EPT Barcelona: Level 30 updates

September 09, 2009

EPTLive updates from day five, level 30 of EPT Barcelona brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Rick Dacey, Marc Convey and Howard Swains.

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Blinds: 60,000-120,000 (no ante)

This is the man you’ll be seeing in a hastily posed winner’s photo any minute now:


Carter Phillips

That’s that. A full wrap is on the way. But here are the full prizewinners in the meantime.

There are tears from Phillips after a titanic struggle.

10.30pm: Winner!
Carter Phillips wins EPT Barcelona for €850,000
Marc Goodwin eliminated in second place earning €530,000

Wow, that was probably the longest pot of the tournament so far — and it ended up deciding it in favour of Carter Phillips After regular pre-flop action — 265,000 from the button from Carter Phillips, Goodwin called. The flop came K♦5♣4♥ and after Goodwin checked, Phillips bet 310,000. Goodwin called. Then the Q♠ came on the turn and Goodwin moved all in. Phillips agonised and agonised, saying: “Why do you flop good whenever I flop good?” Eventually, and this took about ten minutes, he called and it turned out to be correct. Phillips showed K♣J♠ and Goodwin’s A-10 was in trouble. One Time Chips were flying around the press room. And the five on the river was a blank. Carter Phillips takes this one down.

10.20pm: Press room hilarity
“I’ve just emailed you the details of that hand,” says my esteemed colleague Marc Convey. “It doesn’t make sense though,” he adds.

This is the content of that email: “Carter Phillips raised from the button and to 275,000 and Goodwin three-bet to 925,000. Phillips dwelled and then passed.” We know what he means. He’s had a beer.

10.12pm: Phillips edging clear again
This is typical heads up play with most pre-flop raises getting it and very few cards being exposed. But Phillips is having just the better of it and now leads by 74 big blinds to 46.

10.10pm: Classic heads up
Marc Goodwin raises to 310,000 pre-flop and Carter Phillips phlexes those ph-ree bets muscles again, bumping it up to 850,000. That’s good.

10pm: The raw copy
Goodwin raises to 310k
Phillips calls
A♠ 2♠ 4♦
Goodwin bets 550k
Phillips folds
You add your own pointless framing devices.

9.52pm: Chips
The two of them are waiting in the wings to continue the action. They will come back to find these stacks:

Carter Phillips: 9,040,000
Marc Goodwin: 9,335,000


Heads up

9.40pm: Level 30. Thirty. Three-zero. Goodness me
This is a long one.


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