ turn Wissing tried again, this time with a 140,000 bet – and again got a call. Finally, on the J♥ river Wissing announced all in for his last 600,000 – and once more De Vivo made the decisive call:


Mads Wissing

Wissing: 5♦7♥
De Vivo: 9♣10♣

De Vivo up to approaching 1.5million. — SY.

6.30pm: Turning tide?
A crucial double up for Jesper Petersen through Morten Guldhammer. [a][k] for Petersen against Guldhammer’s A♣Q♦. The board brought no surprises: 6♥9♣8♠3♥2♦. Petersen up to 1,856,000 while Guldhammer slips down to 3,000,000. That’s still the chip lead. — SB.

6.25pm: Second punch a knockout punch
Magnus Borg Hansen, still stacking chips from his double-up in the last hand, raised to 47,000 from the dealer before Andrew Teng, still in pain from that last hand, moved all in for 373,000. Hansen thought for a while and made the call with A♣J♣.


Andrew Teng

Teng opened K♠Q♦ and the board ran A♦9♠3♣5♥8♦. It was all over by the turn and a stunned Teng left in 12th place for 155,000 DKK. –MC

6.15pm: Teng in trouble
Andrew Teng, one of the chip leaders at the start of today, is now in trouble after doubling up Magnus Hansen. Hansen had raised to 55,000 from the small blind, and Teng re-raised to 130,000. Hansen moved all for around 530,000 and got an instant call.

Teng: A♣K♥
Hansen: 9♣9♦

The board ran J♦Q♠5♥2♠Q♣ and that was just fine with Hansen. He’s up to more than a million, but Teng is down to 373,000.

6.10pm: Video time
Amid all the excitement today there’s still time to look back on Luca Pagano’s week at EPT Copenhagen.

Watch EPT Copenhagen 2010: Luca Pagano on PokerStars.tv

6.05pm: Double up for Romanello
This is probably the second-biggest pot of the tournament – and has put Roberto Romanello right back near the top of the leaderboard. Here’s how it happened.

Andrew Teng opened for 47,000 from the cut off and picked up two callers: Anton Wigg on the button and Roberto Romanello in the big blind. The flop came 2♥Q♥6♥ and Romanello checked. Teng bet 80,000 and after Wigg called, Romanello raised, making it 201,000.

Teng had found out all he needed to know and folded, but Wigg moved all in. Romanello insta-called and must have liked Wigg’s question: “Have you got a made flush?” He did. Romanello showed K♥10♥ and Wigg was drawing very thin with his Q♣J♠.

The turn gave Wigg some more outs. It was the 2♦. But the 5♦ on the river changed nothing and Romanello began counting his chips. He had 566,000 at the end there, so moved up to around 1.35 million. –HS

6.10pm: Learning lessons?
Jesper Petersen has learned the lesson others failed to adhere to, refusing to play with the fire in seat one, also known as Morten Guldhammer.

On a flop of 5♣8♠10♣ Guldhammer made it 100,000 which Petersen called for a Q♣ on the turn. Petersen checked and Guldhammer bet 200,000. No doubt aware of Guldhammer’s reputation, and the fate of others before him, he passed. Guldhammer then showed 7♠2♠, taking the pot.

6.02pm: Guldhammer time
Well, well. Let’s start at the beginning.

Morten Guldhammer, who has a cast iron reputation now as being unpredictable, opened for 60,000. Damien Fouquet re-raised to 150,000 and Guldhammer plonk-called. The flop came 10♣J♥6♦. Fouquet moved all-in and boom, Guldhammer called, showing [j][t], ahead of Fouquet’s [k][k].


A victorious Morten Guldhammer

Fouquet shook his head, not quite believing what was happening. His tournament was at stake. The turn came 2♣. Fouquet had plenty of outs but would need one on the river. But nothing. Q♦ on the river. Fouquet is gone. Guldhammer most certainly isn’t. — SB.

6pm: Pair’s good
Anton Wigg opened to 47,000 from under-the-gun and was called by Mads Wissing in the cut-off. All others folded before the flop came 5♦10♣7♠ which was checked through, as was the J♠ turn and Q♦ river.

“One pair’s good” said Wigg. Wissing indeed had one pair: 6♠6♣ good for the pot. — MC

5.55pm: Hansen damages Romanello
Roberto Romanello continues his downward spiral, this time losing a 330,000 pot to Magnus Hansen.


Roberto Romanello

Romanello started with a raise to 46,000 from the button and Hansen called from the big blind. On the K♠Q♠6♠ flop, Romanello bet 36,000 – call. The Brit made it 86,000 on the A♦ turn, and got another call. Both checked the 5♥ river, and Hansen opened 10♠J♥ for a straight to take the pot.

“Nice hand,” said Romanello. — SY.

5.50pm: “Likes a call.”*
That’s the end of Andrey Vlasenko. He shoved for 301,000 and was called by Morten Guldhammer, who has previous. Vlasenko showed A♦K♦ to Guldhammer’s Q♥10♥. It was over on the flop, although there were some outs left over. Q♦J♣5♠9♦Q♠. Vlasenko leaves in 14th. Guldhammer on the other hand is a chip leader. — SB.

* Quote from Bertrand Grospellier, describing Guldhammer’s style of play.

5.40pm: Six until we’re done
We return, with 14 players still left, spread across two tables of seven. You’ll notice this post has been set up for levels 22 and 23, but there’s an outside chance we won’t need them both.

Six more players need to bust and then we’re done for the day. This has been frantic stuff so far.

Here’s Morten Klein, the lone Norwegian in the sea of Danes:


Morten Klein


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