EPT Copenhagen: Day 1A, level 5 & 6 updates (blinds 200-400, 50 ante)

February 21, 2011


6.47pm: Break time
That’s the end of the level. Players are now on a 15 minute break.

6.46pm: Wigg rolling on
Anton Wigg is looking unstoppable right now – maybe it was the massage. In a seven way pot (yes, seven players to the flop) Wigg fired 3,325 at the K♠3♠8♥ flop and found one caller in Benjamin Jensen.


Reigning champion Anton Wigg

Wigg fired another 7,650 at the 3♦ turn and was called again. The 7♣ river was enough for Wigg to slowly pull out 18,750 and toss it towards the middle. It was most of Jensen’s stack. He eventually mucked his hand leaving Wigg to rake the pot in. He looks like he’s on around 90,000. — RD

6.45pm: Take that, and this
Anton Wigg is mid-massage. In the first manoeuvre the therapist bends Wigg as if he were the last man being squeezed into a VW Beetle for a world record attempt. Then she performs a full-nelson interrogation technique, first used by the Romans, that snaps Wigg’s neck back. Finally, with Wigg just where she wanted him, the therapist squeezed his neck until he was two inches taller and his voice was two octaves higher. With that the session ended. Wigg paid his bill. He declined the receipt.

Wigg got involved in the next hand, opening for 1,000 which was called by the hijack, Casper Toft in the small blind and Annette Obrestad in the big. The flop came Q♥10♥3♦ which was checked all round for a 6♠ turn card. At which point Toft bet 3,000 to take the pot. — SB

6.39pm: Snippets of news

  • James Akenhead failed to spin up his 8,500 stack and is out.
  • Team PokerStars Pro Ville Wahlbeck has dropped a little to 54,000. He led for 3,000 on a 10♣8♦6♦9♠ flop but folded when an opponent raised to 9,000.
  • Fellow Team Pro Theo Jorgensen has just doubled-up to around 32,000 after his pocket queens stayed ahead of an opponent’s ace-ten. — MC

    6.30pm: Quads Tsymbal crash
    Arnaud Mattern was the recipient of quads a little earlier and that luck has been passed on just a couple of tables away to Igor Tsymbal who rivered quads with 5♦5♥ on a 5♠J♣8♥J♦5♣ board. He’s up to 50,000. — RD

    6.24pm: Wigg “running hot”
    Last year’s winner, Anton Wigg, is “running hot” according to one of my Finnish colleagues. How so? “He’s winning every pot he plays,” I was further informed. Any details? Hands? “No. He’s winning them all.”

    The particulars aside, Wigg is up to 68,000. — RD

    6.20pm: Northgate for Eastgate
    For too long Peter Eastgate’s stack was heading south but thanks to PokerStars qualifier David Robinson it’s continues to head north. There two players were heads-up to a 10♣2♥K♠ flop and Eastgate was in position. He bet 2,000 when Robinson checked to him. Call. Both players checked the J♦ turn before Robinson check-called a 5,175 bet on the 9♦ river. Eastgate tabled K♥Q♠ and took the pot as Robinson folded to drop to 28,000. — MC

    6.10pm: The Prince of Denmark
    Peter Eastgate is flying back into action. If you’re going to make a comeback, do it on home turf, and if you’re going to play on home turf there’s no point busting early.
    Eastgate is back up to 18,000 after a pot against Ghassan El Hoss.

    On a board of 8♥K♦K♥J♠Q♠ El Hoss bet 1,000 into a 3,500 pot. Eastgate then announced “raise” and bet 5,000. El Hoss called, but was beaten by the Dane’s A♥10♦, El Hoss showing a K♣.

    Eastgate took the pot and plays on. — SB

    6.02pm: Robinson grinding on
    David Robinson is grinding along nicely on his table and is up to 40,000 despite having the aggressive Swede Alexander Ivarsson directly on his left. He fired two bullets at Andrey Guliy on a Q♥6♣2♦7♠ board and took the pot down.


    Here’s to you Mr Robinson

    Guliy won his chips back the next hand after raising a Surinder Sunar limp and firing at the K♥J♣5♦ flop. — RD

    5.55pm: No squeeze from Akery
    Rob Akery is up to 47,000 after eliminating Symeon Pyrakis when making a move that could’ve been understood as a squeeze play. There was an early position raise to 750 that Pyrakis called from the button before Akery three-bet to 2,650 from the small blind.

    The original aggressor folded but Pyrakis quickly moved all-in for his last 12,000 chips with 7♥7♠. Akery snap-called with K♥K♠ that held through the 6♠10♦4♠2♠9♦ board. — MC

    5.45pm: Wigg wammed
    PokerStars qualifier Damien Gautier opened for 700 on the button which Anton Wigg called in the small blind. Everywhere there is the smell of eucalyptus.

    The flop came 4♥2♠J♦ which Wigg checked. Gautier bet 1,200 and Wigg called for a K♠ turn. Again Wigg checked, leaving it to Gautier to bet another 2,500. Wigg called once more for a 9♠ river card.

    Wigg checked, Gautier checked. A♣K♦ for Gautier, who won the hand. Wigg didn’t show but is still on 55,000. Gautier up to 24,000. – SB

    LEVEL UP: BLINDS 200-400, ANTE 50

    5.30pm: Quads should do it for Mattern
    Team PokerStars Pro Arnaud Mattern is really on a roll now and is up to around 40,000 after flopping quads against Kenni Gren.

    The two saw a J♥J♠J♣ flop and Mattern bet and called when Gren raised. The turn came 5♥ and Mattern called Gren’s 5,000 bet. The river fell 8♠ and Gren slowed to check to face a 7,250 bet from Mattern. He called but soon mucked when he saw the Frenchman’s J♦10♦ for quads. — MC


    Must be nice to be Arnaud Mattern

    5.22pm: Lien’s revenge
    Eivind Mathias Lien has got the sweet taste of revenge fresh in his mouth after getting some chips back off Theo Joregensen. The Team PokerStars Pro hit a full-house earlier and got paid off and now the reverse just happened.

    The river was out to leave an 8♣8♥2♥8♠10♥ board and Jorgensen led for 3,000 only to be raised up to 7,000 by Lien. Jorgensen seemed confused and asked his opponent if he had pocket tens before he made the call. Lien didn’t have tens but his A♣A♠ for a full-house was good to see Jorgensen muck. — MC

    5.15pm: Berg back
    Team PokerStars Online Pro Anders Berg opened for 850 pre-flop which Team PokerStars ‘Offline’ Pro Arnaud Mattern called from the button. Also calling was Sebastian Gluch on the big blind.

    The flop came 5♦10♣5♣ and Berg bet again, 1,400. Mattern immediately raised to 3,650 and Gluch passed. Berg then moved all-in for 16,600. This had the effect of making Mattern lean forward slightly. The Frenchman had 25,000 behind but was in no mood to risk it. Berg moves back up to 23,000. – SB

    5.09pm: Baekke backs down
    Allan Baekke is a player confident in his post-flop abilities – perhaps unsurprising given that he’s largely a heads-up player – and is entering a lot of pots. The last one didn’t work out as intended though.

    Baekke opened to 725 from early position and was called by Juan Ruiz in the hijack and Eivind Lien in the big blind. Baekke fired 1,300 at the 4♦J♠4♣ flop and was called by Ruiz alone. Baekke then checked the 3♥. Ruiz took the opportunity to bet 2,500 and succesfully took the pot down unopposed. — RD

    4.57pm: No Day 1 repeat for Sonelin
    David Sonelin finished his Day 1 at EPT Deauville as chip leader and went on to make a deep run there. He was aiming for similar success here but his recent elimination has dashed those hopes. He filled Team PokerStars blog in on his demise.

    Sonelin held pocket kings and was check-raised on a [9][8][6] flop containing two clubs. He called to see an off-suit [4] fall on the turn on which he called a bet from his opponent. A blank [3] fell on the river and Sonelin faced a check from his opponent. The young Swede thought that his opponent would’ve bet anything that his hand was losing to so he shoved a pot sized bet. His opponent called with eight-six for two-pair and that was that for Sonelin. — MC

    4.50pm: Johnny Lodden arrested
    The latest update from the tournament floor by the video team, plus news from Johnny Lodden. Let me stress that it’s important to watch from the start. If you miss any and suddenly start watching from two and a half minutes in Hitler crops up, and that can be confusing. A lesson learned on my part.

    4.46pm: Reminder
    We’ll be playing eight levels today with no dinner break.

    4.45pm: Play continues
    Players are back from the break. We’re into level 5 with blinds at 150-300 with a 25 ante. — SB


    Peter Eastgate

    PokerStars Blog reporting team in Copenhagen (in order of most impressive shared birthday): Rick Dacey (Neil Armstrong and Funk Master Flex),
    Marc Convey (Michaelangelo and disgraced DC mayor Marion Berry) and Stephen Bartley (T.S. Elliot and fitness guru Jack Lalanne).

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