EPT Champion of Champions: Who’s in?

April 25, 2011


It’s only been a few weeks since I sat across a barroom table with some fellow PokerStars Blog writers and played the equivalent of a PokerStars parlor game titled “Who’s In and Who’s Out?”

The topic was the recently-announced EPT Champion of Champions event, a televised freeroll only open to people who hold European Poker Tour main event titles. A seasoned player of “Who’s In and Who’s Out” knows the variables when making his picks. Does the EPT champion still have enough money to make the trip to Madrid? Has she quit poker all together? Does he recognize the value of the EPT Champion of Champions exposure?

I considered each of these variables and several other important factors when making my picks. I remember Season 1 of the EPT like it was yesterday, so I felt sure I would prevail. I’m now quite happy we didn’t write down our choices, because I would’ve lost by quite a large and embarrassing margin.

Just this morning I’ve been handed a list of RSVPs for the inaugural Champion of Champions tournament. At this hour, more than 40 of the previous champions have confirmed their seats in Madrid. As it happens, I have the list right here:

  • Rob Hollink
  • Pascal Perrault
  • Brandon Schaefer
  • Alexander Stevic
  • Jeff Williams
  • Mats Iremark
  • Jan Boubli
  • Peter Jepsen
  • Andreas Hoivold
  • Roland de Wolfe
  • Thang Duc Nguyen
  • Vicky Coren
  • Bjorn-Erik Glenne
  • Glen Chorny
  • Jason Mercier
  • Michael Schulze
  • Tim Vance
  • Mike McDonald
  • Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier
  • Arnaud Mattern
  • Joseph Mouawad
  • Pieter de Korver
  • Constant Rijkenberg
  • Sandra Naujoks
  • Jens Kyllönen
  • João Barbosa
  • Will Fry
  • Nicolas Chouity
  • Liv Boeree
  • Anton Wigg
  • Jan Skampa
  • Antonio Matias
  • Christophe Benzimra
  • Aaron Gustavson
  • Carter Phillips
  • Galen Hall
  • Roberto Romanello
  • Kent Lundmark
  • Michael Eiler
  • David Vamplew
  • Kevin Stani
  • Ben Wilinofsky
  • Vladimir Geshkenbein
  • ept_trophy.JPG

    The world’s heaviest tournament ticket

    Up for grabs in the Champion of Champions tourney is €100,000 worth of buy-ins to EPT Season 8 tournaments broken down as follows:

    1st place – EPT8 Passport worth €50,000
    2nd place – EPT8 Passport worth €25,000
    3rd place – EPT8 Passport worth €15,000
    4th place – EPT8 Passport worth €10,000

    The Champion of Champions event happens May 13 at the Casino Gran Madrid at the end of the EPT Grand Final.

    There is still still time for the remainder of the EPT champions’ list to claim seats in the invitation-only tournament. Take a look at the EPT Champion of Champions page and let us know in the comments below who else you think might show up.


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