EPT Copenhagen: Day 4, level 19 (cont.), 20 & 21 (blinds 8,000-16,000, 2,000 ante)

February 25, 2011


3.19pm: That’s the end of the level
Players are now on a 15 minute break.

3.18pm: The difference a table makes
At this stage in a tournament you often find some players gunning to building a big stack while other are trying to hold on for the high profile final table. At the moment it seems the feature table has taken almost all the players from the aggro school and sent the others to the outer table. There have been a lot of flops checked and, perhaps with the exclusion of Nikolas Liakos, there hasn’t been too much pre-flop aggression in terms of three- and four-bets. Pot control seems to be the order of the day for the secondary table. — RD

3.17pm: Push and shove in the blinds
An intriguing short-lived duel takes place in the blinds between John Eames in the small blind and Michael Tureniex in the big. Eames bet 43,000 before Tureniec three-bet to 104,000. Eames then four-bet to 204,000 before Tureniec moved all-in. Eames was forced to pass. — SB

3.12pm: An ace is good one hand but not the next, for Jensen
Johnny Jensen was involved in two hands in a row, both times with an ace, but he played them very differently and the hands had two very different outcomes for him.

The first hand featured him three-betting a Jens Lauridsen opening raise to take the pot down. Lauridsen folded and was shown an ace by Jensen.

The very next hand Lauridsen opened again, to 36,000, and this time Jensen called. Mudassar Khan was in the next seat and he three-bet to 127,000. This prompted Lauridsen to fold and also Jensen, who open folded A♣K♣. This caused a level of surprise amongst his table mates. — MC

3.08pm: Pot to Hanninger
On a flop of 9♣4♦2♣ Simon Hanninger checked from the small blind and Michael Tureniec did the same for a 4♠ turn. Hanninger then bet 50,000 which Tureniec called for a 6♠ river card. With 200,000 in the middle Hanninger bet 150,000, good to take the pot. – SB

3.05pm: Liakos shows he’s got moves
Nikolas Liakos opened the button for 32,000, a min-raise, and Andrea Dalla Molle three-bet to 87,000 from the big blind. Liakos came back over the top for 138,000 and Dalla Molle passed.

“Don’t you try,” said Liakos tossing down J♥5♣ for a huge bluff.

How will Dalla Molle react to that? — RD

3pm: Eames all-in to take pot
Joel Nordkvist opened form middle position for 32,000 which John Eames three-bet to 86,000. Nordkvist called for a flop of 6♣3♠A♠. Nordkvist check-called a bet of around 90,000 from Eames for a 5♦. Nordkvist checked to Eames to then moved all-in to win the hand. — SB

2.55pm: From the TV table
Joel Nordkvist wins a hand against Lars Krogh. With the board reading 7♦2♠10♣Q♦ Korgh checked to Nordkvist who made a pot-winning bet of 140,000 to force out Krogh. — SB

2.50pm: Daniel Johansson gone in 15th place
The first Swedish elimination of the day has happened with the demise of Daniel Johansson.

He open shoved for 160,000 from first position and was only called by Johnny Jensen on the button with Q♥Q♠. Johansson tabled A♦3♠ but failed to find one of the three aces needed through the K♦9♣J♠J♦2♣ board. He smiled and shook everyone’s hand before going off to collect his prize of DKK 105,000 (€14,083). — MC

2.45pm: Liakos bashes Jensen
Nikolas Liakos has just chipped up to 750,000 after tangling with Johnny Jensen on a 3♦A♠4♠Q♦J♦ board. Both players had checked the flop, Jensen had led 46,000 into the flop but it was Liakos who bet 131,000 on the river. Jensen passed. — RD

2.35pm: Down to two tables
The feature table is, unsurprisingly, still the one to watch. Not to be too harsh to the previous players but I think it’s fair to say that the quality has taken a step up.

Joining Per Linde, Michael Tureniec and Joel Nordkvist is John Eames and Juha Helppi. This is shaping up to be an incredible final table. Huge chips on this table with some over 150 big blinds deep. — RD

2.25pm: Jacks and Aces, Freitez out in 16th place
In a huge hand Ivan Freitez is sent to the rail in 16th place by Michael Tureniec. Simon Hanninger opened the pot for 35,000 from under-the-gun. Freitez then raised to 135,000 which Tureniec re-raised to 285,000 from the small blind. Hanninger passed but Freitez called for a flop of J♦7♠8♥.

Tureniec put Frietez all-in and the Venezuelan called, turning over J♥J♣. Tureniec showed A♣A♥ but was behind. But not for long. The A♠ on the turn swung the advantage back to the Swede and the blank river sent Freitez out. — SB

2.24pm: Rahbek out in 17th (€11,401)
Helge Rahbek is one of our fallers from the outer tables. He got it in with A♣2♣ against John Eames’ A♥10♦. The board ran out 8♦6♥5♣6♠A♠ and Eames continues to chip up. He must be up to about 700,000. — RD

2.22pm: Lone ranger doubles
Simen Johannessen is the last Norwegian player in the field, dominated now by neighbouring Denmark and Sweden.

He just got very lucky to more than double-up to the delight of the Norwegians on the rail. Jens Lauridsen raised to 36,000 from under-the-gun and was called by Kevin Iacofano on the button before Johannessen three-bet all-in for 171,000 from the big blind. Lauridsen tank-folded but Iacofano called quickly.

Iacofano: 9♠9♥
Johannessen: A♦9♣

Johannessen asked for an ace and he duly got it on the A♣Q♥2♦6♣4♣ board. — MC

2.20pm: Langmann exit explained
I’ve just tapped up our German blogger to get the lowdown on the Florina Langmann bust out. The info recalled is that it didn’t go in pre-flop, it actually ended up with a huge ace-high call by Langmann on the river.

Ivan Freitez had opened the pot and Langmann just called with his A♣Q♣ knowing that Per Linde would likely squeeze. He did and Freitez passed before Langmann made the call.

Linde bet the [k][5][3] flop to 155,000 and Langmann min-raised to 310,000. The [6] turn was checked by both players before Linde set Langmann all in on the [j] river. Langmann made the call for around 600,000. He told our German colleague that he did so because he didn’t think that Linde would set him in for value. With a rivered set, it turns out that he would. Brave – but doomed – call from Langmann. — RD

2.18pm: Jan Sorensen out in 18th place
Jan Sorensen is out. Having been reduced to ten big blinds after a recent flip. He moved in with K♣J♠ and was called by Michael Tureniec with 9♥9♠.


Jan Sorensen before

It was all over by the turn, the board coming 6♦Q♦6♠9♦. The river was a blank and Sorensen was out in 18th place. — SB


Jan Sorensen after

2.15pm: Eames feeling a little Krogh
British player John Eames is down to about 400,000 chips after PokerStars qualifier Lars Krogh forced him off a hand. Krogh raised to 35,000 from under-the-gun and called when Eames three-bet to 81,000 from the button. The flop came 7♠K♣2♠ and Krogh checked to face a 93,000 bet from Eames. He quickly bumped this up to 225,000 and took down the pot as Eames tank folded. — MC

2.13pm: Painful pot for Sorensen
Simon Hanninger moved all-in for 260,000 with king-queen and was called by Jan Sorensen with pocket nines. Sorensen was good up to the turn but the river landed a killer queen. Sorensen looked like a switch had been flicked sending a thousand volts through his chair. Hanninger doubles up but Sorensen is reduced to 100,000. – SB

2.10pm: Langmann busts, Linde storms ahead
Florian Langman has just busted courtesy of Per Linde in what I believe was a huge flip. The feature table had become a twilight zone for coverage in the moments before the webcast began. We couldn’t approach the play as Michelle Orpe’s opening volley at the camera had just started firing, but the cameras were yet to turn on the table.

So we had to rely on the information from tournament director Kevin. Per Linde had been the aggressor with pocket jack and Langmann had called A♣Q♣. The flop ran out [k][5][3][6][j] and Langmann departed in 19th. Linde now has 2.6m. — RD

2pm: EPT Live now on air
For those who like moving pictures to go with the words EPT Live has now started its broadcast. Click through the link to watch live pictures from Casino Copenhagen. — SB

1.53pm: An all-in on the first hand back
The first hand played on table 31(post break) featured Mudassar Khan all-in. He raised to 36,000 from the cut-off only for Johnny Jensen to come in with a three-bet to 93,000 from the big blind. Jensen and Khan both have stern looking stares and after a period where they stared right into each others eyes Khan moved all-in for around 480,000. This was too much for Jensen to handle and he folded. — MC

1.48pm: Play resumes
The players are back from break and level 21. Blinds are 8,000-16,000, ante 2,000.

1.30pm: Break time
That’s the first break of the day for the 19 remaining players. It’s 15-minutes until we start again. — RD

1.28pm: Langmann and Tureniec clash
Florian Langmann and Michael Tureniec are sat side by side and have clashed in what could be one of many skirmishes going all the way through to the final table. The Team PokerStars Pro opened for 27,000 from middle position and was three-bet to around 70,000. Langmann stared into the side of Tureniec’s head as if he was deciding whether to just land a punch on that exact spot and be done with it. He opted, wisely, to just call instead.


Michael Tureniec

The 2♦6♦J♦ flop wasn’t attractive to Langmann who check-folded to the Swede’s 67,000 bet. — RD

1.25pm: McIntyre out, Dalla Molle explodes
I just caught the end of this one, alerted by the scream of the normally reserved Andrea Dalla Molle: “Yes! Come on,” he cried. Alan McIntyre was all-in against the Italian with A♠J♠ against the Q♠Q♦ of Dalla Molle.

The board had run out 2♥6♦A♦4♠ leaving just two outs for Dalla Molle to regain the lead. The Q♥ hit the river. McIntyre out in 20th. — RD

1.20pm: Iacofano down but not out
PokerStars qualifier Kevin Iacofano hasn’t had the best of days so far. He’s still in so it’s a day that’s recoverable but he just lost a pot to drop to about 200,000 chips from a start point of 685,000.

He raised to 26,000 from late position and called when Jens Lauridsen three-bet to 57,000 from the big blind. The flop came 3♣6♠Q♥ and Lauridsen led for 60,000. Call. The turn came Q♣ and there was no stopping the Dane who led for 150,000. Iacofano thought about continuing but folded. Lauridsen had about 800,000 after the hand. — MC

1.10pm: Langmann all-in
After Jan Sorensen limped in to the pot from early position, Florian Langmann raised to 40,000 from the cut off. Simon Hanninger was in the big blind and after fiddling with chips for a moment, he raised to 106,000.

“How much?” asked Langmann, to stone cold silence. So he asked again and finally the dealer got the message and counted out the bet. Then Langmann wanted to know what Hanninger had behind. Hanninger was still silent but it amounted to about 300,000. Langman moved all-in. Hanninger called immediately.

But despite the drama it would soon be back to square one as each player turned over ace-king. The board ran an irrelevant 8♠A♦9♣3♠7♠ for a split pot. – SB

1pm: Dalla Molle chipping up
Andrea Dalle Molle has just taken a good chunk out of American PokerStars qualifier Kevin Iacofano. It was Iacofano that started the action, opening to 26,000 from the hijack. Dalle Molle called in the cut-off.

Iacofano c-bet 30,000 at the 6♦Q♣4♥ flop. Dall Molle called. He tried 71,000 on the 8♠ turn. The Italian called again. The American seemed to give up on the turn, check-folding to a 122,000 bet on the K♥ river. Dalla Molle up to 570,000. Iacofano down to 450,000. — RD

12.55pm: Linde extends lead
Per Linde is up to 1,702,000 in chips after forcing Team PokerStars Pro Florian Langmann off a hand. The two were heads-up to the turn and Langmann checked to face a 225,000 bet. The board read K♠10♣9♠Q♥ and he gave his decision some thought before folding to drop to 1,050,000 in chips. — MC

12.45pm: Sunar sunk, out in 21st place
Surinder Sunar has been eliminated in 21st taking home DKK 85,000 (€11,401) for his efforts. Shortly after his split pot shove, he got it all in with ace-king and found Andrea Dalle Molle a willing customer with pocket tens. Neither player improved and Sunar headed off to the cash cage. — MC

12.40pm: Mikhail Lakhitovto out in 22nd
A split pot and an elimination, the first involving Surinder Sunar, the latter the departure of Mikhail Lakhitov.

Sunar had moved in for around 140,000 in middle position which was followed by Andrea Dalle Molle doing the same thing from the cut off. As Sunar waited for others to fold he rubbed his cards on Nikolas Liakos and Kevin Iacofano for luck. Liakos even gave him one of his chips to place on his cards, a gesture Sunar appreciated.

Sunar wasn’t about to depart, but he wasn’t about to double up either. Both players turned up ace-king and the board passed by harmlessly.

A few hands later Mikhail Lakhitov moved all-in and was called by Liakos. Lakhitov showed Q♣6♠ to Liakos’s A♣9♥. The board was more decisive this time, running J♦7♠A♦A♠4♠ to send Mikhail Lakhitovto the rail. Liakos is up to around 860,000. – SB

12.38pm: Cooler for Vitkind, out in 23rd
Action was seven-handed at Dmitry Vitkind’s table which makes it that little bit harsher that he just ran A♦Q♥ into Johnny Jensen’s A♥A♠.

Jensen had opened under-the-gun for 28,000 and had been called on the button by Lars Krogh. Vitkind eyed up the stack of Jensen and then moved in for around 300,000 and quickly received a call. The board gave no help and Vitkind was sent to the rail, which came crashing down with a large bang just before he reached it.

Jon Spinks was conspicuously close to the fallen railing, supporting John Eames who was at the table Vitkind was vacating. It was Spinks I initially blamed for knocking over the cordon , but he quickly pointed me in someone else’s direction. — RD

12.30pm: Ravn out in 24th
Pernille Ravn is the first player to fall today. She’s lost a chunk of her chips a short while ago (see 12.15pm: Great spot for Hellpi) and the lost went to the same Finn when she ran ace-queen into his ace-king. — RD

12.25pm: Nordkvist in a reluctant fold
Joel Nordkvist played a pot out of position against Jens Lauridsen and it cost him 162,000 chips. He raised to 22,000 from the hijack and called when Lauridsen three-bet to 72,000 from the next seat. The flop came 4♣9♦2♦ and Nordkvist check-called a 90,000 bet. The turn came 6♣ and Lauridsen bet 200,000 when checked to him again. Norskvist tanked for several minutes before making a painful and reluctant looking fold. — MC

12.15pm: Great spot for Hellpi
Contrary to what we reported in last night’s wrap up of the day’s events, there is one Finnish player still in the field.

Juha Helppi has tripled-up in a heads-up pot. That sentence does make sense as I will explain.

The action folded around to the Finn on the button and he moved all-in for 135,000. Pernille Ravn was in the small blind and she called out of her 352,000 stack only to see Lars Krogh instantly move in behind her. She looked shocked and reluctantly folded to leave it heads-up.

Helppi: Q♥3♣
Krogh: A♦K♦

Helppi agreed with a couple of his table mates this was a good spot for him. He voiced his fears that this could be the first and last time he was all-in in this tournament. His fears were allayed though as the board came Q♦4♠2♦3♠7♥ to make him two-pair. — MC

12.12pm: Level up
That’s the end of Level 19, we’re now into Level 20 with blinds of 6,000-12,000 with a 1,000 ante. — SB

12.10pm: Cards in the air
Play starts with two minutes to play remaining on Level 19. — SB

11.50am: Welcome back for Day 4
Last night five men, who some would describe as idiots, went out into the cold Copenhagen night air to gaze up at the stars in the fruitless hope of seeing the Space Shuttle Discovery fly by. We’d heard that five minutes after lift-off the Aging technical marvel would be high over Europe. How high, we did not know; which part of Europe we knew not either, but in the spirit of saluting heroes, remarkable men and women with the right stuff, we went out looking for them anyway, peering up at what could only have been described as 95 per cent cloud cover.

After the five minutes had elapsed we went back inside, resigned to the fact we’d missed them hurtling through the stratosphere, and oblivious to the fact that take off had been delayed anyway.

That same spirit is what brings us, and we hope you, back to watch the penultimate day of an event that has hurtled by in similar fashion. There were 449 candidates for champion at the start of this week, now the selection process has whittled them down to 24. That’s good enough to reach today, but only eight will be granted a return tomorrow and ultimately only one will have poker’s right stuff.


Chipped up

Those said players are returning to the tournament room now, their chip counts and seating positions available on the Seat Draw page. There’s a new element to your coverage options today as we introduce live coverage of the closing stages on EPT Live. You’ll also find every key moment wordily detailed on this very blog.

PokerStars Blog reporting team at EPT Copenhagen (in order of excitement shown about Jesse May’s arrival in the press room with a large bag of fruit for us): Rick Dacey (I think I’ll bosh an apple), Stephen Bartley (not bothered about the fruit, but flattered by May’s compliments of his suit) and Marc Convey (pre-occupied by his upcoming stint on the webcast). Photos by Neil Stoddart.


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