EPT Copenhagen: Day 2, level 11 & 12 updates (blinds 1,000-2,000, 200 ante)

February 23, 2011


5.45pm: Break time
We’ll be back in 15 minutes and in a new post. — MC

5.45pm: Sunar’s image
Surinder Sunar’s image in the poker world is that of a very tight player. This is probably why Ove Sundvor decided not to fire a third barrel at him. The two were in the blinds and Sundvor raised pre-flop, bet the flop and the turn. At the river the board read 7♥6♠4♥7♣2♣ and Sundvor tanked for a few minutes before checking. Sunar quickly checked and revealed A♥5♥, beating the Norwegian’s Q♥8♠. To be fair, I would’ve open folded the turn! — MC

5.42pm: New forces emerging
It’s around this point of the day that you realise that there are some players you don’t know who are now packing some meaty stacks. Three who fulfil this criteria are Andrea Dalle Molle (260,000), Marius Mattson (290,000) and Lars Krogh (300,000).

Dalle Molle is the only one that I could find a little background on, albeit in a very quick search. He’s got $28,535 to his name in tournament winnings, mainly from a third place finish in a €1,000 event. — RD

5.30pm: Careful what you wish for
Arne Langset opened for 5,000 from middle position which Jimmy Ostensson raised all in with 26,500 from the button. Langset called for a showdown. Ostensson turned over A♣J♦ much to the delight of Langset who showed A♦Q♥.

“No jack!” he screamed as they watched the board.


“No jack!”

10♣ on the turn and 10♠.

Each street had a soundtrack of grunts from Langset who missed the jack but found himself victim of a split pot.

Josh Prager piped up: “You said no jack. That’s what you asked for.” — SB

5.30pm: Liu looses
Xuan Liu is out. This tweet should explain how:

“Feel like a spew…re-shoved to a c/o open & ran into AQ 🙁 1000/2000/200 I had 56k. Outtie” — MC

5.21pm: What matters to Mattson
On a board of A♥5♥8♥10♠ a crowd was gathering for a hand between Marius Mattson and Haykel Cherif Vidal.

Vidal checked to Mattson who, headphones on, bet 45,000 with 65,000 behind. Vidal then moved all-in. Everybody knew this except for Mattson who didn’t hear. A few minutes passed during which Mattson stared at the board and the rest of the table started at Mattson. Eventually the dealer nudged him along. Mattson showed surprise, then called immediately, showing 5♣5♦. Vidal turned over A♦8♦

The river came 6♥ and Mattson doubled up to 143,000. Vidal on the other hand is down to 40,000. Mattson made a point of apologising to him after the chips had been exchanged. – SB

5.17pm: Steady Eddy
British player John Eames is looking to get a monkey off his back. Although he’s had great success in EPT side events (over €200,000 from two victories this season), he has never cashed in a main event. He’s had 12 or 13 attempts by his reckoning and this may be his time. He started today on 32,800 and is up to 135,000 now after lots of smallish pots and one larger pot, in which an opponent decided to stick 45,000 in the middle with king-jack. Eames held ace-king and said thank you very much. — MC

5.15pm: AK no good for Petersen
Mickey Petersen just got it all-in with A♥K♣ against the pocket tens of Jens Lauridsen (if the player card is to be believed). No paint higher than a jack and Petersen swiftly left for the rail. — RD

5.10pm: Another EPT winner out
Antonio Matias is another EPT winner that won’t be doing the double. The man from Portugal was wandering round in circles talking into his mobile phone just outside the tournament room. Some poor sod in Lisbon was probably getting subjected to a bad beat story. — RD

5pm: Stani sent home
EPT Tallinn champion Kevin Stani has been eliminated after running kings into aces. PokerStars qualifier Andrey Guliy raised to 4,500 from under-the-gun and then moved all-in when Stani three-bet to 12,300 from the next seat along. Stani made the call all-in and soon saw the bad news. — MC

4.52pm: Kelly continuing to lay the smackdown
JP Kelly’s knockout of fellow Team PokerStars Pro Vadim Markushevski seems to have given the Brit a heady hit of exuberance, that or a hot streak of cards.

He’s opened the last three pot from middle-position through to under-the-gun and scooped the blinds on the first two attempts. The final raise picked up a call on the button before the small blind moved all-in for 30,000. Kelly called and both players turned over ace-king.

Kelly’s recent run has seen him chip up to 240,000. Jonathan Weekes, a fellow Brit, is sat at the far end of the table with 150,000. — RD

4.50pm: Eastgate suffers setback as Tureniec strikes
Peter Eastgate is back down to less than 100,000 after a hand against Michael Tureniec.
After an opening bet from the hijack of 4,500, Eastgate called from the button before Tureniec, in the small blind, raised to 11,800. The hijack folded leaving Eastgate to call.
The flop came 6♥5♠3♣. Both checked that for a 3♠ turn card, then did the same for a 3♣ river card.

At this point Tureniec moved a large tower of yellow chips into the middle, worth 150,000 in total, which was good enough to persuade Eastgate to fold. Tureniec up to 230,000, Eastgate down to 90,000.

4.48pm: Pro on Pro action
Fellow PokerStars Team Pros JP Kelly and Vadim Markushevski have been sat together all day and they just went to war. Kelly came from behind to come out victorious and claim a stack worth around 200,000. Markushevski held ace-queen but couldn’t stay ahead of Kelly’s ace-ten. — MC


Battle to the death

4.40pm: Luck box Lodden
Team PokerStars Pro Johnny Lodden is having an upswing due to some help from lady luck. He won a big pot before the break when he rivered a straight and he’s just knocked out Felipe Monteiro to move up to 155,000.

Lodden raised to 4,500 and called when Monteiro shoved for just less than 20,000 from the next seat.

Lodden: A♥4♣
Monteiro: A♠Q♥

The board ran A♦9♥5♣10♠4♠. Lodden spiked two-pair by the river to send Monteiro back to Brazil. — MC


Lodden will take any luck on offer

4.32pm: Players back into it
We’ve lost more than 100 players today and we’re just half way through the day. We’ll probably not be too far off the money come the end of the six-level day with 64 places paying. — RD

4.25pm: Gloria Balding from the tournament floor
Gloria Balding has a recap of events so far and talks to Peter Eastgate about how his day is going…

4.22pm: Break
Another 15-minute break.

4.20pm: Montgomery wins, looks crushed
Scott Montgomery started the day with 36,100 and has just doubled-up to almost 60,000 with A♠Q♦. An under-the-gun raise to 4,000 was shoved on by Montgomery for 27,600 and he found himself getting isolated by Xuan Liu on the button with pocket jacks.

Montgomery sat stony faced, as if he was willing no ace or queen would arrive. The 10♦6♣3♥ flop was solid for that. The 3♠ turn still had Montgomery going to the rail. The Q♣ river save Montgomery but there was no reaction from the Canadian. And I mean that. No flicker of the eye, no wry smile, no huff, cheer or sigh – let alone an ill-advised fist pump. Both players are now sat with 60,000. — RD

4.08pm: Dodet looking for a payday
PokerStars qualifier Stan Samuiel tried to get one over on Daniel Dodet but failed. Dodet raised to 3,600 from under-the-gun and called when the Romanian three-bet to 7,500 from two seats along. The flop came J♠A♣5♠ and Dodet check-called Samuiel’s 12,000 c-bet. They were the last chips ventured into the middle as the 9♥J♣ turn and river were checked through. Samuiel tabled K♥7♦ but lost out to Dodet’s A♠K♣ who moves up to 130,000. — MC

3.58pm: Nicolo Calia, patron saint of cashing
Nicolo Calia seems to have a God-given talent at cashing in EPT events; he currently has ten to his name with one final table (Season 7 EPT Tallinn). Not to give too much of his game away but, from what I’ve seen, he seems to navigate his way through these European fields by playing tight and using other players’ aggression against themselves. It’s a technique well suited for a Scandi field. He’s currently on 150,000.

ept copenhagen_day 2_nicolo calia.jpg

Nicolo Calia radiating his heavenly cashing talents (pictured yesterday)

3.48pm: Eastgate up
Peter Eastgate has moved up to 125,000 after eliminating Jami Juutila.

Juutila moved all-in with 10♥A♥ for 24,100 which Eastgate called from the cut off with A♣K♠. The board ran 4♣9♣Q♥J♣K♣. Juutila had been out of his seat from the showdown and departed, wishing the others good luck. – SB

3.40pm: Gerenius up as Obrestad falters
Annette Obrestad has slipped down to 90,000 after a pot against Mikael Gurenius.

Obrestad opened for 3,500 from the cut-off before Gurenius moved all-in from the button for 28,600. Dean Thompson then raised to 41,600 hoping to force out Obrestad who in her collected manner announced that she was all-in for more than 100,000.

Thompson struggled with the decision but opted to fold two red fives face-up. The showdown revealed A♠K♣ for Obrestad, 9♦9♣ for Gurenius.

The board ran 2♦9♠10♥Q♦6♠ to leave Gurenius with 120,000. Obrestad laughed it off, down to 90,000. – SB

3.35pm: Eskeland crippled as Zumkehr doubles
Gert Zumkehr is up to 57,000 after doubling through and crippling Sigurd Eskeland. Martin Jacobson opened the pot with a raise to 3,300 before Eskeland moved all-in for 32,000 from the next seat and Gert Zumkehr moved all-in as well, for 26,000, from the button.

Jacobson tanked for so long that the clock was called on him and he folded after letting it run all the way down.

Eskeland: A♥Q♦
Zumkehr: A♦K♣

The board ran K♠A♠8♣K♥10♠ to make Zumkehr a full house. Jacobson said he folded pocket tens so he had a lucky escape. — MC

3.25pm: Triple whammy for Sunar
Surinder Sunar has trebled up to 44,000 after finding K♥K♦ in the big blind. A short stacked Erkan Yildirim had shoved all-in for 12,000 with A♦4♥ and had been called by the small blind with 5♦5♥. Sunar moved all-in for a few thousand more and was called. His hand held on the 3♠6♣Q♥10♥J♥ board. — RD

3.20pm: Lights, camera…
Gloria Balding has an update from the tournament floor as well as a look back to the recent European Poker Awards, held in Paris earlier this month. Then Jake Cody fills us in on his tournament so far.

3.15pm: Quarter million pot to Tureniec
PokerStars qualifier Michael Aron and Michael Tureniec have been battling all day. Aron had the upper hand for a long time as his stack sailed over the 300,000 mark. Tureniec has had the latest laugh though as he’s just doubled-up to 240,000 through the American.

Tureniec raised to 3,700 before Aron three-bet to 9,000. His response was to four-bet to 19,400 and call all-in when Aron set him in.

Tureniec: A♦K♥
Aron: A♣Q♠

The board ran A♠6♠5♠J♦10♦. Tureniec faded the flush draw to scoop the massive pot. Aron still going along very well on 180,000 chips. — MC

3.10pm: Back from the break
Play has restarted in level 11, with blinds of 800-1,600, with a 200 ante. — SB


The blog team on parade in Copenhagen earlier today

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Copenhagen (in order of “In order ofs” forgotten today): Stephen Bartley (2, including this one), Rick Dacey and Marc Convey (0).


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