EPT Copenhagen: Day 2, level 13 & 14 updates (blinds 1,500-3,000, ante 300)

February 23, 2011


8.50pm: Play concludes
The last six hands played out without any major incidents, fights or fire evacuations. Chip leader at the end of the day is Swedish player Michael Tureniec who bagged up 640,000. The next nearest player is fellow Swede Per Linde on 514,600. Play will continue at midday tomorrow. A full wrap of the day will be up shortly for your reading pleasure. — MC

8.38pm: Kelly moving up, Aron moving on
JP Kelly is up to over 400,000 now building on that last big win but Tureniec still looks like the man to catch. Perhaps fortuitously for him, PokerStars qualifier Michael Aron has been moved away from Tureniec. It should make it fairly certain that he’ll make the end of the day now. The board shows 81 players are left. — RD

8.30pm: Last six hands
Tournament director Kevin has stopped the clock and informed the room every table will play six more hands before ending for the day. — MC

8.25pm: Kelly cruising
JP Kelly is up to 360,000 after flopping trip sixes against Danny Neess and getting three streets of value. the final board read 6♦9♣6♠K♥3♥ and a 71,200 pot sixed Kelly bet was called. He tabled 8♣6♣ and Neess mucked. — MC

ept copenhagen_day 2_jp kelly.jpg

JP Kelly (left) earlier today before busting Vadim Markushevski (right)

8.20pm: He battles to the left and he battles to the right
Michael Tureniec is really using his big stack to great effect. Not long after battling and bettering Michael Aron his gave Domantas Klimciauskas a taste of the same medicine. The two were in the blinds and the betting went: Klimciauskas 8,000, Tureniec 21,500, Klimciauskas 54,000, Tureniec 87,500 and a tank fold from Klimciauskas. The Lithuanian dropped to 270,000 and Tureniec is up to a massive 630,000. — MC

8.10pm: Tureniec and Aron clash again
Michael Tureniec and Michael Aron have been going at each other all day long and this was certainly one of the chunkier ones. Tureniec opened the pot and was three-bet to 15,500 by Aron. The Swede came back over the top for 32,600 and Aron five-bet for 75,000. It was a big question and one that Tureniec seemed happy to answer.

Tureniec moved all-in and Aron passed. The Swede now has 575,000 for a healthy chip lead. — RD

8pm: Flop betting
Johnny Lodden and Pernille Ravn both took down small pots with flop aggression to aid their stacks.

Lodden raised from early position and the big blind defended to see the K♣A♥5♣ flop. Lodden continued with a 8,700 bet and that was good for the pot.

Moments later Pernille Ravn raised and former chip leader, Johnny Jensen, called from the big blind. The flop came down A♦7♦6♠ and Jensen led for 8,600 but folded when Ravn raised to 21,000. “Stop messing around”, she added.

Their stacks at the end of the hands were: Lodden (90,000), Ravn (115,000) and Jensen (340,000). — MC

ept copenhagen_day 2_pernille ravn.jpg

Pernille Ravn playing schoolmistress

7.47pm: Power poker from Kelly
Team PokerStars Pro JP Kelly is up to 220,000 after treating Gustavo Zito to a brand of power poker. Zito raised to 7,000 and called when Kelly three-bet tot 17,200 from the cut-off. The flop came down 7♦6♠8♠ and Zito checked. Kelly asked Zito how much he had and when he found out it was around 100,000 he moved all-in. Zito was powerless and folded. — MC

7.42pm: That table keeps getting tougher
Michael Tureniec is now sat on around 460,000 at a table that just keeps getting more and more chips. Peter Eastgate’s dismissal from action opened up a seat that has now been occupied by overnight chip leader Domantas Klimciauskas. He sits down with 320,000. Michael Aron is also well stacked.

Not everyone has a monster stack though. Juha Helppi is still chugging along with 120,000 while Team PokerStars Pro Johnny Lodden is a little shorter with 80,000. — RD

7.35pm: Short stacks double
Daniele Guidetti and Tommy Dender were both very short when they got their stacks in the middle and both of them doubled-up.

Guidetti was under-the-gun and moved in for his last 15,100 and was called by Steen Vester in the big blind with Q♠10♦. Guidetti tabled a dominating K♣Q♣ that stayed ahead through the 3♠2♦9♥7♥A♥ board.

A minute later, on an adjacent table, Dender shoved for around 12,000 from the button with Q♦J♥ and was called by the big blind holding Q♥2♠. The board came A♣4♣6♥9♥8♥ to double the colourful Dane up. He was very happy and shouted, “Tommy D is in the house”.

Just as I was about to post this Dender walked passed the press room cursing in Danish. I guess he’s out then. — MC

ept copenhagen_day 2_tommy dender.jpg

Tommy Dender: a larger than life character

7.25pm: Fantastic news
We’re entering the last level of the day. They’ll be a consolidated push by some players to get a vital double or die (not literally) in the trying. There’s around 100 runners left and with 64 players getting paid it will be a nail biting end to the day for some. — RD

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 1,500-3,000, ANTE 300

7.10pm: Eastgate’s comeback over
PokerStars sponsored Peter Eastgate’s comeback tournament has ended is disappointment. He raised pre-flop and picked up Michael Aron along the way to a 5♣2♥8♥ flop. Eastgate check-raised his opponent’s 8,000 bet up to 15,000 only to face a three-bet to 27,700. His response was to move all-in for about 100,000 with Q♦Q♠. Aron snap called with 5♦5♥ for middle set and it held through the 3♣J♠ turn and river. Aron is up to around 300,000 whereas Eastgate is pondering whether to sample the free buffet. — MC

7pm: Another one gone
Another elimination and this time it’s Robert Lundh making their way to the rail. Sending him there was Martin Jacobson who called Lundh’s all in with Q♣Q♠ against Lundh’s A♦Q♦.

The board ran Q♥K♦8♥3♦8♠ to dispatch one player and leave Martin Jacobson with around 150,000 chips. – SB

6.52pm: Beating up Jack Bauer
Michael Tureniec has more than a passing resemblance to a young Jack Bauer if you ask me. He seems to play in a similar way too; calm under pressure, fearless with his raises and with a ruthless streak that wouldn’t surprise you if you heard him saying, “We’re gonna need a hacksaw.”

Peter Eastgate opened to 5,500 in the cut-off and was three-bet to 12,400 by Tureniec from the button. Michael Aron, a player not afraid to tangle with Tureniec, cold four-bet to 27,000 and Eastgate passed.

Tureniec asked: “How much did you have at the start of the hand?”

“One hundred and fifty behind,” Aron replied.

Tureniec passed looking at Aron as if he was a bomb to defuse some other day. — RD

ept copenhagen_day 2_michael tureniec.jpg

Jack Bauer Michael Tureniec

6.45pm: Lodden the blogger
Johnny Lodden is doing our job for us at the moment. His most recent tweet was: “Just lost a huge hand. Raise 5200, I call in SB, BB push 65k. Raiser fold and I call with AQ vs K6. He hits str8 and flush on the river.170”. — MC

ept copenhagen_day 2_johnny lodden2.jpg

Johnny Lodden typing on his invisible keyboard

6.40pm: No surrender Sunar
Surinder Sunar opened for 6,300 from under-the-gun. The action was folded all the way back around to Ove Sundvor in the big blind who raised to 15,800. Sunar, wearing a woolly hat and with only the right hand iPod ear piece in his ear, asked for a count of the raise. The dealer told him it was 9,500. Sunar passed.

Already talk of tonight’s football match is being brought up. When Lars Flindt Halkier mentioned that all the games are to be shown in the casino downstairs, Per Linde wanted details, while Sunar asked who was playing, like a man with absolutely zero interest in football.

Sunar was involved in the next hand when, on a flop of 5♥8♣K♥ Ove Sundvor bet 2,400 from the small blind. Sunar was in the big and fired out 10,000, good for the pot. He hovers around the 115,000 mark. — SB

6.30pm: Table of death
In the break Team PokerStars Pro Johnny Lodden tweeted: “Just got moved from the best table in the room to the far worst” and he wasn’t lying.

As mentioned earlier his stack of 250,000 is up against Peter Eastgate (106,000), Michael Tureniec (270,000) Michael Aron (180,000) and Juha Helppi (160,000). Good luck, Mr. Lodden. –MC

ept copenhagen_day 2_peter eastgate.jpg

Peter Eastgate doing his scary cyborg impersonation

6.20pm: Calling the clock on himself
Tommy Dender is down to 28,000 after making a painful-looking fold on the river against PokerStars qualifier Mark Hirleman. The Dane raised from under-the-gun and Hirleman defended from the big blind to see a 7♣7♥10♦ flop.

Dender’s 3,300 c-bet was treated with a raise up to 12,000. Call. The turn came 4♣ and Dender called a 15,000 bet. On the 9♣ river Hirleman moved all-in and Dender went into the tank.

“I put you on two hands”, said Dender. “A sh** seven or pocket queens”, he continued.

Eventually Dender called the clock on himself and was given one minute to act by a floor lady. “Not a shame to fold aces”, Dender said to himself. The clock ran out and Dender’s hand was declared dead even though he said he was going to call. Hirleman said to Dender that he had a seven and that made him feel a lot better. — MC

6.10pm: Tough table
We mentioned way back in one of the earlier levels that Peter Eastgate had joined big stack Michaels Tureniec and Aron to make a tough looking table. Those three are still sat in consecutive seats there with Juha Helppi (who started the day there but now has chipped up) and Johnny Lodden (a fresh addition with a lot of chips). All five have at least 100,000, some significantly more so. With 114 players left it wouldn’t be madness to say that there’s a good possibility the EPT Copenhagen winner is at this table. — RD

6.05pm: Drat
Turns out we’re an hour early for the buffet. — SB

6pm: Back from the break..
…and into the action. We’re hitting the buffet, will be back shortly. — RD

epot copenhagen_day 2_busted.jpg

Who else will go busto this level?

PokerStars Blog reporting team at EPT Copenhagen (in order of amusment at EPT media co-ordinator Mad Harper’s confusion over her iPhone crashing): Rick Dacey (stifling laughter), Marc Convey (mixture of sympathy and sniggers) and Stephen Bartley (completely ignoring the whole thing, then dropped a bomb on Harper). Photos by Neil Stoddart.


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