EPT Copenhagen: And how about this bunch?

February 18, 2009

Play has begun on day 1b, and there are few surprises as to where most of the railbirds’ attention is now focused.

But take away that table of doom and there are still another 240-odd players fancying their chances of progressing through today’s eight hours. Representing Team PokerStars Pro are several other noted dynamos of the international poker scene.

Dario Minieri and William Thorson, for example, are really no slouches at this game, and they have taken their seats around the baize. Meanwhile Isabelle Mercier is in great EPT form, cashing in both Warsaw and Deauville so far this season. Mercier too is in the house.

Last November, the eyes of the poker world were glued on Peter Eastgate and Ivan Demidov, two PokerStars sponsored players who went head to head for the world title. They have renewed their acquaintance in Copenhagen and have the same 10,000 starting stack in front of them this afternoon as the other hopefuls.

Few keen EPT observers will need much introduction to Sebastian Ruthenberg, Johnny Lodden, Theo Jørgensen, Ilari Sahamies or Julian Thew, all of whom are also in the field. And the peerless stable of major online talents is represented by Danny Ryan, Stephen Chidwick, Florian Langmann, Jonas Klausen and Andrew Chen.

And have some former champions (in addition to Thew, Ruthenberg and ElkY): I give you Peter Jepsen, Pascal Perrault, Mads Andersen, Michael Schulze and Andreas Hoivold.

So, yeah, good day ahead.


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