EPT Copenhagen: Battles and bruises on the way

February 19, 2009

Danny Ryan is not dead, but Team PokerStars Pro Alex Kravchenko is – in tournament terms anyway. In typical fog of war style late last night, what we thought was true with two hands to play became completely untrue with one hand to play. Kravchenko busted in a make or break last hand Alamo shove, while Ryan was home and D_RY despite misty eyewitness reports confirming him to be rail bound.

We’ll welcome him back gladly though and his reward is a seat on table 13 alongside Martin Wendt and Ilari Sahamies, one of 21 remaining tables that will be home to the 184 survivors on day two, at least for a while.

Andrea Benelli leads, perched atop the chip list with more than 107,000, some 30K beyond the reach of day 1a top dog Thor Hansen on 74,700. PokerStars Supernova Allan Baekke is eight red chips behind Hansen, in third.

Whether or not the likes of Boeken, Obrestad, Pagano, Iversen, Mercier and Horecki
will allow things to stay that way will be determined today. You only have to ask Theo Jorgensen about the likelihood of going from prince to pauper. He played the part of chip leader with some panache yesterday until running headlong into Andrea Benelli, a fortunate back door flush crushing pocket kings to change both their destiny.


For Benelli it’s a fighting stack. For Jorgensen it’s just a fight – against Gus Hansen to be exact – part of a promotional event pitching the two Danes together in a Prize fight on Saturday night. The weigh in for this Dust up in Denmark took place this morning, and while Don King couldn’t make it, and most of the pictures of the two men in shorts failed the PokerStars decency test, news is that this most elaborate of prop bets is the talk of the town…

Watch EPT Copenhagen S5: Day 2 Intro on PokerStars.tv

Before that though there’s a poker tournament to report on re-starting shortly. The usual format is to play a further eight levels or until 32 players remain, but as with Kravchenko news these things are prone to sudden change.

Blinds will be 400-800 with a running 100 ante. Level nine coming up.


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