EPT Berlin: Day 5, level 33 updates (150,000-300,000)

March 07, 2010


10.42pm: Kevin MacPhee wins EPT Berlin and €1 million
Most thought this would be the level in which EPT Berlin would be won but few suspected it would be quite so soon. Kevin MacPhee raised to 700,000 and Ilari Tahkokallio called for a 4♥5♣2♣ flop. The Finn led out for 760,000 and then moved all-in when MacPhee raised. MacPhee called to take then to the showdown:

MacPhee: 3♠4♠ for a pair and straight draw.
Tahkokallio: 9♥6♥ for an over card and gutshot draw.

The turn J♥ also gave Tahkokallio outs to the flush but the river came 6♠, making MacPhee a straight and making him EPT Berlin Champion.

Stand by for the full wrap of the day’s events – MC

10.35pm: Winner
Kevin MacPhee wins EPT Berlin and €1 million. Details of the winning hand and the wrap of the whole day coming up.

10.27pm: Play resumes
A new level, why not start a new post? Players are returning from their break. Here are the scores…

Kevin MacPhee — 19, 225,000
Ilari Tahkokallio — 9,400,000


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