6.15pm — Magnus raises 73k pre-flop but gets no takers. It’s the last hand of the fourth level of the day and the players now head for a one hour dinner break.

5.55pm — Rasmus moves in, called by Danny Ryan. Both players show A-J for a split pot.

5.50pm – Tim raises, Danny re-raises and Tim asks for a count. He’s been much quieter now and flat calls. It’s now a 407k pot and the flop comes 2s-7c-6c.Tim pats the table whilst looking over at Danny. Danny says “140,000” and after a minute or so Tim calls, singing now.

The turn comes an 8d. Tim says he wants to stand up but he’s forbidden from doing so. “This is so uncomfortable” he says. Then, “How much you got?”

Tim moves all-in, immediately standing up. It will effectively put Danny all in if he calls. Meanwhile Tim begins singing ‘Let It Be’. It may grate on Danny who earlier had said to Tim – “If you lose a pot will you sing Let It Be?” – but Danny doesn’t show it. He passes. “Good lay down.” Says Tim who shows a nine.

5.42pm – Nicolas Dervaux eliminated in sixth place for DKK1,012,147 or €135,798.
Nicolas Dervaux moves in with J-5 and is called by Dane Soren Jensen with A-7. Soren looks happy with the situation but is soon worried on a flop of K-J-4. He wasn’t worried long – an ace on the turn settled it. Dervaux the next to leave. Five players remain.


Nicolas Dervaux

5.40pm – Blinds move up to 24k/12k with a 2k ante.

5.35pm — Rasmus has moved in a couple of times without any action. Play has slowed slightly and Tim Vance still has the lead.

5.20pm — On a flop of Q-7-8 an all-in call sneaks up on everybody. Rasmus Nielsen moves in with pocket nines and is called by Magnus with A-7. A six on the turn gives Rasmus a straight draw also, needless as the nines hold and he doubles up.

5.10pm – Simon Dørslund is eliminated in seventh place for DKK801,283 or €107,507
Tim raises 53k from the cut off spot, Simon moves all in from the small blind. Tim thinks and calls with A-K. A-8 for Simon. The flop comes 9-2-J. A ten comes on the river giving Simon a straight draw but a six on the river gives Tim the pot and eliminates Simon Dørslund.

5pm — Rasmus is all-in for second hand in a row. It’s folded to Simon in the big blind who asks how much? It’s 313k. “I call.” Rasmus shows pocket fives whilst Simon has A-T. The flop comes K-Q-6 with three hearts giving Simon the flush draw but a straight draw for Rasmus. The turn is another five, the river a queen to pair the board, doubling up Rasmus with a full house.

4.55pm — Latest chip counts…

Tim Vance – PokerStars qualifier – USA — 1,263,000
Soren Jensen – Denmark — 1,022,000
Daniel Ryan – PokerStars qualifier – USA — 633k
Simon Dørslund – Denmark — 582k
Magnus Hansen – Denmark — 551k
Rasmus Hede Nielsen – Denmark — 313k
Nicolas Dervaux – France — 264k

4.40pm — A lengthy discussion starts between Tim Vance and Thomas Kremser. Tim has been told that as long as he is in a hand he must sit down. In reply Tim asks that in the case of him being all-in is he then able to stand? Thomas says yes, this is okay but in the meantime he must remain in his seat. The cards are dealt, next hand, “All-in….” says Tim who immediately stands up. No takers. He sits back down.

Tim’s antics have been a controversial issue at this final, but then something of note always seems to happen in Copenhagen. Tim asks the players at the table if he’s annoying them and the consensus is that sometimes it’s too much. Tim apologises profusely and genuinely doesn’t want to cause trouble…

4.30pm — Players return from the break with blinds raised to 10k/20k with a 2k ante. Tournament director Thomas Kremser talked with Tim Vance at the break asking him to remain in his seat if he’s playing a hand. Tim’s reply, “This is your house I’ll play by your rules.”

4.15pm — Ryan raised with Simon Dørslund calling. On a flop of J-J-T Danny took out a stack of brown chips and bet 75k – enough to take the pot as players go into a 15 minute break.

4.10pm – Magnus Hansen raises and Rasmus Nielsen, the short stack, moves an all-in. Tim sits with his hands on his head – he folds and it’s back with Magnus. He passes leaving the pot for Rasmus.

4pm — Rasmus shows pocket queens to take his second pot in a row. Next hand Soren Jensen makes it 44k from the button. Rasmus Nielsen calls from the big blind. They see a flop of 8-2-K – a raise comes from Rasmus, Soren moves all-in and Rasmus calls. A-K for Jensen, J-8 for Rasmus leaving Soren ahead – more so when a third king hits on the turn. Soren, with a touch of Viking ancestry, thumps the air and chants in Danish (reportedly “Come on the whites!” – the colours of his local soccer team in Aarhus.)

3.50pm — Danny limped and Simon raised, Danny calls the 40k. Flop – 3-J-3. A check from Danny and Simon bets 60k. Danny says ‘raise’ – another 95k before a re-raise all-in from Simon. Danny asks for a count as Tim wanders off in the background. There’s no future in this – Danny folds.

3.45pm — Tim Vance is negotiating a free-movement zone with Thomas Kremser. All sorted we’re back to the game. He starts back by raising… he soon finds himself making a mistake, assuming he was stealing blinds when there had been action before him.

3.40pm — Rasmus raises 50k, Tim calls, Simon calls. On a flop of Q-T-6 with two diamonds Simon checks, Rasmus makes it 100k and Tim re-raises 290k after a long stretch of thumping the table and talking to himself. Simon mucks, Rasmus mucks as well.

3.30pm – Tim Vance has only just stopped reeling from the hand against Hansen that saw him lose a large chunk of his stack. No wait, he’s still talking about it. He may have to regain some composure if he’s to get much further in this final.

3.20pm — Latest chip counts…

Magnus Hansen – Denmark — 952k
Tim Vance – PokerStars qualifier — USA — 894k
Rasmus Nielsen – Denmark — 822k
Daniel Ryan – PokerStars qualifier – USA — 634k
Soren Jensen – Denmark — 569k
Simon Dorsland – Denmark — 400k
Nicolas Dervaux – France — 326k

3.05pm – There’s a bet of 33k from Tim. Tournament director Thomas Kremser tells him to stay at the table when the cards are dealt. Dervaux, Hansen and Soren call for a flop of Td-4s-Jh. Check, check, check, and Tim bets 112k. Whilst Dervaux folds, Hansen pushes in. Soren folds leaving the cameras on Tim who starts running through hands. He puts him on ace-ten and calls with his ace-jack. Hansen shows pocket tens for a set. A diamond hits the turn, giving Tim a flush draw but despite calling for some luck he misses the river. Hansen doubles up, a big hit for Tim and a pot of 959k to the Dane. “I apologise darling” says Tim, talking out loud to his daughter.


PokerStars qualifier Tim Vance

2.55pm – A raise of 33k from Tim Vance. Simon calls, so too Soren. Tim jokes that they’re not respecting his raises. The flop comes – Q-K-7. Soren checks, Tim checks and Simon Dørslund makes it 65k. Whilst Soren folds Tim goes into the tank, “I don’t think you have a hand, sir” Says Tim. Last time that happened Tim won a pot worth 846k. Tim makes it 260k. Danny Ryan looks at Tim and then at Simon. Tim sings a little more from Abbey Road and Simon passes.

Kara Scott talks with eighth place finisher Patrik Andersson…

2.45pm – Patrick Andersen eliminated in eighth place for DKK 569,333 or €76,386
Dan Ryan raises on button and Patrik Andersson shoves all in. Andersson is the short stack so Ryan calls fast. The American shows A-5, whilst Andersen shows K-6. The flop brings a five for Danny but no six or King for Patrik. We’re down to seven players.


Eighth place finisher Patrik Andersson

2.35pm — Patrik raised all in after being left close to the felt after the hand with Dørslund — 129k. He gets no takers.

2.25pm – Simon Dørslund raised pre-flop and Patrik Andersen calls from the big blind. The flop brings 4-A-Q . Patrik checks, Simon bets and Patrik raises. Simon calls. The turn brings a six. Patrik checks and Simon moves all-in. Andersen calls but it’s Simon who doubles up with pocket queens. Patrik showed A-8. The five on the river is immaterial.

2.15pm – The first flop of the day is 4-A-9. Patrik Andersen had raised pre-flop and did again afterwards, 60k which leads Simon Dørslund to fold.


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