EPT Barcelona: Pictures are included

September 05, 2009


Lesser poker reports than this would be over the moon today at the news that Sandra Naujoks and Fatima Moreira De Melo are on the same table.

Those poker reports, curse their predictable shallowness, would be mentioning things like Naujok’s piercing glassy green eyes, or Moreira De Melo’s cascading blonde hair. They’d probably be loading their posts with pictures rather than words. Pictures like this:


Fatima Moreira De Melo

Or this:


Sandra Naujoks

You know the kind of poker reports I’m talking about: the ones you don’t want to read and come instead to PokerStars blog for a more cerebral take on the whole thing. Welcome. We’re all about cerebrality cerebralness brains here.

Naujoks we have met many times before. She started off on the all-dominant PokerStars ShootingStars team from the German-speaking countries, alongside the likes of Sebastian Ruthenberg, Jan Heitmann, Johannes Strassmann et al. By the time the ShootingStars became part of Team PokerStars Pro, Naujoks was an EPT champion. She emerged triumphant from a German-heavy final table in Dortmund and consolidated her place as one of the best players in Europe, of any gender.

Moreira de Melo is less well known to a poker audience, but is nothing short of a superstar in her native Holland. “She’s president well known,” confirmed a member of the Dutch press when asked of the degree of her fame. And no wonder. She started off as a field hockey player, winning a gold medal at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, adding to her World Cup gold medal from 2006 and countless other accolades from the sport.

While training, competing and succeeding in that discipline wasn’t enough, Moreira de Melo studied law, began a singing career and then started presenting TV programmes. She also became the face of a well-known bank’s advertising campaigns. And now she’s playing poker, as one of the newly-minted PokerStars SportStar team.

We’ll be following both of their progress all day, and if our arm is twisted sufficiently, there will be pictures. Time to come down from the high moral ground.


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