EPT Copenhagen: An ‘Exclusive’ club

February 17, 2009

Noah Boeken wrote himself into the poker history books with a sensational victory at the first EPT event to be held in Copenhagen, back in January 2005. There he defeated a star-studded final table, including the EPT heavyweights Julian Thew and Ram Vaswani, and edged out the Hendon Mobster in a fraught heads-up battle, when Vaswani was seeking back-to-back EPT crowns. Boeken blocked that particular record and no one has ever achieved a double EPT triumph since.

It’s rare enough that a player makes two final tables on the EPT, let alone in the same season. But Boeken is also one of the few in that club. He had already finished sixth in London a couple of months before his Copenhagen triumph and was one of the undisputed stars of the first season of the tour.

_MG_9933_Neil Stoddart.jpg
Noah “Exclusive” Boeken

He hasn’t necessarily had it all his own way since then. Boeken has another four EPT cashes to his name, but hasn’t sampled a final table in the most recent three seasons. Of course, he has also taken down the British Poker Open in March 2006 and has seven World Series cashes. But “Exclusive” would love to find his way back to the winners’ enclosure on the EPT, and is plugging away today on table 17, alongside the likes of Lars Bonding and Trond Erik Eidsvig.

Boeken was down to 3,500 within the first level, but recently earned a few thousand back in a typically hard-fought pot. Boeken limped under-the-gun (blinds are 50-100 in level two) and set off a rash of the same. Six players saw a devilish flop: [6C]-[6D]-[6S]. Boeken checked, Tomas Chindeh bet 300 and all others folded around to the Team PokerStars Pro. He called.

The turn was [QS] and this time Boeken check-called Chindeh’s bet of 600. The river was [5C] and both players checked. Boeken showed two black aces, for sixes full, and was relieved to learn that Chindeh didn’t have the quads. He mucked.

These are still very early days and Boeken is battling back into contention.


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