EPT Barcelona: The adventures of Team PokerStars

September 10, 2008

It’s been a good start for Team PokerStars Pros in the mix today. Andre Akkari, Alex Gomes and Greg Raymer are tearing along nicely, so too Vanessa Rousso. And the other half of poker’s first couple, Chad Brown, is gaining some momentum also.

Brown limped into an un-raised pot from the button, having watched three others do the same before him. The flop came 2♠J♦10♠. A check from the early position player before seat one made it 625. Big Patrick Bueno in the cut-off got out of the hand before taking any further damage but not Brown who called, quickly followed by the early limpers.

_MG_1617_Neil Stoddart.jpg
Team PokerStars Pro Chad Brown

The turn card was the 4♠ and again the seat one player led the betting, 1,500 this time. Only the result may not have been what he had hoped for, as his PokerStars foe re-raised, 3,200 in total.

Suddenly the brakes were on and the hand would never see fifth street. No call from early position player and the original raiser had no choice but to do the same, looking again before bidding this hand goodbye. Another sizable pot for Brown who vaults up to more than 24,000 in level three.

Elsewhere, Ramsi Jelassi doubled up, betting all streets with his flopped set and was called all the way, up now to more than 24,000.

It wasn’t quite as happy for PokerStars sponsored player Johannes Strassmann who flopped two pair, tens and eights on an A-T-8 board only to be beaten by his opponent’s aces and tens, Johannes showing remarkable restraint after the suggestion of a slow roll by his opponent.


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