EPT Barcelona: Post dinner action

September 10, 2008

The field is united after the buffet. It’s now a three and a half hour scrap towards the end of play and already the signs of struggle are beginning to show.

Two particular hands cost Greg Raymer his gallant start, sent to the rail by virtue of the wrong ends of two coin flips. Whilst fellow Team PokerStars Pro Noah Boeken, who had survived the tempest that comes with a short stack, finally succumbed in a crushing three-way hand that pitted his pocket nines against pocket kings and pocket queens. No nine came and Boeken busted.

_MG_9661_Neil Stoddart.jpg
Noah Boeken eliminated

“Sick” he said, walking away.

Alexandre Gomes, one of the newest members of Team PokerStars Pro, was short stacked before the break. Returning to scan the room it seems Alex’s day has been drawn to a close.

Fairing slightly better is Dustin Mele, the PokerStars passport winner, who is midway through a ten-tournament prize package that takes him around the world. He was shunted down to 3,000 earlier by virtue of being beaten twice despite holding kings both times. He started a rally with pocket queens, beating his opponents top pair to leave him with 13,000.

You can find an update on all the latest chip counts after the dinner break by clicking here.


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