EPT Budapest: Level 26 updates

November 01, 2008

Play is under way in the final of the EPT Budapest.

These are the updates for level 26, where the blinds are 20,000-40,000 with a running 4,000 ante. The PokerStars blog will provide level by level updates.

5.45pm: William Fry, UK, PokerStars player, wins EPT Budapest, earning €595,839
Ciprian Hrisca, eliminated in second place, earning €342,608

And it’s all over. There’s some big pre-flop raising, re-raising, re-re-raising and suddenly all the chips are in the middle. Fry shows his J-J and Hrisca shows his A-6, with Fry marginally ahead in both chips and holdings. The flop brings a slight improvement for Hrisca when it comes 10d-Qs-6s but turn and river are blanks (Kc-Qc) and Fry is our champion.

5.40pm: Fry edges ahead
Since the double-up with J-10, William Fry has had the better of it. He’s being the slightly more aggressive both pre- and post-flop and although there have been no major chip movements, Fry has edged into the lead. The latest approximate count has Fry leading with 2,856,000 to Hrisca’s 2,383,000.

5.30pm: Heads up action
We’re heads up in Budapest between William Fry and Ciprian Hrisca. The chips are flying back and forth, with neither of these two either happy to settle for second place, nor allow the fear of doing so affect their aggressive style. It means the fluctuations are massive and frequent. Stay tuned.


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