EPT Copenhagen: Day 3, levels 19 and 20 (5,000-10,000 1,000 ante)

February 19, 2010


10.05pm: Top chips
As advertised, full chip counts are on their way. But here’s a sneak preview of the top three:

Roberto Romanello: 1,400,000
Andrew Teng: 1,005,000
Anton Wigg: 949,000

(Let’s not forget Peter Eastgate, with 726,000.)

10pm: Junker kicked in the proverbials; day is done
Jens Sundeberg is our last man out this evening, busted in pretty emphatic circumstances, by Paul Szyszko. The two of them got it all in pre-flop: Szyszko had 8♣8♥ and was behind Sundeberg’s 10♥10♠. But those tens were rendered, well, junk, by the K♣2♣8♠ flop. The 8♦ seemed like overkill, but it was actually just a safety blanket. The river was 10♣ meaning our last player went out with a full house losing to quads.

The all in was about 250,000, so Szyszko is very well set for tomorrow.

The full counts for the final 24 will be with us very shortly, as will a full wrap of the day’s action. –HS

NB – Originally this report said Henrik Junker had been eliminated. That was an error.

10pm: The Dutchie got passed to the left
Ricky Fohrenbach has taken care of another player. He raised from the button before Pieter van Gendernen moved all in from the button. Fohrenbach thought for about five seconds and made the call with A♥J♣. Off to the races as the Dutchman turned over 7♥7♦. The board came J♠A♣10♣Q♣Q♠. — MC

9.50pm: Two hands; two eliminations
It’s getting brutal out there, and Jens Klaning and James Bowey have just perished.

Klaning’s elimination went like this: Peter Eastgate raised to 26,000 from early position and after Anton Wigg called on the button, Klaning squeezed all in for about 120,000.

Eastgate moved all in, persuading Wigg out of there, and there were two of them left. Eastgate had 6♣6♦; Klaning had A♣7♣. The board was totally dry and Klaning was sent to the rail. Eastgate is up to 570,000.

Bowey’s end went this way: Morten Klein raised to 26,000 and Bowey moved all in for about 120,000 from the big blind. Klein called with Q♥Q♦, which was way ahead of Bowey’s K♦Q♣. Ahead they stayed as the board ran A♣A♠7♣3♠6♦.

Bowey out. — HS

9.45pm: Cold
This one is not for the faint-hearted, especially if you’re a supporter of Thomas Froslev. He just lost about 80 percent of his stack to Damien Fouquet in circumstances that are not particularly pleasant. (He was out soon after.)

They got it all in pre-flop, Froslev with K♦K♣ and Fouquet with A♣J♣. Froslev flopped a set when the first three community cards came 6♠K♥Q♣ but Fouquet still had some outs.

The 2♣ on the turn increased his chances further, and then the 10♥ on the river gave the Frenchman a straight, doubling him up to about 600,000 and leaving Froslev very short indeed.

So short, in fact, that he was all in soon after with pocket twos, and was looked up by Ricky Fohrenbach and his king-nine. Fohrenbach flopped a nine and Froslev is out. — HS

9.38pm: Gentile not so fab
Fabian Gentile is the latest player to succumb. He got it all in pre-flop with A♠10♠ but ran straight into Anton Wigg’s A♥A♠. The board ran 9♣K♥8♣4♠6♦ before his exit was confirmed. –MC

9.35pm: Three times De Vivo
Francesco De Vivo has moved all-in three times in a row now. Still no takers, although in the last go Roberto Romanello thought about it. “Will you show if I pass?” asked the Welshman. De Vivo gave some tacit agreement and Romanello passed. De Vivo showed J♦J♥. “I call,” said Romanello, only joking of course. De Vivo plays on. — SB.

9.30pm: Petersen re-sucks to stay alive
A swift roller coaster of emotions for Jesper Petersen, who looked like he was going to be bad-beat out of the tournament, but ended up re-sucking to double up.

Folded to him in the small blind, Janne Nevalainen raised to 28,000 and Petersen re-raised from the big blind. He meant to move all in, but ended up leaving a couple of towers of reds behind the line, meaning it was down to Nevalainen to four-bet and Petersen to call.

Petersen’s total was 212,000 and Nevalainen had about 50,000 more than that. Their hands? Nevalainen: A♠7♥ and Petersen: A♣J♦.

Petersen was furious at the seven on the flop, but since there was also an eight and a nine, he had plenty of outs. The ten on the turn gave Petersen the straight and doubled him up. — HS

9.20pm: KK K’OD
Our $1 rebuy satellite winner Morten Guldhammer is still going strong and has just accounted for the demise of another player. The action folded around to Kristian Kofoed in the small blind and he moved all in for 114,000. Guldhammer mentioned something about not letting his opponent steal his big blind and made the call.

Kofoed: Q♠10♥
Guldhammer :A♦3♥

The board came 5♥4♣8♣K♣8♥ and with that we’re down to 32 players and just four tables. — MC

9.10pm: Helppi out
Juha Helppi is not going to pull himself into the black for EPT events. He’s out. He told our Finnish colleagues at dinner time that he had seen only two hands of note today: one ace-king and one pair of eights. But when he found pocket jacks soon after the break, he probably ended up wishing they had been rags. He shoved them straight into pocket queens and is now on the rail. — HS

9.07pm: Double ups and drop outs
Kristijonas Andrulis opened for 83,000 and Thomas Pettersson moved in on the button. Something about the dinner break has hurried players along with their all ins and they come thick and fast. Andrulis eventually calls the extra 74,000 and show’s J♠2♠ to Pettersson’s A♦K♠. “Oooooh,” say a few people watching. The board ran out 6♦10♠7♣4♦10♣. A double up for Pettersson.

On a table along another all in, this time from David Adelskov holding A♥J♥, called by the animated Morten Guldhammer with 3♦3♥. The board ran out 10♦2♦9♠4♦4♣. Another player gone. — SB

9.05pm: He can afford it
Chip leader Andrew Teng opened the pot with a 25,000 raise from early position that Peter Eastgate called from mid-position before Jesper Petersen moved all in for 87,000. Teng then re-raised all in to try and force Easgate out. Eastgate thought for a while, rubbed his head a few times but ultimately folded to leave it heads-up.

Teng: K♥J♦
Petersen: A♦Q♣

The board ran 7♦A♠3♥2♠8♠. Teng is still on 1.3million and can’t complain too much about that. — MC

9pm: Fohrenbach fighting back
Ricky Fohrenbach has built his stack up again after a slight hiccup before dinner. He and Pieter van Genderen went to a 10♠7♥9♦ flop and then on to a Q♦ turn. Van Genderen checked and Fohrenbach bet 36,000. But Van Genderen wasn’t done, raising to 72,000. Fohrenbach called.

The river was 7♠ and Van Genderen bet 62,000. “Call,” came Fohrenbach’s firm response. Van Genderen showed Q♥5♥ but Fohrenbach’s two pair, with his 9♣Q♠ was better. — HS

8.55pm: Thorsson’s run comes to an end
Kristoffer Thorsson is out. He had a short stack returning from the dinner break and doubled it up once – A♦J♥ versus Fabian Gentile’s K♥J♦ – but couldn’t beat Andrey Vlasenko’s J♦J♥ with his Q♠10♠. Thorssen has had an award-winning week, but couldn’t see it through to the weekend. — HS

8.50pm: Quaade out
Thomas Quaade is out in 37th place, taking away his apple and 65,000 DKK. He moved in with J♥J♣ only to be called by Magnus Hansen with K♠K♥. The board ran out 7♥10♥5♣2♥2♣ sending Quaade to the rail. — SB

8.45pm: The final stretch
Righto, they’re back. There are 36 players left and their chip counts are all over there on the chip count page.

The prizewinners to date are all over there on the prizewinner’s page.

One player high on the first page and not (yet) on the second is our chip leader, Andrew Teng. He leads his fellow Brit, Roberto Romanello, by the smallest of margins.


Andrew Teng

8.30pm: Dinner time movies
One of the only Lithuanians in the field is still going strong deep into day three. He’s the PokerStars qualifier Kristijonas Andrulis, and he chatted to the cameras earlier:

Watch EPT Copenhagen 2010: Kristijonas Andrulis on PokerStars.tv

PokerStars Blog reporting team: Stephen Bartley, Marc Convey, Howard Swains and Simon Young.


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