EPT Barcelona: Level 21 updates

September 08, 2009

EPTLive updates from day three, level 21 of EPT Barcelona brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Rick Dacey, Marc Convey and Howard Swains.

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Blinds: 8,000-16,000 (2,000 ante)

4.10pm: Vaserfirer fired
Oleksandr Vaserfirer is out. He moved all-in with his last 221,000, called by Toni Ojala with K♣K♥. After a pause for the cameras to arrive the board is dealt 5♥7♣2♥3♣K♦. Ojala takes it. Just 15 players remain. – SB

4.08pm: Terrazas drops the hammer on Smith
Asa Smith has just been forced to lay down yet another hand. The young Brit raised to 38,000 and Santiago Terrazas came over the top for 130,000. Smith counted, recounted and then tossed his hand away. –RD

4.06pm: Greco sneaks one through
Short stack Michael Greco has just raised to 45k on the button, which accounts for close to 20% of his stack, and gets the raise through his English compatriots Asa Smith and Marc Goodwin. –RD

4pm: River value bet
The river was out giving us a J♦J♥10♥Q♦Q♥ board. Carter Phillips led for 80,000 and after a good deal of thought Cornel Cimpan made the call but mucked upon seeing 7♥9♥ from Phillips. –MC

3.58pm: Kolpanitzki’s min raise dilemma
Ari Kolpanitzki has just lost a lump of chips to Matt Lapossie after fumbling a pre-flop raise. Lapossie had raised to 38,000 and Kolpanitzki raised – but not with enough chips – so it was just 22,000 more for Lapossie to call. Kolpanitzki led out for half the pot, some 75,000, into the 2♣ K♥ J♥ flop. Lapossie raised it to 200,000 and the hand was done.–RD

3.55pm: Carter the unstoppable bet machine
Carter Phillips made it 35,000 from under-the-gun and was called by Jens Kyllonen in the big blind. They saw a flop of J♣6♣Q♠ which both checked. Kyllonen then made it 75,000 on the 2♠ turn which Phillips called. A Q♥ on the river. Kyllonen checked and Phillips made it 140,000-ish. Before it had been counted Kyllonen had passed. Phillips up to 1,100,000, Kyllonen slips a little to 770,000. — SB

3.52pm: Juicy orange
Orange chips have been introduced and are worth a juicy 25,000. Hmmm, oranges…–RD

3.55pm: Tables
Our new feature table looks like this:
Seat 1: Michael Greco, 287,000
Seat 2: Asa Smith,
Seat 3: Marc Goodwin, 2,668,000
Seat 4: Santiago Terrazas, Spain, 613,000
Seat 5: Georgios Kapalas, Greece, 1,711,000
Seat 6: Ari Kolpanitzki, Israel, 439,000
Seat 7: Mike McDonald, Canada, 807,000
Seat 8: Matt Lapossie, Canada, 1,687,000

Our outer table looks like this:
Seat 1: Carter Phillips, USA, 977,000
Seat 2: Cornel Cimpan, USA, 457,000
Seat 3: Mihai Manole, Romania, 699,000
Seat 4: Oleksander Vaserfirer, Ukraine, 213,000
Seat 5: Roland de Wolfe, UK, 482,000
Seat 6: Julien Nuijten, Holland, 1,358,000
Seat 7: Toni Ojalla, Finland, 625,000
Seat 8: Jens Kyllonen, Finland, 983,000

3.48pm: Greco reveals his big fold
At the break we rubber-necked across the press barrier to have a word with Michael Greco. We asked the Greckster what had given him such pain when Jose Carreres had shoved all-in and Lapossie had called. Greco told us that he had ace king and had reasoned that it was likely he was up against a pair and some kind of ace and would be chasing five outs for his tournament life. Greco wouldn’t have be able to make Lapossie fold and would have tumbled out the tourney to a turned straight. –RD

3.30pm: Redraw
With 16 players remaining, they’re squeezing the field down to two tables. Full details of the redraw will be on their way. Also remember the red:



3.20pm: Bueno busted
That has got to be one of the most unfortunate days ever seen at an EPT event. Bueno’s day is now over, despite starting the day with more than a million. He just shoved his final 150,000 all in pre-flop and his principal nemesis Julien Nuijten called. Nuijten had big slick, which was all over J♣7♦ of Bueno. A king flopped and Bueno could never catch up. Nuijten is bossing this one now. – HS

_MG_9640_Neil Stoddart.jpg

3.20pm: Roland McDonald
Roland de Wolfe and Mike McDonald just did battle over the course of two hands. The result was a score draw. In the first hand, De Wolfe laid it down to a McDonald three-bet. In the second, De Wolfe limp-called a McDonald raise before both checked the J♦9♥K♠ board. De Wolfe took it down with a 79,000 bet on the turn.–MC

3.14pm: Goodwin traps Lapossie
Marc Goodwin has just won a 805,000 pot from Matt Lapossie after trap calling down the aggressive young player with pocket kings. Goodwin raised under the gun to 39,000 with K♣K♥ and was called by Lapossie. Goodwin check-called 42,000 on the 2♠4♥10♦ flop, another 74,000 on the Q♣ turn and a final huge 232,000 from the Canadian on the river. Lapossie showed 7♠9♣. Goodwin is the chip leader with an estimated 2,350,000 chips. –RD


Marc Goodwin

3.12pm: Safe Asa
Asa Smith is playing very cautiously and not getting involved in many pots. He’s just thrown away his under the gun raise to a three-bet from big stack Lapossie. –RD

3.05pm: McDonald shakes off Cimpan
Cornel Climpan had raised before Mike McDonald made it 50,000 more from the button. Climpan called for a 8♥4♣8♣ flop which both checked. After a J♠ on the turn Climpan made it 75,000 before McDonald pushed all-in for 500,000 total. An easy fold for Climpan. – SB


Mike McDonald

3.10pm: Cimpan clamped on
Ari Kolpanitzki made it 40,000 from the small blind which Cornell Cimpan called from the big. On a 7♠7♦4♣ flop Kolpanitzki added another 40,000 to the pot which Cimpan called. Now an A♣ on the turn. Kolpanitzki checked before calling the 40,000 from Cimpan for a river card 4♦. The hand then came to a rapid close when Kolpanitzki check-folded to Cimpan’s all-in. – SB

3.05pm: Ojala squeezing, doubles up
There’s the first river two-outer and this day gets even worse for the poor Patrick Bueno. Mihai Manole raises from early position to 40,000 and Bueno calls. Toni Ojala shoves all in from the big blind — it’s something like 250,000 — and after Manole folds, Bueno calls. He shows A♥Q♦ against Ojale’s 9♥9♠. The flop is finally in Bueno’s favour as a queen appears. But the river is one of the two remaining nines and the Finn doubles up. Bueno is now down to 187,000 after starting with well more than a million. – HS

3.02pm: A goodish win
Marc Goodwin raised from the cut-off and was called by Matt Lapossie in the big blind. Both players checked the flop so the board read 6♦2♦3♠9♦ after the turn came. Lapossie led out for 63,000 and was called by Goodwin to see the 4♦ river. It was a scare card for both as they checked it through and Goodwin took the pot with 5♦5♣ for a baby flush.–MC

3pm: Ojala’s turn to hit Bueno
This has been a really horrible day so far for Patrick Bueno, who has just seen his pocket fours outraced by Toni Ojala’s 10♣8♣. Ojala moved all in pre-flop for 139,000 and Bueno called. The ten came on the river. – HS

2.55pm: Ch-ch-changes
There’s been a real power shift on the feature table with Jens Kyllonen taking over the table lead, with more than a million and Julien Nuijten right up near with 959,000. Patrick Bueno has been the unfortunate man to suffer. He’s down to about 650,000, less than half of what he started with. – HS

2.51pm: Boubli crippled by Kolpanitzki, knocked out by Cimpan
There’s one fewer former EPT champion chasing the double dream. Jan Boubli is out in 19th after getting knocked out by Cornel Cimpan. Boubli had to shove for his last 17,000 under the gun with K♦ 6♦ and was called by Cimpan with 10♥ 10♠ and failed to catch. The real damage was done when Boublil had called Cimpan’s 34,000 pre-flop and then called Ari Kolpanitzki’s 300,000 all-in from the big blind (after Cimpan passed). Kolpanitzki showed K♠ K♣ and Boubli was in real trouble with pocket sixes. The board rivered a boat for Kolpanitzki and had left the former champ with just one big blind. –RD

_MG_9744_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Cornel Cimpan, in orange, and Jan Boubli

2.50pm: Nuijten takes another chunk from Bueno
Julien Nuijten and Patrick Bueno played on the same table for much of yesterday and the young Dutchman seems to have learned a lot about Bueno’s game. He’s just taken another big chunk from the Frenchman, getting him to open fold aces to Nuijten’s 220,000 river bet on a board of 9♠8♣5♣9♣7♦. The pot was about 480,000. – HS

2.45pm: De shake of the head
Roland de Wolfe opened from second position with a raise to 35,000 and was called by Carter Phillips on the button and Jan Boubli in the big blind. All three checked the Q♠5♥3♥ flop before Phillips bet 47,000 on the 8♠ when checked to him. Boubli called but De Wolfe folded before the river came 6♣. Both players checked and Phillips took it down with 10♦8♦. Upon seeing the winning hand De Wolfe just stared Philllips down and shook his head. –MC

2.35pm: ElkY out
Alexsander Vaserfirer moves all in for about 175,000. ElkY only has 125,000 but under-calls all in. The Team PokerStars Pro has K♦J♦ and is behind Vaserfirer’s A♠3♠. The flop has two spades and no king nor jack and the turn and river are both blanks too. Ace stays good and ElkY is out. – HS

2.32pm: Voelklein crushed by set
Joram Voelklein is the latest faller in the run up to the final table. The German TV actor had squeezed all-in from the big blind with A♥ J♥ after Marc Goodwin had flat called on the button after Matt Lapossie’s raised under the gun to the tune of 34k. Goodwin waited for the count and found out it was another 165,000 to call. The 8♠ Q♦ 7♣ left Voelklein drawing very, very thin and the German had to bow out in 20th. –RD


Joram Voelklein

2.28pm: Nuijten bosses Bueno
Julien Nuijten is sat on Patrick Bueno’s left shoulder and, unfortunately for the Frenchman, seems to have his number. Bueno raised pre-flop to 33,000. Nuijten calls. Bueno bets 38,000 into the A♦ 3♦ 5♣ flop and the young Dutchman calls again, as he does when Bueno fires 78,000 on the 7♥ turn and when he bets again on the K♥ river. Bueno shows pocket eights; Nuijten’s A-J is good and Nuijten is back up to 530,000. –RD

2.25pm: De Wolfe hunting
Roland de Wolfe made it 31,000. Cornel Cimpan moved all-in and De Wolfe called. It all seemed to take place with nothing but gestures made using eyebrows as suddenly the cards were on their backs. K♣K♦ for Cimpan, A♦A♣ for De Wolfe. A king hit the flop. No hollering, just a quick grin and a shake of the head from De Wolfe as he waited for the bill. 235,000 in total.


Cornel Cimpan

2.17pm: Twenty for it
We’re now back from the break and there are 20 players remaining. Georgios Kapalas is still out in front with more than two million. The full, official counts are being collated and will be on the chip count page.


2.15pm: And level 21
The 15 minutes just passed were the best of the day so far, mainly because it was a break and it gave us some chance to catch up on what was going on in a really frantic end to the last level. Catch up on all that action with the level 20 updates post, and join us here for another 75-minutes’ action.


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