EPT Copenhagen: A walk in the park

February 18, 2009

There’s something up in the state of Denmark, and while it’s not necessarily rotten, it is certainly unusual. We are 45 minutes into level one of day 1b and not a single player is out. Honestly. The board that shows the number of entrants has today’s figure at 236; the board that lists number of players remaining says the same number. That, folks, is weird. I thought we were supposed to be in Scandinavia.

This precise thought seemed to be running through the mind of the Italian PokerStars qualifier Dosi Fabrizio moments ago, when he got a walk in his big blind. That in itself if unusual enough, but it’s positively unheard of if you take into account that his table features Andrew Chen, the Canadian player who impressed so much on the final table in Prague; Danny Ryan, the PokerStars qualifier extraordinaire who made the final table here last term; and Sebastian Ruthenberg, the ShootingStar from Germany and EPT Barcelona champion, renowned for being among the most action-hungry of a classically action-seeking breed.

_MG_0261_EPT5SCA_Neil Stoddart.jpg
Sebastian Ruthenberg

Ruthenberg, in fact, is reading a book most of the time. I’m not sure what to make of that.

Fabrizio had an additional reason to feel aggrieved for that walk, by the way. He peeked at his cards and found pocket kings. It’s fair to say he might have hoped for significantly more than only Ruthenberg’s small blind, worth 25 in chips, for his premium holding. But them’s the breaks.

In an unrelated matter, Gus Hansen is yet to arrive.


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