EPT Barcelona: Record breakers?

September 14, 2008

Alexander Stevic, Jan Boubli, Bjorn Erik Glenne, Sander Lylloff. No prizes for recognising the names of the first four champions at EPT Barcelona, the now-traditional venue for the opening event on each season of the EPT. But how about this similar list: Luca Pagano, Christer Johansson, Patrik Antonius, Gus Hansen, Dario Alioto, Phil Ivey, Jeff Lisandro, Mark Teltscher, Trond Eidsvig, Adam Junglen, Nicholas Jedlicka and Patrick Bruel.

All of those heavyweights of the world game have woken up one morning in Barcelona knowing that they’re about to sit around the final table of this spectacular tournament. It gives an idea of how the EPT has always attracted the biggest names in poker and how this final table is always one to relish. Today, we welcome Martin Nielsen, Davidi Kitai, Dren Ukella, Jason Mercier, Sam Chartier, Daniele Mazzia, Fintan Gavin and Sebastian Ruthenberg to the exclusive club. Which one goes into that super-exclusive bracket will be decided at some time between 11pm and 4am, at a rough estimation. We’ll follow it all the way here.

And there will be a couple of sub-plots. Last season, the final table gave the tantalising prospect of our first double EPT winner. Having won on season two in London, Teltscher had the chance to earn that coveted second title. But he came second. Today, the EPT San Remo champion Mercier has the same chance. Can he be the one to navigate those unchartered waters?

Last year also launched the career of Trond Eidsvig, the Norwegian who went on to cash another xx times on the EPT and was crowned newcomer of the year at this week’s EPT awards. Is today’s chip-leader Martin Nielsen destined for a similar rise to prominence? Or will the established PokerStars Shooting Star Sebastian Ruthenberg add an EPT title to his World Series bracelt-winning summer?

Stay right here for all the answers.


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