EPT Copenhagen: Day 1A, level 3 & 4 updates (blinds 150-300)

February 21, 2011


4.30pm: Break
It’s the halfway mark of the day as the players go on a 15-minute break. — RD

4.24pm: Top flop for Sunar
When Surinder Sunar called a bet from Peter Eastgate on the river on a A♠3♠A♦10♥2♥ board and picked up a caller behind him in the shape of David Robinson he must have thought that there was a good chance that his A♣[j] was no longer good. It turns out that it was.

Sunar had opened the pot for 875 from middle position and had been called by Robinson in the hijack. Peter Eastgate also made the call in the big blind. Sunar then c-bet 1,025 into the paired flop and picked up calls from both of his opponents before all three players checked the 10♥ turn.

The blank 2♥ river was enough for Eastgate to for lead 2,000. Sunar quickly called as did Robinson behind him. Eastgate tabled J♠J♣ and said: “No ace. Greedy.” Sunar’s ace was enough to win with Robinson mucking his hand face down. — RD

4.16pm: Matias lets it go
Season 6 EPT Vilamoura winner Antonio Matias has just let a big hand go, or so he says anyway.

Martin Finger opened under-the-gun to 725 and Matias called in the next seat along. The action made it all the way to the big blind, picking up a couple of calls en route, before anyone else decided to raise.

Havard Spillum Gundersen was the last player to act and he squeezed the pot up to 3,100. Finger quickly pulled out. Matias did not. He reached into his stack, piled up eight red 1,000 chips and pushed them across the line.

Matias did not get the reaction he was hoping for. Gundersen came back over the top for 20,600 – most of his stack – and Matias passed. “I believe you. I had a big hand,” said the former EPT winner. — RD

ept copenhagen_day 1a_antonio matias.jpg

Antonio Matias

4.08pm: Obrestad didn’t see that coming
Annette Obrestad is down 26,000 chips after making a big laydown versus Benjamin Jensen.

The pot started with a 700 raise from Jensen in early position that Obrestad and the big blind called. The flop came 9♣5♥7♥ and Obrestad was the only caller after Jensen c-bet for 1,550. The turn came Q♥ and Obrestad took over the betting initiative with a 2,500 bet when checked to her.

Jensen made the call to see the Q♣ river where he checked again. Obrestad bet 6,000 and Jensen looked like he had a difficult decision before he raised to 15,000.

“I didn’t see that coming” said the Norwegian. She then went deep into the tank before open folding A♥8♥ for the nut flush. A few of her table mates indicated that they thought it was a good fold. — MC

4pm: Sunar pings Eastgate
Surinder Sunar limped before Jonathan Ouisse raised to 900. This was then called by Andrey Guliy in the cut off, Peter Eastgate on the button and Dan Larsen in the small blind. Sunar also called for a flop of 10♣4♠A♠.

Larsen checked, as did Sunar. Ouisse also checked, as did Guliy. Eastgate then bet 2,200 which was called by Larsen and Sunar while the others stepped aside.

The turn came 5♣. Both players checked for an A♣ river card. Sunar bet 6,300 this time sending Eastgate into the tank. Reluctantly, he called, but mucked immediately when Sunar turned over 10♥10♠ for a full house.

Sunar is up to 42,000 while Eastgate drops down to 19,000. – SB

3.55pm: Lodden riding high
Johnny Lodden is up to 70,000 after knocking out Vadim Vadimovich Belov. Just at the end of level 3 Lodden had called down the Russian with ace-high, and had been correct.

The Team PokerStars Pro has just knocked out Belov after getting it all-in on the turn with [a][q] over [q][9] on a queen-high board to more than double up his initial stack. — RD

3.45pm: Jorgensen builds a house
Team PokerStars Pro Theo Jorgensen is back above his starting stack with 34,000 chips after making a full house versus Eivind Mathias Lien. We picked up the action on the turn where the board read 4♣9♠10♣9♣. Jorgensen bet 3,150 from the button and Lien called from the big blind. The river came 8♦ and Jorgensen saw his 8,000 bet paid before he revealed 9♥10♥ for a full house. — MC

3.40pm: Backwards pedalling
PokerStars Team Online’s Anders Berg and Team PokerStars Pro Arnaud Mattern are at the same table but neither are making much progress. Mattern has dropped half of his starting stack, down to 15,000, and Berg is on just 25,000. — RD


Arnaud Mattern


3.28pm: Lodden shows his class
Team PokerStars Pro Johnny Lodden has just shown Vadim Vadimovich Belov why he’s part of the PokerStars stable. Lodden raised to 500 from the cut-off and Belov defended from the big blind (there was no small blind in play). The flop came 4♣6♠4♠ and Lodden’s 500 c-bet was check-raised to 1,000. Call. The turn came 7♣ and Belov quickly led for 3,000. Lodden took his time but made the call to see the 3♠ river. There was no slowing Belov down and he over bet the pot when he threw two yellow 5,000 chips into the middle. Lodden held the calling chips in his hand, thought for a moment, and made the call.

Belov looked surprised and tabled Q♠9♥ for queen high and he looked even more surprised when Lodden tabled A♥K♣ for ace high. The Norwegian is up to 40,000 as a result. — MC

3.25pm: A look back at the Nordic Poker Awards
Once more to the video bloggers with the latest from the tournament floor, and a look at the results from last night’s Nordic Poker Awards.

3.20pm: Berg takes a hit
On a flop of 9♦A♠K♦ Anders Berg bet 1,100 which Kenni Gren called for a J♣ turn. Berg checked that as Gren bet 1,100. Berg called for a K♥ river card. Both checked, and Berg conceded the pot when Gren turned over 4♣A♥ to move up to 52,000. – SB

3.13pm: Active table
Peter Eastgate’s table has plenty of action going on and most of it seems to be going through Alexander Ivarsson and Andrey Guliy at the moment. Ivarsson seems to be up close to 50,000 despite losing his last hand to David Robinson. The American has had a few deep runs in tournaments but hasn’t managed to get into the big money; 68th at the PCA in January and 22nd at the Season 6 EPT Barcelona.

Ivarsson looked long and hard at Robinson after the American had fired 5,350 into the river of a 6♠3♣K♥3♥4♠ board. The Swede decided to pass and Robinson raked in the 9,000 pot to chip up near to 35,000.

Also, Surinder Sunar has been sat at their table. The Brit is up to 34,000 and will be looking to make his second EPT final table this season. — RD

3.05pm: No award and no chips for Kroon
Oscar Kroon missed out on winning the “Rookie of the Year” award at the Nordic Poker Awards last night (Kevin Stani bagged that one) and his start to the week didn’t get any better as he lasted less than three levels in the main event. PokerStars qualifier Tadas Grigaiti did the damage with a full house. All the chips went in on the turn with the board reading 2♠3♥9♥3♠. Kroon tabled Q♣Q♠ but was behind to Grigaitis’ 9♦9♠. The J♠ river changed nothing and Kroon headed off with a smile on his face. — MC

ept copenhagen_day 1a_oscar kroon.jpg

Oscar Kroon: runner-up in the Rookie of the Year category

2.58pm: Wigg wins juicy pot
Defending champion Anton Wigg is up to 40,000 chips after he eliminated a player. The board was already showing 8♦A♥4♥6♦5♦ and there was roughly 8,000 in the middle. Wigg re-raised after a bet of 6,000 to 20,000. After he got the call he showed 7♣8♣ for the straight. Watching this Annette Obrestad, drinking from a juice box, accidentally squeezed it too hard, sending orange juice everywhere. – SB

ept copenhagen_day 1a_anton wigg.jpg

Last year’s winner Anton Wigg

2.53pm: Baekke still going strong
Allen Baekke is continuing his fine form into level three. He’s up to 55,000 now after betting 8,675 on a 5♠J♥2♠10♦A♦ board. Simon Persson, from Sweden, was his opponent in the hand and made the fold after thinking for a few minutes. — MC

2.47pm: Lodden off to a slow start
Team PokerStars Pro Johnny Lodden has got off to a slow start. Twice I’ve seem him get to the river and muck his hand. Lodden, a firm favourite of the Nordic community, hasn’t cashed in an EPT for some time; EPT Prague 2008. It’s a long dry stretch for such a good player. He finished 57th in last year’s WSOP Main Event for $317,161. — RD

ept copenhagen_day 1a_johnny lodden.jpg

Will Lodden break his EPT drought here in Demark?

2.37pm: Tough table
A table draw can be your best friend or your worst enemy. The following players must all have been sneering at the draw this morning as if it had burnt down their homes, stolen their horses and stomped around on a photo of their grandmother.

On the same table you have EPT winner Anton Wigg, Annette Obrestad, Frederik Jensen, Caper Toft and Charles Kassin. The last two players, Toft and Kassin, may not be as well known but I’ve seen them both causing players problems at previous tournaments. That’s not to say the remaining players at the table are soft – I just don’t know them. It’s tough enough as it is. — RD

2.30pm: Play is back under way
Level three is upon us. Blinds are now 100-200. Registration is now closed so we’ll have a total for Day 1A players very soon. — MC

ept copenhagen_day 1a_river.jpg

Who will run cold and bust this level?

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Copenhagen (in order of sausages likely to be consumed this week): Marc Convey (8), Rick Dacey (15) and Stephen Bartley (easier to count how many he wont consume)


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