EPT Copenhagen: Day 2, levels 13 and 14 (1,500-3,000 300 ante)

February 18, 2010


10.31pm: Last four hands
The clock has stopped and the last four hands will be played on each table before chips are bagged up for the night.

10.30pm: Wissing in the wind
The board was already showing 2♥A♦J♠5♣5♠ when the action started in a hand between Mads Wissing and Fabian Gentile. Wissing had bet 7,500 but Gentile intended to raise and told Wissing so. He then began amassing chips, all sorts of chips, firs a pile worth 22,500, then another worth 45,000. Then he asked Wissing which one.


Fabian Gentile

This was good for a laugh. Gentile conversed only in French, while Wissing squirmed in his seat.

“Allez, vite!” said Gentile, urging Wissing along. Wissing chose the 22,500.

10.28pm: Needed double for Obrestad
Team PokerStars Pro Peter Eastgate’s charge has come a halt with the doubling-up of Annette Obrestad. He opened to 7,600 from first position and she shoved for 49,000 from the button. After thinking for a minute he called with K♦J♦ and saw he was racing her 8♣8♦. The board ran 2♣7♠Q♥A♠5♦.

10.25pm: Thorsson drops
Kristoffer Thorsson lost another chunk of his large stack to Henrik Juncker on this hand. Juncker had opened with a 7,000 raise, and Thorsson came over the top with 26,000 total. Call. On the 7♠K♣J♠ flop Thorsson made it 35,000, but after thinking carefully for a moment Juncker bumped it up to 77,500. That was too much for Thorsson, who is now well below 500,000. — SY


Kristoffer Thorsson

10.22pm: Moving up the octaves
There was and under-the-fun raise to 8,200 that Dan Larsen three-bet to 22,000 from two seats further along. Stig Rossen cold-called from the big blind but the original raiser folded. The flop came 9♥8♥5♦ and Rossen led out for 30,000 before Larsen moved all in. Rossen made the call with a drawing A♥K♥. Larsen was ahead with his A♣A♠ but couldn’t stay that way as the turn came 10♣ and river 7♥ to complete Rossen’s chips. Larsen out, Rossen up to around 400,000. –MC

10.15pm: Qualifier Jens Sundberg
This PokerStars qualifier had a rough start to day 2, being drawn at the same table as Dario Minieri, Johnny Lodden and Jan Skampa. But he seems to be enjoying himself, as this video shows…

Watch EPT Copenhagen 2010: Jens Sundberg on PokerStars.tv

10.12pm: You don’t see this too often
Fresh and buoyed from busting Mr Lodden. ElkY came in with a 6,700 raise from mid-position and was only called Fabian Gentile in the big blind. The board came a scary Q♥3♥6♥ and both men checked to the J♠ turn. Gentile led out for 6,600 and ElkY called. The river came 7♣ and the man from Belgium led out for a relatively small 3,000. ElkY treated this bet in the only he knows how; a raise up to 18,800. Gentile looked down at his hand and re-raised to 59,300.

ElkY smiled and folded K♣K♠ face-up. What did Gentile have? A♠6♣ of course for bottom pair. ElkY on 170,000. –MC

10.05pm: Pagano out
Luca Pagano is out. He pushed with pocket kings only to run into the dreaded aces of David Adelskov. The flop was a miserable one for the Team PokerStars Pro, coming as it did A♣3♥8♠. From then on it was an uphill struggle for Pagano who departs in the last level of the day. — SB

10pm: Muscled out
Andrew Teng tried his luck with a bet of 8,000 and got a call from Stefan Raffey. But Bahram Beleiverdi wanted to play for more, making it 33,000. None of the others wanted to come along for the ride, and Beleiverdi stacked up some more. — SY

9.55pm: Pagano on life support
Team PokerStars Pro Luca Pagano is down to 38,000. He tried his luck with an opening bet of 10,000 just now, but then faced a huge re-raise from Casper Toft – a mountain of yellow 5,000 chips worth 100,000, more than enough to put the Italian all in. Pagano folded A♠7♥ face up.

“A flip?” he inquired.

“I think we will never know,” replied Toft. — SY

9.50pm: No team spirit at the table
Team PokerStars Pro Johnny Lodden has been eliminated by fellow Pro ElkY. It all went in pre-flop and Lodden’s pocket sevens couldn’t crack the Frenchman’s pocket nines.

9.45pm:Brekken not broke
Jakob Brekken just earned himself a valuable double up against Kristoffer Thorsson. Thorsson had raised on the button to 16,500 only for Brekken to move all in the small blind for 89,300. Thorsson thought for a moment and called, turning over K♥Q♠. Brekken showed 7♦7♣ and waited for a board of J♥7♥10♦Q♥J♠. Brekken up to around 180,000, Thorsson takes a hit. –SB

9.40pm: ‘Owning the table’
Icelandic PokerStars qualifier Halldor Sverrisson opened the pot with a raise from mid-position that Peter Eastgate called from the hijack and Jonas Hedebrandt called from the button. The flop was checked by all 3 so the board was J♠J♦4♦5♠ at the turn. Eastgate was first to pick up the baton with a 12,000 bet that was raised to 25,000 by Hedebrandt. Sverrisson folded but Eastgate made the call to see the 5♦ river. Eastgate checked but Hedebrandt gave up with his A♠K♣ and checked. An annoyed Eastgate tabled A♥J♥ for a full-house but he shouldn’t be annoyed as he has 405,000 chips.


Peter Eastgate

A few hands later news reached the press room that Eastgate busted a short-stacked player and is now up to 430,000. –MC

9.35pm: Fohrenbach on fire
Ricky Fohrenbach is one of only a handful of Americans to make the trip to Denmark this week – but he won his seat on PokerStars so why not? It’s proved to be a pretty good decision so far as Fohrenbach now has around 350,000 chips, having gone on a surge in the most recent level.


Ricky Fohrenbach

Just as the clock ticked into level 14, the last of the day, Fohrenbach was eliminating Pieter Kouijzer with pocket kings against Kouijzer’s queens. Kouijzer opened to 6,100 from early position, Fohrenbach made it 15,900 from the button, Kouijzer shoved for about 100,000 total and Fohrenbach called.

Nothing on the flop and Fohrenbach is now a big player here. — HS.

9.30pm: ElkY eases through 200,000
An(other) ElkY pre-flop raise was called by Jacob Rasmusson, and the two of them saw a 2♠4♣6♦ flop. ElkY made a continuation bet of 8,400 and again got a call. On the tricky 5♣ turn, ElkY fired out 18,000 – and once more Rasmusson obliged with a call. But on the J♠ river, Rasmusson got out of the way after ElkY put out a hefty 44,400. That pot moved ElkY on to around 210,000. –SY

9.25pm: Kings crack aces
Jens Kyllonen opened the pot with an early position raise to 6,200 before Team PokerStars Online Pro Anders Berg three-bet to 19,000. The raising wasn’t finished there either as Regis Burlot moved all-in for 28,000. Kyllonen passed but Berg snap-called with K♥K♦. He’d run into Burlot’s A♣A♠ though but managed to sneak out of it on the 2♦4♥5♣K♠ board. –MC


Jens Kyllonen

9.20pm: Also at the table
A battle of the blinds on Johnny Lodden and Bertrand Grospellier’s table, featuring neither of them. Instead it was Kristian Kofoed in the small and Jacob Rasmussen in the big. After Kofoed had opened for 6,000 Rasmussen raised to 16,000 which Kofoed called. The flop came 2♠9♠8♣. That was about the full story though. Kofoed checked to Rasmussen who raised to 20,000. Kofoed thought about it, making overtures towards calling, perhaps even raising, but no, he folded. Rasmussen up to 260,000. – SB.

9.15pm: Checking down
Yorane Kerignard opened for 6,200. Ricky Fohrenbach called in the big blind for a flop of 2♦10♠[3]. Then came a lot of checking. First on the flop, then the A♣ turn and the 4♥ river. Fohrenbach showed pocket sixes to take the pot. — SB.

9.10pm: Do You Hear The People Sing?
Stig Rossen is something of a household name in Denmark – a Danish equivalent of Michael Ball or Aled Jones in Britain (or, in the words of a Danish journalist: “He’s the most famous person who sings songs which are not pop or rock or anything like that.”) He has performed in Les Miserables on the London stage, so even has an international reputation, but it’s his poker that has caught the eye this week.

Rossen had a comfortable 80,000-odd overnight, and although today he dipped to below 50,000, he has just doubled up to about 120,000.

The board was out to the turn: 6♥9♥2♠J♠ and Asger Boye checked. Rossen bet 21,000 and then Boye moved about 100,000 in the middle, which was overkill as he had Rossen well covered.

Rossen had a decision for his tournament life, and after justifying his move to the assembled crowd – it was all Danish to me – he seemed to figure that he had to call. And there was nothing wrong with it: Rossen had Q♠10♠ for an open-ended straight draw, plus a flush draw, plus an overcard.

And it was the last one of those outs that proved to be most important. Boye had K♠J♣ for top, but vulnerable, pair. And the Q♦ on the river hit Rossen, earning him that double up. — HS

9.10pm: You lucky ****
Toni Ojala kicked off a monster pot with an innocuous 6,600 bet. Tim Pedersen re-raised to 16,200 and got a call from Fabian Gentile in the big blind. Ojala folded.

Both checked the 10♣K♦5♦ flop, and on the Q♠ turn Pedersen made it 7,600, Gentile raised to 33,600 (a nice, round 25,000 more) and Pedersen called. On the 10♥ river Gentile counted out 80,000 in neat little piles, and pushed them over the line.

“You have a full house?” asked Pedersen. “OK, show me.” And with that he tossed 80,000 into the middle, splashing the pot.

Indeed, he saw the grim news when Pedersen turned over K♥K♣. Pedersen shouted: “You lucky ****!” before slamming his A♣J♦ face up on the table, and walking away for a two-minute calm-down.

That biggie saw Gentile rocket up to 300,000, and Pedersen slump to 70,000. — SY


Fabian Gentile: a happy man


Tim Pedersen: a very unhappy man

9.05pm: Force Eastgate
Richard Grace opened for 6,500, Peter Eastgate called, as did the player in the big blind. The flop was K♣8♣5♥ and the big blind player made it 18,000. Grace was not impressed and made it 44,000 – and Eastgate was even less impressed, bumping it up to 96,000.

That was enough to force the other two out, Grace after a four-minute dwell, and push Eastgate over the 300,000 mark. — SY

9pm: Work to do to extend record
Team Poker Stars Pro Luca Pagano is down to 50,000 after folding to an all-in push on the river. He was heads-up with Casper Toft and the board read J♦9♣10♦Q♥7♦. It’s a pretty scary board so Pagano would’ve probably needed a straight or better to even think about calling. He’s got to get moving or not lose too many more chips to extend his cash record. — MC


Luca Pagano

8.55pm: We’ll miss ya’ Visser
Ruben Visser was all-in and now he’s all out. Having been forced to shove a few times now his final effort came with Q♥8♠ with 20,200 to his name. Henrik Junker was in the small blind, easily covering Visser, and he announced all-in too with 9♦9♥. Visser was soon out of his misery: 10♥9♣6♣3♥4♠. — SB.


Ruben Visser

8.40pm: Battisti burned by Beleiverdi
The “dwell/fold” is the least favourite move for poker reporters. There are few things more frustrating at these tournaments than waiting for about 10 minutes, watching and recording every moment of a hand, only for a player to muck on the river so we never know what anyone had.

That’s not the style of Alfio Battisti, though, and although he dwelled for getting on five minutes at the end of the following hand, he at least made his opponent Bahram Beleiverdi show his winner.

Here’s how it happened: Battisti raised to 4,800 from early position and Battisti called in the big blind. The flop came 2♦8♣K♥ and they both checked. The turn was 9♣ and Battisti bet 7,500. Beleiverdi raised to 20,000 and Battisti called.

The river was J♠ and Battisti checked again, prompting a bet of 37,500 from Beleiverdi. Battisti dwelled and dwelled and dwelled, far longer than he’s used to doing. But eventually he called and made Beleiverdi table A♠A♦. Battisti mucked and is down to 110,000. — HS

8.35pm: Greco gone
Scratch another Englander. Michael Greco’s dreams of another dynamic crawl into the money has come to an end. He moved in with 48,000 and J♣8♣. Waiting to call was Anders Berg holding 10♦10♠ which held up nicely on a board of K♠8♥A♥A♠A♦. – SB.


Michael Greco

8.30pm: Bluff one’s fellow countryman
This battle of Finland started with a Juha Helppi raise to 5,800 from the hijack and was only called by defending champion Jens Kyllonen on the button. Helppi checked the A♣3♥9♥ flop to face a 13,000 bet from his younger compatriot. He raised it up to 27,000 but that didn’t deter Kyllonen who made the call.

The turn came A♥ and Helppi checked once more. Kyllonen thought for a minute and then bet 20,000. Helppi folded quickly and was shown J♣8♣ for air by Kyllonen. He saw the funny side and smiled broadly. The older Fin is on 180,000 and the younger one is on 115,000. — MC

8.20pm: From the off
Bertrand Grospellier arrived at his seat late after the break, in the big blind, his cards already mucked.

“Gargh! My big blind,” he said. Jose Severino had just moved all-in and Fabian Gentile was next to act. Grospellier pointed at him. “Protect my big blind!” he joked, but Gentile was calling anyway, showing 4♠4♦ to Severino’s K♣J♣.

The board ran 4♣J♦8♦2♠8♣ giving Gentile a set and the chips. Severino on the other hand was banished to the rail.

Elsewhere another players was on their way out. Miklos Zsuffa holding A♣Q♦ succumbing to Halldor Sverrisson’s pocket aces, which would leave Zsuffa out and Sverrisson with close to 100,000. – SB.

8.15pm: Nourished
Players have returned from their dinner break and we now have two 75-minute levels left until the end of day two. The tournament clock shows 108 players remaining, and their full counts are over at the chip count page.

Yep, no surprises for guessing who’s at the top of the tree. It’s this man:


Kristoffer Thorsson

Pokerstars Blog reporting team: Stephen Bartley, Marc Convey, Howard Swains, Simon Young


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