EPT Barcelona: Turning it up

September 06, 2009

Not that we needed any sense of urgency injected into things but the playing of “Sing Sing Sing,” over P.A. Yesterday the casino went classical and things ticked along nicely, but Louis Prima has changed that, giving level 10 a car chase feel and the drumming is chasing a lot of people of the door. Fady Kamar went first, wasting no time in flinging his 26,700 into the middle before leaving this place. Jonas Molander has followed in the last few minutes.

The table draw has served us well, pitching together the likes of Brandon Schaefer, William Reynolds and Dragan Gallic in one corner of the room, and Leo Margets, Benny Spindler, Malte Strothmann, Surinder Sunar and Sandra Naujoks in the other. Margets though looks to be on borrowed time.


Margets holding on, but only just

Not so Carter Philips who just cheeked his way into a stack of around 100,000. The player known as Rigu, who you might remember outlasted Dario Minieri yesterday and who protects his cards with a giant Patrick Star toy, was Philips’ chip donor. On a board of A♦7♣10♥ Rigu had bet big and Philips had moved in. Rigu eventually folded and Philips showed him 9♦8♣. Rigu walked off in a hurry, leaving Patrick to it.

“Carter, you showed it?” said a friend on the next table. Yes, yes he did.

More players are falling, some leaving to warm up for the WCOOP High Roller. Among them is Daniel Negreanu. As he tweeted:

“Out of the tournament just like that! Oh well, nothing I’d do differently at all. Played well though”


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