EPT Barcelona: Level 20 updates

September 08, 2009

EPTLive updates from day three, level 20 of EPT Barcelona brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Rick Dacey, Marc Convey and Howard Swains.

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Blinds: 6,000-12,000 (1,000 ante)

1.42pm: Greco has a sweat
Michael Greco has just doubled through Santiago Terrazas to 300,000 with pocket aces against A♦ K♠. A whiff of panic appeared on the turn when the board delivered a Q♦ 8♦ 2♠ 9♦ flush draw but the Brit survived a potentially horrific outdraw when the 8♠ river blanked out. –RD

1.40pm: Outer table shenanigans
Santiago Terrazas and Joram Voelklein got involved in a battle of the blinds. It didn’t make a whole lot of sense, but after Terrazas made up the big blind, they saw a flop of 3♣4♦J♣ and Terrazas checked. Voelklein bet 30,000, called. The turn was 3♠ and Terrazas checked. Voelklein bet 80,000. Called. The river was J♠ and now they both checked. Terrazas’s 5♠4♠ beat Voelklein’s 7♦9♦.

1.36pm: Flushed with chips
Adam Markovits and Georgios Kapalas saw a 9♥5♣A♣ flop before Markovits checked-raised all in and was called. Markovits tabled A♠Q♣ and Kapalas revealed 9♣8♣. The turn came 4♠ and river7♣ to make the flush for the Greek and eliminated the Hungarian. Kapals has over 2million chips now. –MC

1.33pm: Nuijten takes on the bully
Patrick Bueno raises 27,000 and takes the blinds. The big stack is using his weight to elbow his way through the blinds what seems like every hand. The Frenchman has had to show down AQ already, which must be helping his cause. And he raises again, 33,000 this time but Julien Nuijten calls from the cut-off. Toni Ojala calls on the button. The flop delivers a top heavy A♣ K♠ 5♦ flop and Bueno counts out a large 68,000 bet. Nuijten calls while Ojala passes. A 10♦ on the turn stops Bueno who checks. Nuijten bets out 150,000 committing himself to the hand. Bueno passes and the young Dutchman scoops the 241,000 pot. –RD

1.30pm: Three million pot!
Matt Lapossie raised it up to 26,000 from the cut off and was called by Mark Goodwin in the big blind before a 3♣3♠4♥ flop came down. Then it all went a bit crazy with raises back and forth that saw both players all in creating a monster of a pot. Goodwin tabled 10♥3♥ and Lapossie Q♥3♦. Goodwin was in big trouble but sneaked out of it through the A♦ turn and A♣ river. How pivotal could that chop be for both players? Time will tell. –MC

1.23pm: Table 2 jostling
The action on table 2 has been a little more reserved than elsewhere. There’s been a couple of pre-flop raises that have gone clean through from Adam Markovits and Ari Kolpanitzki. The big tussle so far has been between Roland de Wolfe and Jan Boubli – but that was between their chair legs and a TV monitor. –RD

1.20pm: McDonald shoving
Mike McDonald isn’t letting Adam Markovits get away with anything. The Canadian raised to 29,000 from mid position and Markovits called. The flop came 7♥8♣3♥ and McDonald bet 45,000. Markovits attempted to min-raise, but only made it 70,000, so was forced to put another three yellow chips into the middle. McDonald was having none of that and moved all in for about 320,000 more, and Markovits folded.

1.18pm: Manole bueno also
Mihai Manole takes on Patrick Bueno from the button, making it 32,000 pre-flop. Bueno is in the big blind and calls for a 3♠2♥6♦ flop. Bueno checked to Manole who made it 37,000. Bueno called. Both checked the 4♥ on the turn and the 9♦ on the river. A♣Q♣ for the Frenchman but 8♣6♥ for Manole; good enough.

1.16pm: Goodwin makes a big call
Matt Lapossie raises under the gun to 27,000 and is called in 3 spots; Marc Goodwin in the hijack, Joram Voelklein on the button and David Robinson in the small blind. The four players check the 5♣ 5♦ 10♣ flop so the 128,000 remains up for grabs on the turn. A K♣ on the turn is checked round to Voelklein who bets 51,000. He shrugs off Robinson but Lapossie and Goodwin stand firm. The 8♦ surely changes little and the action is checked round to the turn aggressor Voelklein who bets 130,000. Lapossei thinks for a short while and makes the call putting Goodwin in a dilemma, ‘I think I’ve got the second best hand now, but I’m not sure to which of you.’ He doesn’t take long before dropping a stack of 13 blue 10,000 chips over the line and his call with AK is good. Lapossie shows pocket threes and Voelklein pocket Queens. Goodwin scoops the 518,000 pot and is now up to 1,900,000. –RD

1.12pm: Bueno bueno
Two hands raised pre-flop from Patrick Bueno and two hands folded to the raiser.

1.10pm: From where he left off…
Matt Lapossie continues where he left off last night by raising, 26,000 from early position, getting calls from Santiago Terrazas in the button and David Robinson in the big blind. On the%


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