EPT Copenhagen: Day 3, level 15 & 16 (blinds 2,500-5,000, 500 ante)

February 24, 2011


That’s the end of level bell tolling. Join us in a new post shortly by clicking the ‘next’ button when it appears in ten minutes. Keep bashing that refresh button. — RD

3.21pm: The short stacked table
It’s just the way things go; some tables get weighed down with chips while others sit on the fringes of chip society, huddling around a few bare stacks trying to keep their hands warm. One such table has Pierre Neuville, Nicolo Calia and Pernille Ravn sat in line shivering, all desperately trying to keep a grip on their tournament lives.

On the last hand before the break Neuville, looking to swipe away a few morsels from his hungry compatriots, raised the button to 12,000. Calia thought long and hard, several times glancing at the clock, before deciding to safeguard his store of apples for the winter. He passed.

Pernille Ravn opted for the shove, a rabid attack to take what was in the middle. A total of 67,000 she pushed into the middle, daring Neuville to risk most of his own reserves. He passed to leave himself with 70,000. All three are short but Ravn will get to eat at the EPT Copenhagen table a little longer. — RD

3.15pm: Langmann passes 300,000 mark
Florian Langmann just moved up to more than 300,000 after he eliminated Andrey Gulyy. Langmann opened for 11,500 on the button and Gulyy raised to 26,500 in the small blind. After checking the amounts involved Langmann announced all-in and Gulyy called at once, turning over K♠K♥. Langmann meanwhile showed A♠10♠. Gulyy stood ready to leave, revealing himself to be about seven feet tall.

The board ran Q♠9♣5♦A♣5♣. Gulyy is out. Langmann on the up. — SB

ept copenhagen_day 3_florian langmann.jpg

Team PokerStars Pro Langmann has been riding the tournament highs and lows

3.08pm: Tureniec running hot
Even when he misses, he hits. Michael Tureniec’s continuation bet for 16,000 into a low 5♠2♠2♥ flop was called by Simon Hanninger. Both players checked the 8♣ turn card before Tureniec checked the A♥ river and groaned as Hanninger quickly followed in suit. The Swedish big stack showed down A♦K♣ to scoop the pot. — RD

3.05pm: Sorensen doubles
Jan Sorensen is up to 350,000 after doubling through Kenneth Johnsen. The two were heads-up to the turn where the board read 9♦4♥3♣5♣. Sorensen led for 25,000 before his fellow countryman set him all-in with K♥4♠. Sorensen made the call with J♦J♥ and faded any nastiness on the 8♥ river. — MC

3pm: Uncontested all-ins
Pernille Ravn just moved all-in but got no takers. At the same table Nicola Calia did the same a few hands later and got the same result.

On the next table there was a flop of 9♣A♠5♦ and a bet of 12,000 from Dmitry Vitkind. Jan Sorensen called for a turn card 8♥. when Vitkind bet 20,500 Sorensen then moved all-in for 80,000. Vitkind folded immediately.

In the next hand at this table Florian Langmann opened for 11,500 in middle position. The action was folded to Olivier Sangalli in the big blind who called for a flop of 5♣4♣6♥. Both players checked and got a 8♠ turn card in return, at which Sangalli bet 16,000 to take the pot. – SB

2.55pm: Nordkvist heading North
Joel Nordkvist has bumped his stack up to nearly 850,000 after two profitable hands. The first against Orjan Skommo with A♣K♣ on a 8♣10♣K♠7♦J♠ board. Nordkvist fired at the flop and 38,500 into the turn before both players checked the river. Skommo mucked.

The next hand was a chunky one against Marius Mattson. Nordkvist opened for 14,000 and Mattson called on the button. Nordkvist check-called 16,000 on the 2♥Q♠8♠ flop, a further 41,000 on the 5♣ turn and a chunky 100,500 on the J♣ river. Nordkvist showed J♥Q♦ for top two-pair against the 2♣3♣ river bluff of Mattson. He’s down to 110,000. — RD

2.46pm: Lodden doubles
Team PokerStars Pro Johnny Lodden has doubled-up his short stack. He moved all-in with pocket sevens and was called by Per Linde in the next seat, holding pocket kings. Lodden spiked a seven to make a set and is up to about 110,000 chips. — MC

ept copenhagen_day 3_johnny lodden.jpg

Key double up for Johnny Lodden

2.40pm: Players loosening up
As you would expect, the remaining playing are loosening up a lot in this post bubble period and with that comes eliminations. The latest player to suffer in this way was Claus Tversted. He three-bet shoved for around 30,000 after PokerStars qualifier Olivier Sangalli opened. Call.

Tversted: A♠10♦
Sangalli: A♣Q♣

The board ran K♥3♦2♥8♦3♠. Neither player improved but Sangalli’s queen played and he collected the pot and a scalp. — MC

2.35pm: What a difference a Weekes makes
Jonathan Weekes has been eliminated. He moved in for around 150,000 with Q♥Q♠ which Thorsten Schafer called with A♣K♣.

The board ran J♠K♠9♣2♣7♣ to send Weekes out and leave Schafer with around 550,000. – SB

2.30pm: Calia doubles
Nicolo Calia has just made his 11th EPT cash, quite an impressive feat. He just scored a vital double-up after shoving from the button for 27,500 with A♣10♣ and getting called by Daniel Pettersen in the big blind with A♦Q♦.

The flop couldn’t have been better for Calia with it coming 10♠8♣K♣ for a pair and flush draw. Blank turn and river cards meant the Italian doubled-up to 60,000. Is it a long stretch of the imagination to think he’ll make his second final table? — RD

2.20pm: Hanna hung on
Alber Hanna is the first player out in the money. He had about six big blinds when he shoved from late position with A♣8♦. Simen Johannessen was sat in the next seat and made an easy call with A♠K♦. The board ran K♥7♣7♠2♥4♣ to make two-pair for Johannessen. He takes home DKK 55,000 (€7,377) for finishing 64th.

The chip count page has recently been updated. Click here to see. — MC

2.10pm: The bubble bursts
There goes the bubble, flying away with Dennis Bjerregaard hanging from it.

Bjerregaard opened for 11,000 in early position which Ørjan Skommo raised to 26,500 from the cut off. The action was passed through the blinds back to Bjerregaard who looked at his cards again and moved all-in for 130,500. Skommo called and Bjerregaard immediately turned over Q♦Q♥ then turned them back over again as in situations like this, hand for hand, players are told not to reveal their cards so as to avoid word getting out.

As hands came to an end on other tables the only question remaining was: what did Skommo hold. The answer came soon enough as he eventually turned over A♦K♠, adding before hand as he looked at the crowd gathered around the table; “Obviously there are a lot of people cheering for me.”

The flop came 4♠6♠9♠. Suddenly Bjerregaard had to dodge a flush also, which proved irrelevant when the K♣ hit the turn. The 9♦ meant nothing on the river.

Having winced on the turn Bjerregaard managed a smile as his departure was confirmed. There were handshakes and a round of applause. It was all very dignified. — SB

ept copenhagen_day 3_bubble time.jpg

2pm: Still cagey
Plays continues to be a little tight around the bubble. Tureniec still looks to be the chip leader, but not by as much as he was. — RD

1.50pm: Back from break
The players are back in their seats. A full chip count took place during the break and we’ll get that posted up in our chip counts page as soon as it’s available. — RD

1.35pm: Break
It’s a 15-minute break with hand-for-hand play still ongoing. There has been some action but nothing major with few players wanting to make a big mistake for the €7,377 bubble. Colouring up is taking place during the break. — RD

1.22pm: Wise old hands
Earlier on Pernille Ravn opened for 8,500 from the cut off which was folded round to Pierre Neuville in the big blind.

Neuville, a veteran when it comes to situations like this, slowly pushed his stack in, worth about 90,000; an experienced member of the Old Guard not phased in a period of player that causes panic in others.

Sensing this Ravn passed, patting the table.

“Do you want to see?” asked Neuville. Ravn nodded and the Belgian turned over K♦K♠.

“It’s the minimum for me to go all-in with,” he joked. “You should know. My reputation is there.” He then gestured towards Nicola Calia in the seat next to him. “He knew.” – SB

1.12pm: Bubbling up
The bubble is still going on and while at most tournaments that wouldn’t be big news, it is here. This tournament is crammed full of aggressive Scandies so we fully expected the hand for hand period to last, well, little more than for a couple of hands.

There has been some action, just no callers. For instance, Jon Weekes three-bet shoved over the top of Thorsten Schafer’s 8,000 open raise and showed a J♥ when Schafer passed. — RD

ept copenhagen_day 3_shamballa.jpg

Shamballa Jewels

1pm: Bubble time
It’s that nerve wracking time of the tournament for all the remaining players as we’re on the bubble. Sixty-five players remain and and only 64 of those are getting paid. Stay tuned to find out who the disappointed soul will be. — MC

12.50pm: Kelly infuriates Tsymbal
Igor Tsymbal has fallen just short of the money after getting three-outed by Team PokerStars Pro JP Kelly.

The Brit raised to 10,000 from the hijack and was called by Thorsten Schafer on the button before Tsymbal moved all-in for 32,000 from the small blind. Kelly then raised behind to isolate the Russian and it worked. Schafer folded.

Tsymbal: K♥J♣
Kelly: K♦8♠

The board ran A♦Q♠5♥8♦K♠. Tsymbal made top pair but lost out to Kelly’s two-pair. The Russian was clearly frustrated and threw his player ID card in with his lost chips. It was not clear whether he was more frustrated at losing this hand or the one before against Jonathan Weekes. A combination of the two I suspect. — MC

12.37pm: Big hand for Weekes
Jon Weekes has just doubled through Igor Tsymbal to put himself into back into healthy shape for another deep EPT run. I joined the action on the Q♥10♠5♣ flop and saw both players check with Weekes being in position and the pre-flop aggressor.

The 4♦ was enough for Tsymbal to fire 10,000 into the pot, which had close to 30,000 in it. Weekes had 55,000 behind and pushed 25,000 of that across the line. Tsymbal quickly called and just as quickly checked the A♥ turn.

Weekes waited a few moments before moving all-in for 29,800. Call. Weekes turned over Q♣Q♦ for a set to Tsymbal’s A♣J♥. The Russian has just 27,000 left. Weekes up to over 140,000.

Martin Clemmensen in seat one said: “I just knew it. So obvious,” before realising that it was a bit of a rub down to Tsymbal. — RD

12.32pm: Four from the money
The recent exit of Niclas Hall means we only have to lose four more players to be in the money. Hall got the last of his chips in behind but shot onto the lead, only to finish up behind again. He raised from the button and called all-in when PokerStars qualifier Charles Mclntyre shoved from the small blind.

Hall: A♦J♦
McIntyre: A♣K♦

The board ran a roller-coaster J♥6♥Q♠5♣K♥. Hall cheered on the flop but he was a bit premature as it was McIntyre cheering last. — MC

12.22pm: Tureniec takes out Brito
Fernando Brito has just been knocked out by Michael Tureniec who continues to pound the field with his chip lead.

Brito had opened for 12,000 and has been three-bet by Tureniec from the button. Brito sat for some time while deciding what to do.

It was so long a tank that Josh Prager was balancing back on his chair fiddling with his iPhone and Martin Jacobson had adopted a glassy-eyed 1,000 yard stare off in the general direction of the tournament clock. Then he called.

Like a rubber band snapping back into place, Brito shoved forward his remaining 35,000 into the middle the second the 10♠K♣J♠ flop had been dealt. It was Tureniec’s turn to think. It didn’t take long. Call.

Tureniec: 9♠9♦ for an under-pair – his gutshot dominated by Brito’s ace
Brito: A♥J♣ for middle pair and gutshot

Brito was in great shape with the 6♦ on the turn, until the 9♥ on the river. — RD

12.15pm: Man down
Swedish player Theodor Lothman came back with just 47,600 today and it wasn’t long before he found a hand to move all-in with. He did this from mid-position and was called by Meir Dahan in the small blind.

Lothman: Q♣Q♦
Dahan: A♣Q♠

Lothan was in great shape to double-up but could fade the three outer on the 10♣7♦3♥J♥A♥ board. — MC

12.10pm: The seat draw

Table 31
Giovanni Cantonati, Italy, 85,600
Pierre Neuville, Belgium, PokerStars qualifier, 80,900
Nicolo Calia, Italy, 64,500
Pernille Ravn, Denmark, 76,900
Daniel Pettersen, Norway, 373,200
Juha Helppi, Finland, 159,000
Jens Lauridsen, Denmark, 210,600
Mark Hirleman, USA, PokerStars qualifier, 212,900

Table 32
Claus Tversted, Denmark, 85,800
Kenneth Johnsen, Denmark, 25,700
Yury Gulyy, Russia, 102,000
Dmitry Vitkind, Russia, PokerStars qualifier, 188,000
Jan Sørensen, Denmark, 122,500
Claus Bek Nielsen, Denmark, 94,400
Olivier Sangalli, Switzerland, PokerStars qualifier, 219,000
Pierre Genot, France, PokerStars qualifier, 49,300

Table 33
Steen Vester, Denmark, 73,000
Juha Vilkki, Finland, 230,400
Johnny Lodden, Norway, Team PokerStars Pro, 193,700
Per Linde, Sweden, 514,000
Henrik Lotto Sørensen, Denmark, 119,400
Robert Akery, UK, 112,600
Alber Hanna, Sweden, 67,100
Simen Johannessen, Norway, 253,100

Table 34
Kevin Iacofano, USA, PokerStars qualifier, 175,700
Vojtech Ruzicka, Czech Republic, 330,800
Theodor Lothman, Sweden, 47,600
Surinder Sunar, UK, 151,700
Andreas Øe, Denmark, 330,600
Ville Haavisto, Finland, 335,000
Meir Dahan, Israel, 318,800

Table 35
Michael Aron, USA, PokerStars qualifier, 205,400
Niclas Hall, Sweden, 78,100
Charles Mclntyre, Ireland, PokerStars qualifier, 84,200
Helge Stjernvang, Norway, 72,400
Dennis Bjerregaard, Denmark, 186,100
Mohamed Sta, Germany, PokerStars qualifier, 191,600
Ørjan Skommo, Norway, PokerStars player, 170,200

Table 36
Daniel Johansson, Sweden, 82,600
Helge Rahbek, Denmark, 331,100
Kent Lundmark, Sweden, 286,200
John Eames, UK, 118,600
Florian Langmann, Germany, Team PokerStars Pro, 271,900
Domantas Klimciauskas, Lithuania, 212,200
Martin Hansen, Denmark, PokerStars qualifier, 65,500

Table 37
Martin Clemmensen, Denmark, PokerStars qualifier, 150,200
Søren Avngaard, Denmark, 202,700
Jonathan Weekes, UK, PokerStars qualifier, 67,200
JP Kelly, UK, Team PokerStars Pro, 416,000

Mikhail Lakhitov, Russia, 179,700
Thorsten Schafer, Germany, 365,800
Igor Tsymbal, Russia, 113,500

Table 38
Mudassar Khan, Denmark, 181,800
Anders Christian Andersen, Denmark, 141,500
Andrea Dalle Molle, Italy, 258,400
Richard Dalberg, Norway, 121,900
Georgios Manousos Sotiropoulos, Greece, 49,800
Joel Nordkvist, Sweden, 419,000
Charles Kassin, USA, PokerStars qualifier, 71,200

Table 39
Marius Mattson, Norway, PokerStars player, 230,200
Johnny Jensen, Denmark, 311,600
Lars Krogh, Denmark, PokerStars qualifier, 178,200
Arne Langset, Norway, 162,500
Gustaf Johan Borenius, Finland, PokerStars qualifier, 46,000
Ivan Freitez, Venezuela, 267,300
Nikolas Liakos, Sweden, 157,400

Table 30
Michael Tureniec, Sweden, 640,000
Josh Prager, USA, 51,800
Martin Jacobson, Sweden, PokerStars qualifier, 258,900
Simon Hanninger, Sweden, 341,900
Fernando Brito, Portugal, 69,200
Lars Flindt Halkier, Denmark, 100,100
Johan Van Til, Netherlands, PokerStars qualifier, 79,100

12.05pm: Cards in the air
Play has started with blinds at 2,000-4,000 with a 400 ante. It’s worth remembering that means a four-chip ante.

12pm: More introductions
Gloria Balding introduces Day 3 of EPT Copenhagen and talks to Team PokerStars Pro JP Kelly, who, thanks to a strong finish the day before, returned to a big stack today.

11.55pm: Day 3 in Copenhagen
Welcome back to Copenhagen for Day 3 of the European Poker Tour’s Danish leg. If you were following our coverage yesterday you’ll know that only 73 players remain from the original starting field of 449, a figure that today will be reduced to 24. And that is your no frills intro to the day, written originally in long hand owing to minor technical difficulties.
Our problems aside the day will shape up like this.

We will continue to play 75 minute levels and play on until just three tables remain, at which time play will stop.

Who will be among that number will be decided today, but the likes of Michael Tureniec (640,000) and Per Linde (514,000), the leaders going into the day, should be most confident. At the other end of the scale Kenneth Johnsen has the hardest mountain to climb, returning as the short stack armed with just 25,700 chips.

Before that though we must first burst the money bubble. Of the remaining players only 64 will receive financial compensation for their efforts, making for nine miserable faces coming right up.

Play is about to begin. — SB


Boats, in Copenhagen

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Copenhagen (in order of exercise taken this morning): Stephen Bartley (went to the gym, although he fell off the treadmill), Rick Dacey (walked to the buffet for seconds at breakfast) and Marc Convey (took the elevator to work).


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