EPT Budapest: Level 25 updates

November 01, 2008

Play is under way in the final of the EPT Budapest.

These are the updates for level 25, where the blinds are 15,000-30,000 with a running 2,000 ante. The PokerStars blog will provide level by level updates.

5.30pm: Double up for Fry
All the chips go in pre-flop, with Fry’s J-10 against Hrisca’s 7-7. The flop has a jack on it, the turn is a ten, and there’s not a seven in sight, meaning Fry doubles up. He now has slightly more than two million, but still trails Hrisca.

5.25pm: A million to Romania
Neither player seems too bothered about a flop of 8h-4c-5c, but all hell breaks loose on the 8s turn. Hrisca bets, Fry reraises to 1m, and Hrisca moves all in. Fry folds.

5.15pm: Fry flexes his muscles; Chop-chop
Hrisca raises to 130,000 and Fry re-raises to 430,000. Hrisca calls. The flop comes 9c-Tc-2s and Fry bets one million. Hrisca folds. On the very next hand, they conspire to get it all in pre-flop and Hrisca is ahead with A-6 versus Fry’s A-5. But the flop, turn and river run out 10d-Jd-Kc-Jh-4d, which is a chop.

5.10pm: CheersThe two remaining players are about to do battle heads up but not before a glass fo wine. A waiter has appeared and is opening a bottle of what we assume to be a Hungarian red, which both players are keen to sip. Play should resume any minute now.

William Fry – 1,893,000
Ciprian Hrisca – 3,421,000

5.00pm: Martin Jacobsen, Sweden, PokerStars qualifier, eliminated in third place earning €197,94.
The biggest pot of three-handed play gets all the way to the river, with the board showing 6h-Kh-3c | 8h | Ks. On the turn, Ciprian Hrisca bets 180,000, which Martin Jacobsen calls. And on the river, Hrisca moves all in, which covers the Swedish player. Jacobsen dwells and dwells and dwells and eventually CALLS! He shows 10-8 for second pair, but Hrisca has 10-2h and had a flush on the turn. Jacobsen is out and we’re heads up.

4.45pm: Swings and roundabouts
After the first-hand double up, there have been no masive swings. William Fry took a pot off of Hrisca with a hefty turn bet on a queen-high board, then Hrisca took some back with A-5 on a 9-9-5 board. There are a few issues with the television cameras at the moment and three-handed play is resultantly slow.

4.33pm: First hand back
In the first hand after the break Martin Jacobsen moves all-in with 8h-9h and is called by William Fry holding Kh-Js. The flop of 8d-3s-Kd keeps Fry ahead but the eight comes in handy for Jacobsen when another eight hits the river, doubling up the Swede.

4.25pm: Extended break
This has now become an extended break with no sign of the players returning. The dealer is there, as are the stacks of chips, but Messrs Fry, Hrisca and Jacobsen remain absent.

4.10pm: Break time chip counts
Albert Iversen’s elimination hand proved to be the last of level 24. The three remaining players headed off to a 15 minue break, but will return to the following stacks:

William Fry: 2,389,000
Ciprian Hrisca: 2,187,000
Martin Jacobsen: 738,000


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