EPT Copenhagen: Day 3, level 19 updates (blinds 5,000-10,000, ante 1,000)

February 24, 2011


7.50pm: Bitter-sweet end to the day
We’re pleased that play has come to an end here on Day 3 in Copenhagen but we’re very sad that it has due to the elimination of Nicolo Calia in 25th place.

Helge Rahbek min-raised from the button with 2♦2♠ and called when Calia shoved with A♦8♠. The board ran J♠K♠7♠10♦7♣. Calia flopped a flush draw with live over cards but failed to hit any of them. He laughed the pain away, gracious in defeat, and shook Rahbek’s hand before making his exit.

The 24 remaining players are bagging up for the night. They will be back at midday tomorrow where they’ll play down to a final table of eight. Official chip counts and a wrap of the day’s play will be up shortly. — MC

7.42pm: Langmann slays crazy Skommo
Orjan Skommo has proved to be quite a handful today, a real throwback to the legends of fearless Scandi beserker poker players. You three-bet me? I’ll shove on you with six-high.

Skommo’s poker rage just ran dry against the technical finishing of Florian Langmann.

The Team PokerStars Pro opened from late position and was three-bet by Skommo to 62,000. Langmann came back over the top for 125,000. What did Skommo do? What do you think he did? He beat himself into a frenzy, frothing at the mouth and all, and shoved for 460,000. Langmann snap-called with K♥K♦. Skommo held 10♠10♦.

The board ran out A♥9♣3♦6♣9♦ and Langmann scooped the pot to chip up to 1.35 million. Skommo stood up and walked away looking exhausted. A commendable, if not frenzied, performance. — RD

7.30pm: Two Swedes off to the races
Daniel Johansson is a happy man after doubling through fellow Swede and chip leader Joel Nordkvist. Nordkvist raised to 22,000 from the cut-off and then moved all-in when Johansson three-bet to 57,000 from the small blind. Johansson made the call all-in for 187,000 to set up the showdown.

Johansson: Q♥Q♣
Nordkvist: A♠K♣

The board ran a blank 4♥7♣3♣8♠5♦. Nordkvist still cruising on 1,500,000 chips. — MC

7.20pm: Calia surviving
How is Nicolo Calia still in? He’s barely got any chips. Surely it’s just a matter of time before he busts. Surely? Calia, patron saint of cashing, has his heart set on squeaking through into the final 24 and, from there, the final table. He’s done it before in Tallinn. Can he do it again here?

He shoved for 63,000, a mere pittance at this stage in the game, and after picking up the blinds he flipped over A♥K♠. He’s going to need to find an opponent willing to call him if he’s going to chip up. — RD

ept copenhagen_day 3_nicolo calia.jpg

Nicolo Calia is still grinding

7.15pm: SuperNova Elite sent back to his suite
When you hear cries from a table and you run over to see two sets of cards on their back and one of them is aces, you know Per Linde is involved. His A♦A♣ was up against Martin Clemmensen who is a qualifier and has SuperNova status on PokerStars. He tabled 2♥2♠ and before the board was dealt he said to Linde, “Run like God? I believe you!”

The board came 3♦9♠4♣8♥7♥ to send the Dane home in 28th place with DKK 75,000 (€10,060). Three more eliminations to go before play ends for the night. — MC

7.10pm: Hirleman out in 29th (€10,060)
Mark Hirleman and Dmitry Vitkind have been in shoving and re-shoving mode for some time now. Vitkind had doubled up a short while ago, but was still being forced to get it in to survive the blinds and antes, Hirleman did not have the same luck.

Dennis Bjerregaard opened the pot for 24,000 and Hirleman moved all-in for 191,000 with [k][q]. Bjerregaard flopped a set and Hirleman takes home €10,060. — RD

7pm: No landmark for Lundmark
The final player with an EPT title to his name has busted. Current EPT Barcelona champion Kent Lundmark was just eliminated. He three-bet shoved with ace-four from the button after a Per Linde cut-off raise. Lars Krogh was sat in the small blind with ace-queen and made the call. Linde folded before the board ran out blank. — MC

6.50pm: Rolling Ravn
Nicola Calia moved all-in, only to be called by another of the short stacks Pernille Ravn. Calia showed A♠J♦ to Ravn’s A♥Q♣ and the pair watched as the board was dealt.
7♦8♠K♣K♠10♠. The good natured confrontation ended with a double up for Ravn, leaving her with 130,000 and Calia about 60,000. – SB

6.47pm: Double up for Hirleman
Mark Hirleman was our Day 1A chip leader and while he’s still in the tournament he’s pretty far away from being one of the big stacks. He just got it in with J♠J♦ against pocket eights for his tournament life and is now up to 200,000.

Well known Finnish pro Juha Helppi is a couple of seats away from him on 270,000. — RD

6.40pm: It’s just the way he runs
Juha Vilkki has fallen to chip second Per Linde. He open shoved for 175,000 from the button with A♦K♠ and was called by Linde (big blind) and his dominated A♠6♠. The board came 6♥5♦10♦3♦9♥ to pair Linde’s six. Linde offered his hand and said, “I’m sorry, it’s just the way I run.” Linde up to just under 1,400,000 chips. — MC

ept copenhagen_day 3_per linde.jpg

Per Linde is enjoying a profitable period of run good

6.30pm: Players returning to their seats
We have 31 players in the main event with a marauding horde of Swedish players set to storm into the final 24 (at which play ends today). Joel Nordkvist is leading that charge with 1,550,000 but the likes of Team PokerStars Pro Florian Langmann not far behidn with 650,000. — RD

ept copenhagen_day 3_florian langmann.jpg

Florian Langmann is chasing the chip lead

PokerStars Blog reporting team at EPT Copenhagen (in descending order of buffet selection sophistication) : Stephen Bartley (green salad, fine ham and succulent shrimps), Marc Convey (selection of meats and pastas) and Rick Dacey (meatballs and cake). Photos by Neil Stoddart.


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