EPT Copenhagen: Day 3, level 17 & 18 updates (blinds 4,000-8,000, 500 ante)

February 24, 2011


6.10pm: Break time
That’s the end of the level. A new level, and a new post, will be starting in 15 minutes.

6.05pm: Lodden out
Johnny Lodden’s tournament is over, the Team PokerStars Pro eliminated by Kevin Iacofano.

Iacofano had opened in early position, making it 13,500 which Lodden raised to 30,900. Iacofano then moved all-in which Lodden called, easily covered, and showing A♠Q♠ to Iacofano’s J♥J♣.

The board ran 7♥5♦K♠6♣10♦ to end Lodden’s day as a table breaks. – SB

6pm: Skommo’s ballsy shove
Orjan Skommo almost pulled it off. He’d opened from the cut-off for 17,000 and Jan Sorensen three-bet from the small blind to 45,000. Skommo moved all-in, significantly covering Sorensen who had 230,000 behind. Sorensen went into the tank and I would have put good money on this turning into a tank-fold. It wasn’t. He pushed his chips forward.

Skommo: 6♣4♣
Sorensen: A♣Q♦

It was a great flop for Sorensen; Q♠2♦7♠, and the hand was settled by the turn with the 2♥. The river was the 3♠. Skommo down to 460,000. Sorensen up to 560,000. — RD

ept copenhagen_day 3_orjan skommer.jpg

Orjan Skommo; not a nit

5.55pm: The trouble with folding
On a heads-up flop of A♠Q♥9♥ Jens Lauridsen bet 55,000 from the small blind. Against him was the big blind Mark Hirleman, the leader on Day 1A, who now asked for a count of the vitals. He called and the turn came K♣. Lauridsen then moved all-in for more than 400,000. Hirleman checked his cards again and then tanked for several minutes, playing with some chips as he looked over at Lauridsen and sighed loudly.

Then, after four or five mintues, Hirleman moved his cards out infront of his stack, the tell tale sign that he was about to throw in the town. Soon enough Hirleman folded.

“I don’t like folding,” he said, down to 150,000. Lauridsen meanwhile is up to 560,000.

5.45pm: Dahan dusted
Meir Dahan, the final Israeli in the field, has fallen even after flopping a set. He moved all-in with 4♥4♣ and was called by Daniel Johansson holding K♣K♥. The board ran J♥4♦K♠2♦A♥ giving both players sets. Dahan takes home DKK 65,000 (€8,718) for his effort in finishing 35th. Johansson moves up to 260,000 after than win. — MC

5.34pm: So long Sangalli
We’re down to 35 players remaining after the departure of Olivier Sangalli. He’d moved all-in for 187,500 behind a raise to 18,500 from Ivan Freitez.

Ivan Freitez called, turning over 8♥8♠. Olivier Sangallinow knew he was in trouble, showing 5♦5♦.

The board ran A♣2♣3♠2♠7♦ sending Olivier Sangalliout. Ivan Freitezup to more than 1,000,000. – SB

5.29pm: Lodden lucks out to double
Johnny Lodden went into shoving mode after dropping down so short. He got a couple through to take the blinds and antes but when he pushed for a third time, with 46,000, he was called by Andrea Dalle Molle on the button and found out he was dominated.

Lodden: Q♥J♠
Dalle Molle: K♣Q♦

The board ran 8♦K♠J♣A♦J♣ to make trips for Lodden. “I would’ve taken the chop but that will do better,” joked Lodden. — MC

5.23pm: Check out the chips
The chip counts are all nice and fresh here, go on click on that red bit and have a look. — RD

5.20pm: Lodden close to the felt
Johnny Lodden is down to 35,000 after calling the all-in of Richard Dalberg. Lodden had just lost a pot to Surinder Sunar, re-raised off a flop of 9♦4♣10♣ to drop down to around 150,000.

Then, with a flop of Q♥2♥4♠ on the board, Lodden bet from the button after Dalberg checked the action to him. But then Dalberg moved all-in for 97,500 which Lodden called showing K♦4♣ to Dalberg’s A♥7♥. The 6♥ turn and A♣ river kept Dalberg alive and left Lodden close to busting. – SB

5.15pm: Unlucky Eames sucks out
John Eames returned to see his seat looking like a small British island just waiting to be plundered by the Swedish big stacks circling his table. Plucky Eames was not going to go down so easily though.

Big stack number one, Joel Nordkvist, opened from the cut-off for 18,000 and Eames moved all-in from the button for 122,500. Big stack number two, Michael Tureniec, made the call. Nordkvist didn’t look interested and passed without further ado.

Eames: A♦5♦
Tureniec: A♥K♠

The J♦5♠5♣ flop was an unlikely one, but was well received by Eames. The 6♣ turn and 4♠ river did little to change anything. Eames is up to 270,000. — RD

5.05pm: Jensen loses more
Johnny Jensen has dropped below the 200,000 chips mark for the first time in a long time. He raised to 18,500 from the hijack and Juha Helppi peeled from the big blind to see the 5♥9♣Q♥ flop. Both players checked before Helppi led for 20,000 on the 9♦ turn. Jensen called and called another 25,000 on the 3♣ river. Helppi tabled K♠5♠ and took the pot as he out Jensen’s hand out kicked. The Finnish player is up to 235,000 now. — MC

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 4,000-8,000, ANTE 500

4.45pm: Break
Another 15-minute break and 37 players walk away from the tournament floor with chips still in play. Chip average is 350,000. Full chips to come. — RD

4.42pm: GG JP
JP Kelly’s day just went from bad to worse. First he had his aces cracked by Lars Krogh who almost missed the fact that he’d had the winning hand, turning over A♥Q♦ and not spotting the flush on the 5♥4♦Q♥6♥8♥ board.

That reduced Kelly to 370,000 which just went into the middle in a hand against Per Linde.

Linde opened for 13,000 in early position which Kelly raised to 37,000 from the big blind. Linde then four-bet to 88,000 and Kelly moved all-in, showing A♣K♥ when Linde called showing K♦K♣.

The board ran 4♣J♥Q♥3♦7♦ to send Kelly out and leave Linde armed with around 1,000,000. – SB

4.40pm: Aron not going on
Michael Aron is another player to bust. I’ve heard this anecdotally so take it with a pinch of salt; the American PokerStars qualifier five-bet with [a][9] and found action from Ørjan Skommo with [a][k]. One thing is for sure, Aron is out. — RD

4.35pm: Genot to go?
Pierre Genot opened in middle position for 14,500. Thorsten Schafer re-raised to 35,500 before Genot raised again, this time to 90,000. The inevitable all-in followed, then the call.

It was a good old fashioned aces vs. kings showdown, Schafer with the aces, Genot with the kings.

The board ran 6♣8♠4♦3♣5♥. So that was that for Genot. No, not quite. As the dealer began giving Schafer the chips the tournament official stopped him and told him to make a count. Genot wasn’t out, he still had chips. Albeit worth just 8,000.

Schafer’s all-in was for 263,500, taking him up to around 550,000. — SB

4.28pm: Jacobson takes on Tureniec
Martin Jacobson is refusing to yield ground to Michael Tureniec. Jacobson opened to 12,500 and was three-bet to 32,500 by Tureniec in the small blind. Jacobson sat and stared at his Swedish counterpart before moving back over the top for a four-bet in the region of 95,000. Tureniec quickly passed. — RD

ept copenhagen_day 3_martin jacobson.jpg

Can Jacobson make a third final table this season?

4.20pm: Ravn swoops
Pernille Ravn has doubled-up against Daniel Pettersen after successfully racing A♥J♣ against pocket nines. Ravn’s 95,000 went in pre-flop and she’s now up to 190,000. Pettersen still has plenty of chips. — RD

4.12pm: Neuville takes a tumble
Pierre Neuville is out. The Belgian had been short stacked and was very much into push or fold poker. Looks like he pushed and was punished. — RD

ept copenhagen_day 3_pierre neuville.jpg

Pierre Neuville, not laughing anymore

4.02pm: Different day, different Swede
If yesterday was a play then by Michael Tureniec was the leading man and he was backed up nicely by Per Linde and Joel Nordkvist in a cast dominated by Swedes. These three players are still at the top of the pile but today but Nordkvist has taken over the lead role, allowing Tureniec to take the supporting role with Linde as the character actor.

Nordkvist is up to a mountainous 1,450,000 chips after forcing Johnny Jensen off a hand. The two were heads-up to the turn where the board read 6♦Q♥K♣5♥ and Nordkvist led out for 58,000. Jensen raised but folded when Nordkvist shoved on him. He dropped down to 220,000. — MC

3.51pm: The swirling epicentre
As table breaks take us down to less than 50 players in this Main Event we have, much like yesterday, one table that is swiftly becoming the epicentre of action. And again it has Michael Tureniec at its beating heart.

Alongside that dangerous Swedish million stack we have Martin Jacobson, this season’s star performer, JP Kelly, a prodigious British talent and Team PokerStars Pro, as well as John Eames, an online player who has had major success in some EPT side events but has been yet to shine in the mains.

Funnily enough it was two other players at that table that got into it when I was onlooking; Daniel Johansson and Meir Dahan. The latter opened the pot and was three-bet by Johansson. Dahan called before getting it all in on the K♦8♠[d] flop. Dahan showed pocket eights and Johansson the nut flush draw with A♦J♦. It got there. Dahan wasn’t happy and is down to 120,000. — RD

3.40pm: How do you pronounce “Øe”?
Andreas Øe moved all-in and Surinder Sunar called. Øe showed A♦Q♠. “You’re not winning,” said Sunar with a grin, turning over A♣Q♣.

The board ran out harmlessly 8♣4♠Q♥5♥K♦ for a split pot.

A few hands later Sunar was calling an all-in again. When Nikolas Liakos opened for 12,500 Sunar called from the small blind for a A♣7♣5♥ flop.

Sunar checked before Nikolas Liakos bet another 11,500. Sunar raised to 24,000 before Nikolas Liakos announced “all-in.” Sunar called, turning over 5♣5♠ to Nikolas Liakos’s A♠J♠.

The turn 9♣ and river Q♦ kept Sunar in front. He doubles up to 230,000. – SB

3.25pm: Cards in the air
Play restarts in Level 17 with blinds of 3,000-6,000 with a 500 ante.


Chips on the table

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Copenhagen (in alphabetical order of spoonerism): Bephen Startley, Carc Monvey and Dick Racey


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