EPT Copenhagen: Day 4, level 22, 23 & 24 updates (blinds 15,000-30,000, 3,000 ante)

February 25, 2011


7.34pm: Eames knocks out Nordkvist in 9th (€29,508)
Joel Nordkvist has just been knocked out to end play for the day and set the Season 7 EPT Copenhagen final table. The Swedish cash game specialist shoved for 344,000 from the small blind into John Eames on the big blind, who tank-called with K♦9♠. The board consolidated Eames’ hand with a Q♠K♣4♣ flop and although the A♠ turn gave a potential gutshot to the ten, Nordkvist couldn’t find the suckout on the J♣ river.

All eight remaining players are guaranteed €39,755 but will be gunning for the €496,271 first prize payout. Full wrap and chip counts to come. — RD

7.29pm: Khan all-in pushes Linde back
Mudassar Khan just moved all-in for 700,000 from the big blind over a Per Linde button raise of 65,000. Linde the man to beat right now. — RD

7.28pm: Linde applying pressure
Per Linde is over the five million chip mark for the first time. He utilized his chip leading stack to great effect by three-betting PokerStars qualifier Kevin Iacofano. The American made it 65,000 to go from early position but folded when Linde made it 180,000 from the small blind. — MC

7.25pm: First to Iacofano
Kevin Iacofano has taken down the first pot of level 24. Nikolas Liakos had opened for 65,000 and was called by Iacofano. Liakos check-folded to a 70,000 bet on the 2♦3♦9♦ flop. — RD

7.20pm: Play restarts
We go on into Level 24 with blinds of 15,000-30,000 with a 3,000 ante.

7.05pm: End of the level
That’s the end of level 23. Players are on a 15 minute break.

7.04pm: Juha Helppi himself to a double-up
Juha Helppi is up to 1,870,000 after doubling up through Joel Nordkvist. All the chips went in pre-flop with Helppi holding J♠J♦ to Nordkvist’s A♦2♥. The board ran 5♥9♥3♦9♦2♥ to send the pot Finland’s way. Sweden’s Nordkvist is now the short stack with 449.000 chips. — MC

7pm: Four-bet
Per Linde has a terrifying lead with almost 5 million chips and it’s easy to see why. Linde opened for 52,000 from the hijack and was three-bet by Kevin Iacofano – who is currently second in chips – for 125,000. Linde came back over the top for 275,000 and Iacofano passed. — RD

6.53pm: Turn bet good for Liakos
Nikolas Liakos manoeuvred Juha Helppi off a hand after the Finn played it passively post flop. The Finn raised to 55,000 from the cut-off and Liakos defended from the big blind to see the J♥6♥9♠ flop. Both players checked to the 7♦ turn where a Liakos lead for 80,000 took the pot down. — MC


Nikolas Liakos

6.48pm: Helppi’s image holds true
Juha Helppi has got a tight image which he’s using to good effect after calling a raise from Kevin Iacofano on the button. He fired a 52,000 bet at the J♠7♠5♣ flop. It took the pot. — RD

6.38pm: Liakos emptied the clip into Iacofano’s bullet proof vest
Nikolas Liakos just emptied the clip on PokerStars qualifier Kevin Iacofano but the American picked him off to claim the pot. Liakos raised pre-flop, bet 95,000 on the flop, 105,000 on the turn and 190,000 on the river. The final board read 2♦5♣5♠10♠J♣ and Iacofano called all the way with 7♥7♦. It was good as Liakos only had 7♠8♠. — MC

6.28pm: Nordkvist still angry
Joel Nordkvist may not look angry from the outside but there must be something giving him fire in the belly. He keeps three-betting, this time it was Kevin Iacofano who was attacked. The American passed. — RD

6.24pm: Linde taken on
Joel Nordkvist has been involved in a lot of hands today and that has resulted in a very swingy day. He’s not afraid to mix it and that was just proved when he took on chip monster Per Linde. Linde raised from early position and was called Nikolas Liakos and Nordkvist on the way to a K♦8♣3♠ flop. Linde c-bet for 80,000 and was only called by Nordkvist to go to the 6♥ turn. Linde had seen enough and check-folded to 120,000 bet. Nordkvist is up to 1,270,000 chips now. — MC


Per Linde

6.20pm: Eames passes to Dalle Molle
John Eames opened under-the-gun and was called by Andrea Dalle Molle. Eames check-folded to a shove on the Q♥K♠5♥ flop. Dalle Molle still fairly short. — RD

6.15pm: A flop!
The first flop since play restarted. The action folded around to chip leader Per Linde on the button and he made it 52,000 to go. Mudassar Khan is a player that seems to like defending his big blind and he did just that. The flop came a dry looking K♦4♣8♥ and Khan check-folded to Linde’s 50,000 c-bet. — MC

6.05pm: Raise and take
The first few hands of nine-handed play have taken place with no flops being seen. Every raise has got through with the blinds and antes being stolen. Juha Helppi and Andrea Dalle Molle are teh players at most risk. — MC

5.55pm: Seat draw for the final nine
We’re back into the action and the final nine are as follows:

1. Andrea Dalle Molle, Italy, 441,000
2. Per Linde, Sweden, 4,688,000
3. Nikolas Liakos, Sweden, 1,848,000
4. Mudassar Khan, Denmark, 990,000
5. Kevin Iacofano, USA, PokerStars qualifier, 1,433,000
6. Joel Nordkvist, Sweden, 1,048,000
7. John Eames, UK, 964,000
8. Michael Tureniec, Sweden, 1,471,000
9. Juha Helppi, Finland, 655,000

5.42pm: Still sorting out the table
Stacks are still getting sorted. Clock paused. — RD

5.34pm: Hanninger out in 10th (€29,508)
Simon Hanninger was down to little more than fumes with 185,000 when he moved all-in from the button. The small blind, Joel Nordkvist, isolated the action by shoving for around 700,000.

Nordkvist: A♦K♦
Hanninger: A♠6♣

The paired board didn’t help Hanninger and he’s out in 10th. Final nine players getting seated at the feature table. — RD

ept copenhagen_day 4_simon hanninger.jpg

Simon Hanninger

5.22pm: Jens Lauridsen out in 11th place
Jens Lauridsen is out after moving all-in with pocket sixes only to be called by Nikolas Liakos who held aces.

The board came Q♣5♦10♦8♠9♠ to send Lauridsen to the rail in 11th place. We’re down to ten players. — SB

ept copenhagen_day 4_jens lauridsen.jpg

Jens Lauridsen: out in 11th

5.19pm: Linde smashing this tournament up
Per Linde yesterday said that he had been running like God. That doesn’t seem to have stopped today. He’s just raked in a large 980,000 pot against Michael Tureniec after turning a nine-high straight on a 7♣5♠8♠6♣5♥ board. Tureniec had called down 125,000 on the flop and 275,000 on the turn. — RD

5.14pm: Liakos doubles up
After a rare move by Andrea Dalle Molle went uncontested, Nikolas Liakos and Kevin Iocafano tangled in yet another pot.

Liakos opened for 50,000 which Iocafano raised to 130,000 before Liakos moved all-in. His shove was called immediately; 8♥8♠ for Liakos, 7♥7♠ for Iocafano.

The board ran 10♣A♥2♥10♥Q♥ to double up Liakos to 1,300,000. Iacafano slips down to 1,400,000. – SB

5.06pm: Back into the action
The players are back into it. — RD

4.52pm: Break time
That’s it for 15-minutes. We’re going short-handed here on the blog because Marc Convey has jumped ship to guest on the webcast. Be gentle with him, he’s not all there. — RD

4.52pm: To close the level
In the last hand of the level on the outer table Kevin Iacofano opened for 46,000 in early position and Mudassar Khan called from the big blind.

Off to the flop of 7♠6♠7♥. A bet of 55,000 was check-called by Khan for a 10♠ turn. Khan checked that as Iacofano bet another 140,000. Again Khan called for a 3♣ river and then checked. Iacofano bet four towers of chips, amounting to 428,000, putting Khan to the test. Khan wasnted to know though and called, mucking as soon as Iacofano showed 6♥6♣. Iacofano is up past 2 million. – SB


Iacofano has been battering the outer table

4.50pm: Linde shows down another monster, up to 4.3 million
Per Linde is streaking ahead here with a huge 4.3 million stack. Linde opened under-the-gun for 45,000 and was called by Joel Nordkvist. There was a bet and call on the 2♥8♣5♥ flop and Linde fired a further 150,000 into the Q♠ turn. Nordkvist made the call. On the 7♥ river Lind led out for a final 350,000, which Nordkvist tank-called. Linde turned over Q♦Q♣ for top set. — RD

4.45pm: Johannessen out in 12th place for DKK 165,000 (€22,131)
Simen Johannessen has failed to spin up his short stack after being eliminated by Nikolas Liakos. He pushed from under-the-gun with A♦9♥ and was called by Liakos holding K♥K♦. Johannessen doubled-up with this hand earlier but found no such luck this time on the 9♣K♣5♠J♣10♦ board. — MC

4.40pm: The Wrath of Khan: Part II
After Jens Lauridsen completed the small blind Mudassar Khan raised to 65,000 which Lauridsen then called. The flop came 8♣2♦8♦ which Lauridsen checked to Khan who bet 70,000. Lauridsen called for a 10♠ turn. Lauridsen made it 120,000 this time which Khan called without fuss for a A♦ on the river. Lauridsen bet another 214,000.

Khan stretched his neck, one side then the next, like a man about to give another man a good one-sided pummelling. When he called Lauridsen tossed in a losing J♥7♦
Khan clapped his hands above his head once, but everyone heard, then he turned over A♠J♣ with an elaborate flick of his hands, really quite proud of himself as he moved up to 1,150,000. Lauridsen slips to 440,000. – SB

4.32pm: Jensen falls to Iacofano’s one-two
Johnny Jensen is our 13th place finisher after losing some and then the rest of his chips to PokerStars qualifier Kevin Iacofano. The first hand saw Jensen raise and then four-bet fold to Iacofano’s shove.

The next hand Jensen raised to 49,000 and Iacofano called from the button to go to a 3♠Q♥4♣ flop. Jensen c-bet for 70,000 and then moved all-in when Iacofano raised to 170,000. Iacofano snap called to create a showdown.

Jensen: A♦Q♠
Iacofano: Q♦9♦

Jensen was in great shape to double-up but the turn came a cruel 9♣ to see the American snatch the lead with two-pair. The river came J♥ and a very disappointed Jensen trundled off. Iacofano now up with the big boys on 1,900,000. — MC

ept copenhagen_day 4_johnny jensen.jpg

Johhny Jensen has busted in 13th

4.25pm: More for Linde
Per Linde is throwing his weight around on the feature table. He opened for 45,000 and was called by Juha Helppi, big blind, and Joel Nordkvist, small blind. Nordkvist led for 75,000 into the 9♥7♣5♥ flop and was called by Linde alone. Nordkvist check-called 225,000 on the 3♥ turn but he couldn’t bring himself to call the 2♠ river. Linde had pushed out a large 455,000 bet. Linde up to 3.6 million. — RD

ept copenhagen_day 4_per linde.jpg

Per Linde, piling on the pressure

4.20pm: The Wrath of Khan
Nikolas Liakos and Mudassar Khan just tangled again, this time Khan coming out best.

Khan opened for 45,000 from the button which Liakos called on the small blind for a flop of 4♦6♠7♥. Liakos checked to Khan who bet 51,000, which Liakos raised to 125,000. Eventually Khan called for a 10♥ turn card. Another check from Liakos before Khan announced he was all-in. Liakos folded. Khan up to 760,000. – SB

4.15pm: Giving up on the turn
Mudassar Khan resisted, for a while, in hand against Nikolas Liakos but gave up at the turn stage. Liakos raised to 42,000 from under-the-gun and Khan defended his big blind. The flop came down 6♦A♥J♠ and Khan check-called a 42,000 bet. The turn came 8♠ and Khan checked to face a 115,000 bet. He passed. — MC

4.05pm: Lars Krogh out in 14th
Lars Krogh has just busted in a nasty cooler that has pushed Per Linde way ahead in the chip race with 3,243,000. Linde opened under-the-gun for 45,000 and Krogh three-bet to 125,000. The action folded back around to Linde who set Krogh’s 485,000 stack all-in and he called.

Linde: A♠A♣
Krogh: A♥K♣

Krogh was not in good shape and failed to hit that 6 per cent suckout on the J♠5♥7♠A♦6♦ board. — RD

4pm: Big move by Iacofano
Kevin Iacofano just raked in a huge pot, causing huge pain to Nikolas Liakos. Iacofano had opened for 45,000 under-the-gun and was called by Mudassar Khan in the small blind and Liakos in the big blind.

All three players checked the K♥3♥4♣ flop. Khan led the Q♥ turn for 79,000 and both players called. Khan no longer seemed interested in the pot come the 10♠ river card and he checked. Liakos pushed out 120,000 and Iacofano moved all-in for 404,000. Khan thought for a short while and then passed.

Liakos however, went into the longest tank I’ve seen this tournament. He leant forward, he learnt back. He played with his chips and the picked at his beard. None of it seemed to help him make up his mind. Perhaps he suspected his opponent was using the A♥ as some kind of blocker to shove. The Swede had 630,000 back and would have to use a fair chunk of that to call off the 284,000. After grumbling about hating or loving himself for his whole life he passed his hand.

Iacofano said he could look at one card. The dealer flipped the one closest to the American. It was the 8♠. The American is up to 910,000. — RD

3.45pm: Nothing to see here
A gentle start to the new level. Joel Nordkvist took a pot against Tureniec while other pots were raise and takes. — SB

3.35pm: Cards in the air
Play re-starts in Level 22 with blinds at 10,000-20,000 with a 2,000 ante. Just 14 players remain. — SB


TV table

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Copenhagen (in order of words used to describe Kevin Stani, whose interview from the EPT awards is currently on EPT Live): Stephen Bartley (“I’m sure he’s a nice guy”), Marc Convoy (“He’s a nice guy”) and Rick Dacey (“He’s swarthy”).


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