EPT Budapest: Action stations

October 31, 2008

One of the more notable players for much of two days here in Budapest was the Italian Mauro Corsetti, who was an early chip leader on day 1b and was top of the pile when the fields merged for day 2. He was hauled back to the middle of the pack by the end of yesterday, but was still very much alive. He has been vocal throughout the tournament, engaging in strategy discussions with all of his opponents for the duration of his time around the tables.

_MG_8981Neil Stoddart.jpg
Mauro Corsetti, left

This hasn’t stopped even as he is now seated beside Albert Iversen, who has assumed Corsetti’s former perch at the top of the chip ladder. Corsetti was recently engaged in a verbal joust with Dwayne Stacey, which ended with the equivalent of a fold from the British PokerStars qualifier. “OK, you played it right,” said Stacey, with an air of resignation. “I played it … wrong.”

It’s a lively table at the moment, with Pantelis Pavlis moving all in for about 60,000 pre-flop (“Have you been drinking too much Red Bull?” asked Brice Cournut), then Robert Firestone, the PokerStars qualifier from the United States pushing all in from the big blind on the next hand, scaring away four limpers.

They’re all active tables today, this one included. We have already had five eliminations, which are listed on our payouts and prizewinners page.


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