EPT Barcelona: Level 22 & 23 updates (10,000-20,000, 3,000)

August 30, 2011


1.05am: Play done for the night
We’re down to the final 24, meaning play is over for the night and everyone can get some sleep. The player to bust in 25th was Miguel Magan Tier, from Holland, who pushed with 8♣8♦ but was up against the 9♠9♥ of Massimilano Martinez.

Tier needed an eight, but the worst happened when the flop came K♣K♠9♣ – a flopped full house for Martinez. The turn was 6♠ and the river 3♣.

Tier leaves with €18,000, while all remaining players are now guaranteed €20,000.

We’ll have a full wrap of today’s marathon with you shortly, as well as the official chip counts. — SY

12.55am: Katchalov catches to double up
A huge hand for Eugene Katchalov sends him to a comfortable stack of nearly 1.5 million. He raised to 40,000 and was then re-raised to 140,000 by Rumen Nanev from Bulgaria. Katchalov was having none of it, however, pushing all in for 740,000. Nanev made the call.

Nanev: 10♥10♦
Katchalov: 8♣8♠

Team PokerStars Pro Eugene Katchalov’s tournament life was at risk, but the board ran K♦8♦7♣5♣5♠ to make him a set.

Nanev was left with just 60,000, but he tripled up two hands later, then doubled up once more when his J-2 overtook Xavier Carruggi’s K-Q. — SY

12.47am: Angle shoot leads to double elimination; Charette and Marina gone
Tomev Gomila has amassed a 2,300,000 stack taking out two players in one blow, and there’s the possibility that some gamesmanship may have played its part. Gomila had opened the button and had been shoved on for 600,000 by Jose Angel Latorre Marina in the small blind.

Simon Charette obviously had a tough decision to make in the big blind. He’d only just started to think about his options when Gomila called time on him. Floorman JP immediately stepped in and told Gomila that twenty seconds was not a sufficient amount of time to be given.

“It’s a lot of money you’re playing for, give him time to think,” he said (or words to that effect).

“Good ruling,” said Matthias de Meulder, who himself looked a little taken aback by the clock call.

Charette, possibly shaken by the turn of events, announced that he was all-in shortly after for 680,000. Gomila snap called. He had both players covered.

Charette: 8♣8♥
Marina: K♦Q♠
Gomila: K♠K♥

The board ran out 4♠J♥A♠4♣3♠ to send Marina and Charette to the rail. — RD

12.40am: Boom!
Exciting news reaches us of a double elimination. Rick Dacey is now running over, notebook flapping, to write it up. He looks a little out of breath. — SY

12.35am: One more down
Vadzim Kursevich is our 28th-placed finisher, his A♥J♥ failing to do any damage tochip leader Raul Mestre’s pocket tens. The man from Belarus had around 300,000 at the start of the hand, and that has now made its way to Mestre, who has approaching 3,000,000. — SY

12.30am: Some more poker
It may be the early morning, and we may be feeling a little bit on the tired side, but we press on regardless. Players are back at the tables for level 23, where they will find blinds have increased to 10,000-20,000 with a 3,000 ante.

Both blinds now represent the entire starting stack of each player. — SY

12.15am: Czuczor sucks out, Gonzalez speeds away
Marton Czuczor has just sucked out on Carlos Yerbes Gonzalez with a rivered two outer which sent Gonzalez speeding away from the table howling with anguish.

Czuczor had opened the cut-off for 38,000 with Q♠5♠ and had been called in the big blind by Gonzalez with Q♣8♠ who had around 375,000 total. Czuczor had c-bet 38,000 into the 8♦5♣3♠ flop and Gonzalez had check-raised to 138,000. Czuczor thought long and hard about it before pushing in, Gonzalez called off his last 200,000 and looked thrilled to be ahead, only a five to fade.

Turn: J♦. River: 5♦. Gonzalez let out a howl and barreled away from the table. Now, it’s not our policy to make too many strategy comments, but it could be said that Gonzalez was perhaps sowing the seeds of his own destruction by defending his big blind there with those stacks. We’re just saying could.

That’s a break, back in 15 minutes. – RD

12.10am: Fadeev out
Dmitrij Fadeev is out. Xavier Carruggi made it 35,000 and Fadeev called to see a 5♦8♣Q♣ flop. Then it all kicked off. Carruggi bet 40,000, Fadeev moved all-in and Carruggi called.

Fadeev: A♣Q♦ for top pair
Carruggi: K♣9♣ for the flush draw

But it was not the flush that did for Fadeev. Instead the 9♠ on the turn and the K♥ on the river gave Carruggi runner-runner two pair. Carruggi took all of Fadeev’s 380,000 chips, sending him up to around 730,000. — SY

12.01am: Good morning
That is all. — SY

11.50pm: Set of jacks usually works
Vytautas Milvydas, a PokerStars qualifier from Lithuania, is out. He had approaching 500,000 before the hand, but all those are now in the grateful hands of Massimilano Martinez. Both were in pre-flop, and Martinez’ pocket jacks improved to a set on the flop to beat Milvydas’ A♥Q♥. The Q♦ on the turn was no more than a kick in the teeth and the 3♦ mattered not.

Martinez is now on well over a million. — SY

11.45pm: Vicinanza vanquished by Fernandez
Marcos Fernandez has busted Giovanni Vicinanza with ace-king dominating a lower ace* all the way to a full house on the river. — RD

*It’s difficult to see on the tiny monitor attached to the edge of the TV set rigging.

11.40pm: The outer tables
Here are the the outer tables, TV feature table line-up to come.

1. Raul Mestre
2. Juan Manuel Perez Cornejo
3. Evgeny Zaytsev
4. Dragan Kostic
5. Rumen Nanev
6. Sigurd Eskeland
7. Javier Alonso Sanz
8. Vadzim Kursevich

1. Marton Czuczor
2. Saar Wilf
3. Tome Moreira
4. Carlos Yerbes Gonzalez
5. Isabel Clemente
6. Mikel Allende
7. Jose Miguel Esteban Nieto
8. Benjamin Juhasz

1. Miikka Anttonen
2. Massimilano Martinez
3. Miguel Magan Tier
4. Dmitrij Fadeev
5. Eugene Katchalov
6. Anthony Picault
7. Vytautas Milvydas
8. Xavier Carruggi

Just eight players left to go before the end of the day. — RD

11.38pm: Internet issues
The Internet died a short while ago so apologies for the drop in updates.

11.18pm: Breaking to four tables
“Is that it? Are we finishing?” asked Matthias de Meulder. I had to break the news to him that we weren’t, just breaking his table scattering him and his tablemates, which included Saar Wilf, Martin Schleich and EPT Berlin third place finsher Vadzim Kursevich, to the four remaining tables. We’ll get a full table draw up shortly. — RD

11.12pm: Far far away
In the far corner of the room, away from the crowds on the rail, other tables in fact, and separated by a gap of 20 feet from the other three outer tables, is the table featuring Xavier Carruggi – who you may remember came here as chip leader some 11 hours ago; Saar Wilf, Evgeny Zaytsev and now Mathias de Meulder who has just transferred from the TV table.

The only drama in the past ten minutes has been Carlos Yerbes’s all-in. At least it was a drama for him.

He opened for 16,000 which Vadzim Kursevich, whose face is as steely as the chain he wears around his neck, raised to 35,000. The dealer thought this to be wrong and suggested an alternative amount until he realised his own error and backed down.

Yerbes thought this to be hilarious. He’s one of those players who may have exceeded his own expectations by reaching the top fifty, and might not yet believe this isn’t all a dream. Either way, his giggles are in stark contrast to Kursevich ‘no prisoners’ face.

At the other end of the table Wilf called from the button only for Yerbes to announce all-in. He may have been having fun but this ruined it for everyone else. Kursevich’s eyes surrendered nothing, but his hands surrendered his cards. Wilf wasn’t prepared to call either and mucked. – SB

11.10pm: Italian down
Benjamin Juhasz opened for 35,000 and got a call from Mario Adinolfi, both had similar short stacks and fatal action for one seemed inevitable. The flop was A♣6♠10♣, and without a moment’s hesitation Adinolfi pushed his remain 169,000 over the line. Juhasz made a quick call.

Adinolfi: 10♥8♠
Juhasz: A♠7♦

Adinolfi, who had a large stack earlier today, needed help, but he was eliminated after the turn came 3♦ and the river 9♥. — SY

11pm: Bust outs
Here are the confirmed bust outs up to 43rd, which bagged Deni Larin €16,000. — RD

10.52pm: Eskeland gets his own back on Mestre
At the end of the last level Sigurd Eskeland had lost a large slice of his chips to Raul Mestre, but he’s just got them back and more after three-bet shoving all-in for 315,000 over the top of a 27,000 Mestre open.

The Spaniard took some time to call but eventually did so with A♥9♠ to face the pocket sevens of Eskeland.

“I was hoping for a pair, like fives,” said Eskleland.

“And I was hoping for a small ace, like ace- three,” replied Mestre.

Eskeland won the flip and is now up to 660,000, just under average.Mestre still bossing it in 2,100,000. Had he won that he would have been close to a final table average stack. — RD

The new level starts with 38 players remaining. Blinds are now 8,000-16,000 with a 2,000 ante.


Chip leader Raul Mestre

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Barcelona: Simon Young, Rick Dacey and Stephen Bartley.


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