EPT Barcelona: The EPT player collider

September 10, 2008

Deep in the heart of the tournament area crowds have gathered, craning their necks for a glimpse at something incredible. Two players, two poker forces, are being flung together and are about to collide in spectacular fashion, just to see what might happen, on a table that would be worthy of the final itself.

Coming from one direction is EPT Dortmund winner Mike “Timex” McDonald, whilst heading at him from the other direction is a beaten finalist from that day, a nemesis of sorts, Johannes Strassmann.

_MG_1863_Neil Stoddart.jpg
Former EPT champions Mike McDonald and Jason Mercier

This is a mighty looking table. Two EPT champions in Mike McDonald and Jason Mercier, sit side-by-side, with EPT double finalist Johannes Strassmann two along in one direction and Illari Sahamies and Erica Schoenberg in the other.

But it’s Strassmann and McDonald in the latest big hand. But whilst you might think the history between these two might see Strassmann looking for revenge, instead the hand plays out with both players giggling like kids.

On a flop of J♥6♦5♠ Johannes made it 1,475 to go form middle position. As McDonald considers it the laughing begins, both seemingly unsure of the other’s holdings but curious to see for themselves. McDonald calls for a 5♠ on the turn.

Johannes picked out 4,000, played with it, and then bet it, leaving himself about the same left behind. Still giggling McDonald takes a minute before putting Strassmann all in. He calls, showing pocket queens to beat McDonalds K-J. He pats the table; Strassmann takes his pot and is back up to 20,000. Just 7,000 for former champ Timex.


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