EPT Copenhagen: Day 1B, level 3 & 4 updates (blinds 150-300)

February 22, 2011


4.22pm: Break time
That’s the half way point. Four levels to go after a 15 minute break. — MC

4.21pm: Trauma continues for Sykes
We mused before about PokerStars qualifier Jamie Sykes’ journey to make it here to play. He’s probably thinking it wasn’t worth it after being eliminated a short while ago. He lost most of his chips when his pocket twos turned into a full-house only to be bettered by his opponent’s quads. Ouch. The rest of his chips soon vanished. — MC

4.20pm: Going to Gallego
That’s that for Rasmus Nielsen. The Danish pro, who finished sixth here back in Season five, was looking at a flop of 7♦2♣5♠ and a bet of 1,675 from Mario Adinoloi in the cut off, to whom he’d just checked. In response Nielsen moved all-in for 5,200 from his spot in early position.

Raul Martinez Gallego was also in the pot, in the small blind, and he announced he was all-in. Neilsen stood up, not happy. Gallego stood up also as attention turned back to Adinoloi. Gallego had about 30,000 behind, easily covering Adinoloi with around 15,000 back. Eventually Adinoloi folded taking the pot to showdown.

“I have two outs,” predicted Nielsen. Then Gallego turned over 5♦2♦. “Okay, I have five outs.”

Nielsen turned over A♥A♠ and awaited his fate.

J♣ on the turn, 10♦ on the river. He was out. Gallego went to greet Neilsen but the Dane was already gone. – SB

4.12pm: Spinks busts Blom
Jon Spinks has just busted Blom – that’s Sebastian Blom not Viktor. It was a fairly aggressive short stacked affair which saw Blom’s pocket fours overrun by Spinks’ J♣5♠.


Sebastian Blom

The main damage had been done by Anders Andersen who had three-bet Brother of Blom pre-flop with 9♠9♦ and had fired 3,100 at the Q♥7♦6♣ flop, 8,000 at the 3♥ turn and 15,150 at the 8♠ river. Blom called him down all three streets but mucked when shown the pocket pair. — RD

4pm: Romanello run out of town
EPT Prague winner Roberto Romanello will not be repeating his deep run here. He was looking particularly tired (maybe just gutted) when I caught him stumbling away from the tournament floor. His demise had been two-fold.

“I had king-jack of clubs and got it all-in on a nine-ten of clubs flop…” he said, leaving the failure of his draw getting there hanging mid-conversation.

“I then busted with queen-jack diamonds on a eight-ten-x flop, which I had bet. The other guy called and hit trip eights on the turn which I shoved,” he added to explain the gory details of his fall from grace. There’s always next time, Roberto. — RD

3.54pm: Fatima five-bets
Team PokerStars SportStar Fatima Moreira de Melo may be short in stature but she’s not short on aggression. Neither is the Russian player Dimitry Stelmak but he was just out fought by Moreira de Melo.


Fatima Moreira de Melo

He raised from under-the-gun to face a three-bet to 3,000 from the Dutch lady in the small blind. His response was to four-bet to 6,700. Not to be outdone, Moreira five-bet jammed for around 28,000. Stelmak thought for a couple of minutes before folding to drop to 26,000. — MC

3.50pm: Rules are there to be enforced
There are all sorts of questions that crop up during the course of an EPT week. Can sandals ever be justified? Is it wrong to put pyjamas in a Corby trouser press? And who shows first in a hand in which no player has bet or raised?

This last question, and I’m certain one of the others, was on the minds of players at William Thorson’s table.

A hand had been played to showdown without anyone having raised (two limped), and with the three players involved checking all the way. Thorson was involved and asked for a ruling. The tournament official promptly arrived to state that the last player to make a positive action must show first, only to be met by the cry of “there was no action.” This caused momentary doubt before the first limper showed their hand.

Elsewhere Florian Langmann was the beneficiary in a small pot. With the board reading 5♣8♠A♦7♦8♥ Langmann checked from the cut off. The button player bet 3,200 which Langmann called. The button folded immediately, without showing, leaving the pot to Langmann.


Florian Langmann

“He has to show!” said Simon Boss, which was met by a chorus of “No, no, no, no, no…” from the other players, aware of the rule change implemented last year.

“No?” asked Boss.

“No,” replied the dealer.

“As long as I win the pot,” added Langmann with a grin. He now moves up to 35,000. — SB

3.43pm: Jelassi dodges a final bullet
Would Ramzi Jelassi have called a shove? That’s the question spectators were left to ask themselves when the Swede looked fairly relieved to get to get a free showdown on the river of a dangerous looking 5♥3♥4♠2♠Q♥ board.

Jelassi had opened for 525 and had been called by Sigurd Terpling on the button. Jelassi led for 700 into the 5♥3♥4♠ flop which Terpling raised to 2,000. Jelassi, now staring at Terpling quite intently, came back over the top for 6,000 total. Terpling made the call.

The 2♠ completed both end of the straight draw and made an obvious hand for any ace. Jelassi check called 7,500.

The Q♥ river completed the flopped flush draw and Jelassi checked his hand over to Terpling who thought for some time before also checking. The Dane showed 7♦4♦ for a pair and a missed gutshot. Jelassi’s A♦J♥ gave him the wheel and the 30,000 pot. He’s up to over 50,000. — RD

3.30pm: News in brief

  • EPT London winner David Vamplew is going along nicely on 38,000 despite c-bet folding on a 7♣2♣3♦ flop to Dainius Antanaitis.
  • Not going so well is online “nosebleed” cash game player Sami Kelopuro. He’s struggling on 8,250.
  • Rasmus Nielsen is still trying to get his stack going in the right direction. He’s on 18,000 after raise-folding into the big blind of Mickey Petersen who three-bet to move up to 20,000. – MC

    LEVEL UP: BLINDS 150-300

    3.22pm: Hedlund wins again
    Peter Hedlund has won the motor mouth prize yet again. It’s particularly impressive given that English isn’t his first language, but he’s gassing at a rate of knots as per usual. That’s not to say that it always makes sense though.

    After a hand against Jani Vilmunen, which he insta-mucked to a c-bet on a 7♣K♦2♦ flop, after defending his big blind, he said: “Why did you take so long betting that one? I was always folding.”

    Vilmunen said nothing. Hedlund got no reply from the Finn until he asked him whether he was going to be seeing a certain player soon (I didn’t catch the name). Only then did he get a reply.

    “No, he’s an idiot,” said Vilmunen.

    “He’s fat, but I don’t think he’s an idiot,” replied Hedlund.

    It soon transpired that they were talking about a different person; one overweight, one underweight. Either way, it didn’t stop Hedlund who I could still hear chattering as I moved on. — RD

    ept copenhagen_day 1b_peter hedlund.jpg

    Peter Hedlund in a rare quiet moment

    3.20pm: Eames back to starting stack
    John Eames has taken down a mutli-way pot to get back to his starting stack.

    Five players limped to see a 4♣6♥5♥ flop. Pablo Beltran Garcia was the first to have a stab at the pot with a 1,000 bet. Eames raised this up to 3,100 and this prompted everyone else to fold, except Garcia, who called.

    The turn came Q♠ and Garcia took a couple of minutes before checking to face a 5,000 bet from the Brit. Garcia thought for two more minutes before letting his hand go. — MC

    3.10pm: Trains, planes and automobiles for John Candy Jamie Sykes
    PokerStars qualifier Jamie Sykes was supposed to be playing Day 1A but he forgot he had won a seat, so got it changed, at late notice, to Day 1B. That was his first problem sorted.

    The next involved his car. He lost it somewhere in the City of Leeds after a night of grinding the big Sunday MTTs and surprisingly no alcohol was involved. He managed to find his car and got the possessions he needed from it to travel. Problem two now sorted as well.

    His third problem was getting a flight to Copenhagen that would get him here on time. This turned out to be impossible as flights from London Heathrow were full. He managed to fly from Manchester. He is here but arrived two levels late. The only problems he should face now are the ones played out over the baize. He should be fine with that, as long as he doesn’t call behind with kings. — MC

    3pm: Duthed up
    John Duthie just won a hand against Ørjan Skommo, from Norway. On a flop of 7♥7♣K♣ Skommo bet 700 which Duthie called for a 9♣ turn. Both checked that for a 6♦ river card which was checked to Duthie. The Team PokerStars Pro bet 2,050 which Skommo finally called, nodding as he mucked, Duthie showing 5♣4♣. – SB

    2.52pm: Lewis on the road
    EPT Vilamoura winner Toby Lewis is sporting matching racing red headphones and polo shirt today but at the moment he’s showing little movement at the table. Perhaps this should come as no surprise given that Lewis has been on the road since before the New Year. He must be exhausted.

    Lewis told me he’s been away for fifty days. Starting with New York City for New Year, he traveled, via the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure, to Australia, before heading back to European shores for EPT Copenhagen. He made a couple of small cashes in Oz and a deep run at the PCA – finishing 54th for $59,000 – so he must have been up for the trip, right?

    “Ermm, I wouldn’t like to think about that,” he said with a grin. — RD

    ept copenhagen_day 1b_toby lewis.jpg

    Travelling man Toby Lewis

    2.40pm: The situation so far…
    It’s started to snow in Copenhagen. Visibility has gradually been reduced to a point where we can only see as far as the other side of the road.

    Thank fully, that’s where the service station is which, as a 24-hour source of hot dogs and cake, has been designated an assembly area for the Blog team should we upset someone.

    Back inside and the number on the screen says 235 players today, making for a total playing field of 448, which tops last year’s figure.

    Among the chips leaders after two full levels are Vojtech Ruzicka who has around 60,000, marginally ahead of Juan Jose Pozo Jimenez, from Spain, and Anders Jensen, from Denmark. — SB

    2.30pm: Prager loses more
    PokerStars qualifier Helen Prager has lost more chips to move down to 10,200. She raised from under-the-gun and was called by Michael Tureniec in the next seat and two more players. The flop came Q♠J♠A♣ and Prager let Tureniec take over the aggression with a 1,450 bet. The other two players folded but Prager called for the 8♦ turn.

    Prager picked up the betting reins for the rest of the hand as she led for 2,000 here and 4,300 on the 8♠ river. Tureniec called quickly on the turn but took a while to call on the river. Prager tabled A♥K♥ but lost out to Tureniec’s two-paired A♦J♦. He’s up to 37,000 as a result. — MC

    2.25pm: From the coal face
    Gloria Balding gives you a first-hand account of some of the attractions open to visitors in Copenhagen. Naturally that involves beer, and ice-skating.

    2.20pm: Back from the break
    Play has resumed after the break. The blinds in Level 3 are 100-200.


    Team PokerStars Pro John Duthie

    PokerStars Blog reporting team in Copenhagen (in order of optimism regarding the England team’s current position in their match against Holland): Marc Convey (England will scrape home in the 47th over, seven wickets down), Stephen Bartley (it’s hopeless, we’ll be all out in no time) and Rick Dacey (for some reason prefers a rugby scrum).

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