EPT Copenhagen: Day 1A, level 7 & 8 (blinds 400-800, 75 ante)

February 21, 2011


9.20pm: Bagging, tagging and wrapping
The last of the chips are getting bagged and tagged at the moment. Full chips and end of play wrap to come. Stay logged on for those. In fact they’re available now. Go on, have a look.

One player that will not be coming back for Day 2, nor continue his title defence, is Anton Wigg. The Season 6 EPT Copenhagen winner lost a huge flip earlier on for a 100,000 pot and was finally knocked out by Annette Obrestad who got it in with pocket tens on a jack-high flop with a flush draw. Wigg held top-pair, top-kicker and faded the flush, but not a third ten. — RD

8.55pm: Last three hands
The last hands are to be played tonight and it’s looking like Mark Hirleman is going to be our overnight chip leader. The American PokerStars qualifier is up to around 160,000. Johnny Lodden is two seats to his right and has 60,000. — RD

8.50pm: Jorgensen knocked out in threesome with Baekke
Team PokerStars Pro Theo Jorgensen is out after a three-way hand with Allan Baekke and one other player. Baekke and the other player called Jorgensen’s all-in before the flop that came [a]K♠2♠. Baekke bet and the third player called before both checked through the non spade [q][2] turn and river. BaekKe tabled A♠J♠ that bettered Jorgensen’s pocket jacks. The third player folded. — MC

ept copenhagen_day 1a_theo jorgensen.jpg

The energy drink didn’t help Jorgensen’s pocket jacks hold

8.40pm: Three types of all-ins
As we mentioned before, Theo Jorgensen and Ville Wahlbeck are in need of a double-up and PokerStars Team Online’s Anders Hoyer Berg was in that frame of mind too. All three have just been all-in with three different outcomes:

  • Wahlbeck was all-in and found a customer but he also had ace-king and they ended up chopping the pot.

  • Joregensen was all-in shortly after with pocket twos. Allan Baekke raised before Jorgensen shoved from the big blind. Baekke folded and then cursed out loud when Jogensen flashed his holding. — MC

  • Berg was the player with the most success. He got his last 20,000 in with pocket fives and was up against a player holding ace-queen. It was all over by the turn as Berg had a full house by then. — MC

    8.30pm: Eastgate climbing up
    Peter Eastgate started off slowly but is now up to 80,000 and has become incredibly active at his table. He’s now opening a lot of pots, making some positional isolation raises and solid post-flop bets. His short hiatus from the game seems to have done him some good as he’s looking very likely to be one of the overnight chip leaders. — RD

    8.20pm: Linde ships it in
    Claus Bek Nielsen just committed that poker sin of acting without knowing what to do next. Antonio Matias had limped under-the-gun and Per Linde had raised to 2,400 from middle position. Bek Nielsen was next to act and he three-bet to 6,200, leaving himself with 30,000 behind. The action folded back around to Linde who moved all-in. Bek Nielsen did not look thrilled and took some time in folding, but fold he did. — RD

    8.15pm: Team Pro death watch
    Ville Wahlbeck and Theo Jorgensen have glum looks upon their faces and it might have something to do with their stack sizes. Wahlbeck has a 11,500 and Jorgensen is fairing even worse with 8,000. Neither player will want to come back for Day 2 with those size stacks so we’ll be on the look out for their potential all-ins. — MC

    8.05pm: Award winning performance
    Andreas Tobergsen is up to 45,000 after eliminating another player, who was last seen being escorted from the tournament room by a friend who had his arm draped over his shoulder.

    He’d opened for 1,000 and Tobergsen called for a flop of 8♦5♥2♥. The soon-to-be-defeated player bet another 1,600 and then moved all-in after Tobergsen raised to 3,700. Tobergsen called immediately and turned over K♣K♥ to his opponent’s A♦4♥.
    The turn 10♣ and river 10♦ changed nothing. Tobergsen up, the figure showing how many players remain is down. – SB

    7.57pm: Wendt and Torbergsen flip for the lot
    Andreas “Skjervøy” Torbergsen and Martin Wendt just got their chips in the middle pre-flop and it was the Nordic Poker Award’s Online player of the year that came out on top.

    Wendt: A♥Q♠
    Torbergsen: J♣J♠

    The board ran K♥10♣2♣Q♣A♦. Tobergsen is up to 26,000, whereas Wendt is down to 16,000 chips. — MC

    7.50pm: Isi out?
    PokerStars qualifiers Isi Nadelmann and Pierre Neuville just did battle on a 3♣K♣6♦ flop. The latter, serial qualifier, came out on top as he called Nadelmann’s shove, holding Q♣Q♥. Nadelmann tabled 7♣7♠ and failed to find the two-outer through the 5♦2♠ turn and river. — MC

    7.46pm: Wigg scuppered by Schiepers
    Anton Wigg was just one card away from building a monster 150,000-plus stack. Wigg opened for 1,400 from the hijack and was three-bet to 3,800 from the button by Koen Schiepers. Wigg came back over the top for 9,700 and called when Schiepers moved all-in for 49,000.

    Schiepers: A♠K♠
    Wigg: J♦J♠

    The flop for the 100,000 pot was a good one Wigg running out 4♥3♥7♣. The 5♣ turn was also safe but the A♥ river brought out a long sigh from Wigg as his Belgian opponent raked in the huge pot. Wigg is still on around 60,000. — RD

    7.35pm: Wigg continues to wow
    Defending champion Anton Wigg is up to more than 100,000. He just won a hand that was opened by Annette Obrestad in middle position to 1,400 which Lasse Danielsen called in the cut off. Wigg was in the small blind and paused for a moment before re-raising to 5,325. Obrestad passed, as did Lasse Danielsen. Wigg up to 105,000. – SB


    Anton Wigg

    7.30pm: The trip probably wasn’t worth it
    Victorino Torres’ tournament journey here at EPT Copenhagen has come to an end. He lost a big pot to Fernado Brito, who now has 100,000, to bust.

    The two were heads-up to a 4♠5♠6♣ flop and Torres’ 4,000 bet was raised to 8,000 by Britto. Tores called to see the K♣ turn and it was here that the rest of the chips went in. Torres tabled 4♣5♣ but was behind to Brito’s 5♦6♥ for a better two-pair. The river came Q♠ and Torres shook Brito’s hand before making his exit. — MC


    The journeyman Victarino Torres

    7.18pm: The long way round
    We last saw Victorino Torres of the Northern Mariana Islands back in EPT Vienna. The PokerStars qualifier, who won APPT Macau, had flown halfway around the world, involving a ridiculous amount of flights and time to get to the venue. Looks like he’s done it all again because he’s sat with just a little more than his starting stack here in Copenhagen.

    He just managed to river two- pair with 9♥6♠ on a 6♦K♦8♣2♦9♠ board but he’s still a long way from repeating his 25th place finish in Prague for €13,500. Can he do the same here? — RD

    7.10pm: Two pairs of kings
    In a hand just before the break Mohamed Sta opened for 1,000 which was called behind. Magnus Hansen in the cut off raised to 3,700 before small blind Antoine Labat pushed for 21,600. Then big blind Alber Hanna also pushed for a few hundred more. The rest folded and the all-ins turned over their cards.

    Labat Q♥Q♠
    Hanna K♥K♦

    The board ran Q♣K♠7♠K♣8♠ to give Hanna quads and 50,000. It also sent Labat to the rail. — SB

    7.05pm: Break’s over
    Players are back for the last two levels of the day.


    Team PokerStars Pro Johnny Lodden

    PokerStars Blog reporting team in Copenhagen (in order of Blog posts almost deleted): Stephen Bartley (1), Marc Convey and Rick Dacey (0).

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