EPT Barcelona: The mighty fall, and the not-so mighty too

September 14, 2006

Magic moments
In only his second live tourney, Poker Stars qualifier xxxmagicxxx found himself at a tough table, no.1, and was down to 5,000 after some ill-timed bluffs, sharing the felt with the likes of French pro Anthony Lellouche and the Hendon Mob’s Ram Vaswani.

The 32-year-old Belgian must have thought his luck had changed when he flopped A-J-J to his K-J, and then saw an 8 and a K land. But there are full houses, and there are full houses. His opponent had slow-played A-A.

The magic has gone – but not before sending love to his wife, and two children, Andrew and Aline. His poker ambition is to one day make it into Team Poker Stars.

He wasn’t the only one out the door – Vaswani‘s tourney is over now too.


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