EPT Barcelona: Level 30 updates

September 14, 2008

We’re playing blinds of 50,000-100,000 with an ante of 10,000. Three players remained at the start of the level. Watch all the action at EPT Live.com, and find the prizewinners to date HERE.

Sebastian Ruthenberg, PokerStars player, Germany, wins EPT Barcelona, earning €1,361,000
Fintan Gavin, PokerStars qualifier, Ireland, eliminated in second place, earning €792,000
After accounting for Davidi Kitai, Sebastian Ruthenberg was left with a huge heads-up chip lead over Fintan Gavin. And it didn’t last very long at all. All the money somehow found itself into the middle of the table with Ruthenberg holding Kc-9c and Gavin holding 7c-4h. The flop favoured the Irishman: 2h-Ac-7h, giving him middle pair and a backdoor flush draw. The turn was the Kh, giving Ruthenberg the top pair, but adding to the flush possibilities. The river, however, did not bring a heart — it was the 9d — and Ruthenberg was the champion.

Davidi Kittai, Belgium, eliminated in third place, earning €455,000
A huge, huge hand, the kind that comes about after five long days of poker. Sebastian Ruthenberg, the chip leader, moves all-in pre-flop. Davidi Kitai, in the small blind, doesn’t fold instantly, which means we know he’s got a genuine decision for his tournament life. And he calls. Finton Gavin is also still to act behind him and reluctantly folds, flashing A-Q. Kitai winces because he also tables A-Q and Ruthenberg shows pocket fours. Kitai knows that two of his outs are gone, and although the flop gives him hope for an inside flush draw, it bricks out and Kitai, the only Belgian World Series bracelet winner, is out, giving a monstrous chiplead to the other bracelet owner at the table, Ruthenberg. This one might not last long.

12.40pm — Another pot with Sebastian Ruthenberg emerging as the beneficiary, re-raising all-in behind a Gavin raise. The Irishman eventually folded sending Ruthenburg’s count to over 3 million.

12.35pm — Play restarts with all three players with roughly 20 big blinds. There’s a call and a check as Gavin and Ruthenburg play a pot from the blinds. The flop comes 7d-8c-8s. Gavin makes it 140,000 which Ruthenburg calls. the pot is starting to build. the turn is a 3c which both players check for a river card 2s. Ruthenburg bets out 220,000 after Gavin checked, but is then check-raised to 600,000. Ruthenberg thinks it over, eventually saying “what the heck” and calling. It’s a good decision as he wins the pot with a pair of sevens and becomes the new chip leader with 2,660,000.

12.30pm: The players have taken a quick break. Play will resume soon.

Chip counts at 12.20am, with three players remaining:

Fintan Gavin, PokerStars qualifier, Ireland — 2,539,000
Davidi Kitai, Belgium — 1,990,000
Sebastian Ruthenberg, PokerStars player, Germany — 1,584,000


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