EPT Copenhagen: Day 1B, level 5 & 6 updates (blinds 200-400, ante 50)

February 22, 2011


6.42pm: End of level
It’s another break and, more importantly, the opening of the buffet, which has so far proved to be superb. There’s a piece of lasagne with my name on it*. — RD

* Not literally.

6.40pm: The curious case of the disappearing cards
“I turned around and they were gone!” cried Charles Chaaya. His final 10,250 was across the line but his hole cards were nowhere to be seen. Unfortunately Sherlock Holmes, Columbo and Hercule Poirot were unable to attend – largely due to being fictional characters – so Kevin the tournament director had to step.

The facts, gentlemen? Simon Hanninger had opened for 1,000 from early position and
Omer Markovitch had three-bet to 2,500 before Chaaya had got his chips into the middle based on the strength of his elusive cards. How had they got to the muck? Why wasn’t Chaaya paying attention to his cards?

Those questions remain unanswered and the floor’s decision stood that the call of the 2,500 would stand but the rest of his chips would be returned as no-one had taken any further positive action. With that cleared up Hanninger set Markovitch in and the Israeli called with 10♦10♥. Hanniger turned over K♠K♣ and Chaaya went suspiciously quiet, suddenly realising he had been given a stay of execution. The board ran out 5♦2♦3♦3♥6♠ to knock out Markovitch. — RD

6.25pm: Blom not in bloom
Viktor Blom is out. If you want to blame somebody blame Ramzi Jelassi.

Jelassi opened for 1,100 in the hijack before Blom raised to 2,800 from the button. Jelassi then bumped it up a little more to 6,700 which Blom called.

The flop came 9♥4♦3♥. Jelassi led for 8,000 and Blom shoved all-in. Jelassi insta-called, turning over A♥A♣ to Blom’s flushing K♥10♥.

The turn came J♣ and the river 6♦. Blom left to the sound of flashbulbs while Jelassi stacked up 124,000. – SB

6.15pm: Dutch queen busts with queens
Team PokerStars SportStar Fatima Moreira de Melo is out after running pocket queens into the pocket aces of Samir Shakhtoor. There was a raise to 1,200 and a flat call before Shakhtoor three-bet to 5,000 from the cut-off. Moreira de Melo was in the big blind and put in a four-bet to 14,000. Two folds came quickly before Shakhtoor moved all-in. Moreira de Melo gave a resigned look and called all-in for her last 33,000.

Moreira de Melo: Q♠Q♣
Shakhtoor: A♥A♦

The board ran 6♣K♥6♦3♦8♥. The former hockey star wished everyone luck and left the room. Shakhtoor is up to 70,000 now. — MC

6.04pm: Helppi on the rise
Juha Helppi is up to around 85,000 after fighting against Daniel Dodet in a blind and button battle. Helppi had led from the big blind for 2,100 on a Q♦2♣9♣ flop and Dodet had called on the button.

Helppi fired another 4,000 at the 3♥ turn , which Dodet called, before a final 5,000 on the 6♥ river settled the hand. Dodet passed. — RD

5.53pm: Big Thorson out
The older of the two Thorson brothers is out. All the chips went in on the river of a 10♣6♦7♠9♥2♦ board. William held A♥8♠ for straight but his opponent held J♣8♣ for a bigger straight. — MC

5.50pm: A few shorter Weekes?
Jan Sorensen and Jonathan Weekes each paid 2,600 to see a flop of A♥9♦4♠. Weekes bet 2,850 from middle position and Sorensen called from the cut off. On the J♦ turn both checked for a Q♣ river card. More checking. Weekes turned over 6♦6♠ while Sorensen took the pot, showing A♦K♠. He’s up to 37,000. Weekes still healthy with close to 60,000. – SB

5.43pm: EPT quiet
We’ve been misinforming you along, this isn’t EPT Copenhagen but EPT quiet. The press room is abnormally quiet and we put this down to the lack of Italian press in attendance. The tournament room is also very quiet and we put this down to the majority on the field being Nordic and therefore having ice in their veins. This, or, as we’re in Northern Europe, a lot of the field are in semi-hibernation.

There is one exception to this and that is Peter Hedlund. The Swede bypasses the need to hibernate and he keeps his blood temperature up with a steady flow of alcohol. He’s also the only one talking in the entire room. He’s doing his best to get conversation going by wandering around trying to engage people in conversation and throwing in a verse or two of song. — MC


5.34pm: Mr Prager doubles up
Josh Prager, one half of the Mr and Mrs Prager poker double act, has just doubled up. He got it in with A♦J♦ on a 2♥A♣7♣ flop against J♣10♣ and faded the flush. He’s up to 16,000 now. — RD

5.23pm: Berende in strange squeeze
A curious hand with Paul Berende has given the Dutchman some breathing space here in Copenhagen.

Andreas Giannbro had opened the pot to 800, which Berende had called before Jacob Rasmussen had three-bet to 2,700. Giannbro flat called the raise. Maybe Berende took this as a sign of weakness, maybe he had been sandbagging, either way he re-squeezed to 7,125 leaving himself with around 15,000 behind. He’s back up to his 30,000 starting stack. — RD

* He later told the PokerStars Dutch blogger that he had aces.

ept copenhagen_day 1b_paul berende.jpg

Paul Berende

5.17pm: Moving on up
PokerStars qualifier Helen Prager is up to 20,000 after a low of 10,000 a couple of hours ago. She just won a smallish pot off Carlos Oliveira to get to that mark.

Her early position raise to 800 was only called by Oliveira in mid-position. Both players checked the 8♠6♦Q♣ flop before Prager led for 1,500 on the 6♥ turn. Call. The river came 2♦ and both players went back to checking. Prager tabled 4♠4♣ and took the pot as Oliveira mucked.

Helen’s hubby Josh is the family member in trouble now. He’s sat on an adjacent table and is struggling on around 8,000. — MC

5.10pm: We surrender
Another ruling, and another debate, this one about the need to show a hand if your opponent folds. I wish I could tell you what the outcome was, but after five minutes of what had become Vogon poetry I needed to sit down, so I left it at that.

Nearby, some players were begging the voice, explaining the rule, to stop. “I’ll never ask another question again,” said one player, to the agreement of others.

For the official ruling, see the previous post regarding Florian Langmann, timed 3.50pm — SB.

5pm: Woo hoo for Xuan Liu
Xuan Liu is up to 43,000 after doubling through Andrea Benelli. There was around 15,000 in the middle by the river and the board read K♣9♥A♠4♣3♣. Liu moved all-in for her last 11,500 and the Italian tank-called but mucked upon seeing her A♦K♦ for two-pair. He dropped to 10,725 as a result. — MC

ept copenhagen_day 1b_xuan liu.jpg

Xuan Liu is sitting pretty on an average stack

4.50pm: Laidback Duthie
“Playing it easy,” said John Duthie when I asked him how things were going. The Team PokerStars Pro is up to 45,000 and seems pretty relaxed. The horde of rampaging Scandies at his table doesn’t seem to be vexing him at all. — RD

4.40pm: Those who failed or nearly failed to come back
A total of 212 players have made it past the halfway mark but one of them isn’t PokerStars qualifier Joe Ebanks. He fell late in level 4 when his pocket sevens failed to stay ahead of an opponent’s ace-king.

One player coming back (just) though is Søren Kongsgaard. A player in late position limped for 300 and called when Kongsgaard raised to 2,000 from the small blind. The flop came 3♠K♦9♣ and Kongsgaard moved all-in for his last 4,375 with A♥J♠. His opponent called with 8♣8♥ but Kongsgaard spiked a jack on the river to double-up luckily. — MC

4.35pm: Players returning to their seats
Players are heading back to the tournament floor, some heavily stacked like Ramzi Jelassi with 70,000, others that will need a good couple of levels. William Thorson falls into that category at the moment with around 12,000 to his name. — RD

ept copenhagen_day 1b_william thorson.jpg

William Thorson looking for M, C and A t-shirt wearers

PokerStars Blog reporting team at EPT Copenhagen (in order of which musketeer they would be): Stephen Bartley (Athos – noble fatherly figure who drowns his sorrows in drink), Marc Convey (Aramis – constantly chasing after skirt) and Rick Dacey (d’Artagnan – hotheaded newest member of team). Photos by Neil Stoddart (Cardinal Richelieu – always spying on people with his camera). Simon Young (Porthos – greatly enjoys beer, wine, women and song, in that order) is back in the UK.


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