EPT Copenhagen: Barbosa ya-ya

February 17, 2009

He boasts one of the best records for season five of the European Poker Tour – a title won in Warsaw and four cash finishes from Barcelona, London, Warsaw, the PCA and Deauville – but to that list Copenhagen will not be added.

Rumour has it that Joao Barbosa told friends earlier today that he expected to bust out in the first level. He lasted longer than that but only as far as level six. He just crashed out, moving all-in with ace-king unaware that PokerStars qualifier Brahim Hajji had woken up with aces and was more than happy to call.

The flop made it less of a foregone conclusion, coming as it did [4C]-[3C]-[2D]. The turn even made one player yelp, but not Barbosa or Hajji – the [8C] on the turn had matched one player’s folded eights.

The river card ten on the other hand made Hajji make some noise, restraining himself after a moment of “Yes! Yes!” before he turned to Barbosa. The Portuguese simply got up from his seat, shook hands with Hajji as if sealing a business deal, and left the tournament room quietly.


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