EPT Copenhagen: Day 1A, level 7 & 8 updates (blinds 400-800, 75 ante)

February 22, 2011


9.10pm: End of the play
Domantas Klimciauskas looks to be our overnight chip leader with just over 200,000. He’s from Lithuania, don’t you know? Well, you do now. Full chip counts and wrap of the day’s play to come. It will be entertaining, informative and maybe even educational. — RD

8.44pm: Last five hands
The clock was stopped with 13 minutes remaining in the day. We’ll play five final hands before the players bag up for the night. — MC

8.42pm: Ruthenberg busts in race
Team PokerStars Pro Sebastian Ruthenberg was seen wandering around outside the press room and he explained that he just busted. There was a late position raise to 1,700 from a loose player that the German pro called on the button. The blind then entered the action with a three-bet to 4,500. The original aggressor folded but Ruthenberg decided to get it all-in for 25,000 with [k][q]. The big blind called with pocket tens.

The [t][9][3] flop gave the big blind top set but offered gutshot outs for Ruthenberg. The [9] on the turn ended the hand and Ruthenberg headed off for free beers and football in the players lounge. — MC

8.35pm: Amazing scenes
Team PokerStars Pro John Duthie has a very respectable stack, above average, at around 65,000. He has been known to blow off a stack once or twice in his career, while in a similar position. It was for that reason I congratulated him when he passed a hand pre-flop that he looked like he wanted to raise.

He laughed and said “that” was a massive lay down for him, before adding in a a whisper that he’d passed pocket twos. Trust me, Mr Duthie wasn’t lying when he said that was a massive lay down… for him. — MC

ept copenhagen_day 1b_john duthie.jpg

John Duthie

8.20pm: Mr Machine malfunctions
Ayaz Manji made himself leave the tournament room to cool down after he picked up a warning for bad behaviour. We missed the hand (and were too scared to ask Manji) but it was down to a pot lost to Alexander Roumeliotis, which left him with just 12,000 chips.

In a fit of rage/dissent/resentment he’d scrunched his remaining stack into a messy pile and stormed off. He was served a warning but, to be fair, he did return to the table with an apology to the table. — MC

8.10pm: Langset bets large, Spinks can’t call
“How much do you have, sir?” Arne Langset asked Jon Spinks. The young Brit pulled his arms back to show that he had around 55,000 back. Langset quickly tossed in 20,000. Spinks didn’t look thrilled.

Langset had bet 6,000 into the J♠2♣9♥ flop, Spinks called from the button. Langset fired 10,000 into the Q♣ turn before making the large 20,000 bet into the 6♥ river. Spinks eventually passed. — RD


7.55pm: Relief at not winning with aces
Bear with me as the title of this post will make sense (I hope) by the end. Xuan Liu and Ville Haavisto were heads-up in pot after Liu raised to 1,400 and was called by the Finn. The flop came 5♥Q♣6♦ and Liu’s 3,000 c-bet was raised to 8,500 by Haavisto. Liu called to see the 10♦ turn which she checke. Haavisto set her in for her remaining 16,000 or so. She made the call with A♥A♦ and was relieved to see Haavisto table A♣A♠. The river came 8♠ and the pot was chopped.

The next hand Liu raised to 1,400 again and then called the small blind’s three-bet of 3,400. Liu folded to a 5,500 c-bet on the 2♠10♠5♠ flop. She currently sits on a 27,100 stack.– MC

7.45pm: Duthie-up
John Duthie moves up to more than 60,000 after a hand against Ørjan Skommo.
Duthie opened for 1,525 from early position. Skommo then raised to 3,800 from the cut-off, sending the action back to Duthie who asked the Norwegian how much he had left. Skommo moved his hands to reveal that he had about 23,000 left. Duthie called.

The flop came 10♠9♦6♠. Duthie, a large white plaster on his left hand, looked at his cards again, then checked, then called Skommo’s bet of 4,500. The turn came 4♣ which both checked for a K♦ river.

“I’ve forgotten how much you have,” said Duthie and again Skommo moved his arms out the way, revealing 18,600 behind. Duthie then bet 5,000. Skommo looked again but couldn’t call, and folded his hand. Duthie on 62,000. – SB

7.40pm: Slow-roll punished?
Xuan Liu just eliminated Arne Stoekken after the Norwegian took a long time to reveal his monster pre-flop. Liu had raided from the cut-off and was called by the button player before Stoekken moved all-in for 6,225. Liu called but the player on the button folded.

The Canadian tabled her A♦J♥ but Stoekken waited until the dealer had given change to the two players in the blinds and the player on the button before he tabled K♠K♦. Whether this was a slow-roll or not, I’m not sure but the poker gods might’ve thought so as they dealt a 6♦A♥3♣J♦A♠ board. Liu made a full house to move back up to 36,000. — MC

7.37pm: Langmann giving Jacobson the stare down
At the last break I heard Florian Langmann asking someone about EPT Vilamoura and Deauville runner-up Martin Jacobson. Had he invited you to be his friend on Facebook, Florian? Has he asked to date your sister? No, it was the far more likely outcome that they’re sat next to each other at the felt.

Last time I passed his table Langmann was giving Jacobson a huge stare down, and I don’t think they were even in a hand together. Maybe he had asked to date his sister after all… — RD

ept copenhagen_day 1b_sebastian ruthenberg.jpg

Team PokerStars Pro Florian Langmann

7.25pm: Lewis trips up
There was an empty seat where EPT Vilamoura winner Toby Lewis once sat. We suspected that meant he was out and the news that filtered back very much confirmed that. He held [a][k] to an opponent’s pocket nines on a flop of [a][a][9]. The last of the chips didn’t make it in until the river though. Good game. — MC

ept copenhagen_day 1b_toby lewis2.jpg

Lewis out in a grim cooler

7.20pm: Calia called
Nicolo Calia has just doubled up with A♥K♠ to A♦5♦. Calia had three-bet shoved all-in for 13,000, which was fairly unlikely to be happening light. Despite the 9,600 it cost to call he did get action and instantly hit a king. Back up to 27,000. — RD

7.15pm: Weekes is a long time in poker
Jonathan Weekes has just moved up a little more, winning a hand with 9♣J♦ (he was reluctant to show the jack) on a board of 9♠4♣Q♣3♦A♥. Weekes, a PokerStars qualifier, now has 90,000. – SB

7.05pm: Tales from table 23
Some things have changed at table 23 but others remain the same. Dominik Nitsche is one of the players that has been bumped out the tournament and one of those gaps has been filled by JP Kelly.

The Team PokerStars Pro quickly tried to make his presence felt by re-raising to 3,450 over the top of a 1,350 Martin Hansen opening raise. Hansen doesn’t like to fold, as we witnessed earlier when he picked off a Nitsche bluff, and made a four-bet to 9,450. Kelly quickly folded. Both players are cruising on about 75,000 chips. — MC

6.55pm: Back from the break
Play has restarted with two more levels to play today before we all relocate to the player lounge to watch the free bar Copenhagen vs. Chelsea match.


JP Kelly

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Copenhagen (in order of support for FC Copenhagen tonight): Marc Convoy (a draw), Stephen Bartley (FC Copenhagen win) and Rick Dacey (whatever Alan’s on)*.

*’Behind the scenes’ Alan Rogers is backing Copenhagen.


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