EPT Barcelona: Level 19 updates

September 07, 2009

EPTLive updates from day three, level 19 of EPT Barcelona brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Rick Dacey, Marc Convey and Howard Swains.

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Blinds: 5,000-10,000 (1,000 ante)

7.38pm: From chip leader to rail bird in two easy steps
There’s a simple way to lose a giant stack deep into an EPT and that’s to run two good hands into Marc Goodwin who always seems to wake up with a monster at the right time. Simon Muñoz has done just this and it’s been a couple of really tough set-ups for the young Spaniard. There was obviously the aces and tens hand and he’s now just run A♥ Q♥ into Goodwin’s A♦ K♣. The board blanked out and Muñoz walked away in 26th. –RD

7.36pm: ElkY in trouble
On a flop of J♦10♠Q♠ Ari Kolpanitzki to Bertrand Grospellier. The Team PokerStars Pro bet at it only for Kolpanitzki to check-raise him a couple of hundred thousand more. ElkY called, showing Q♥J♥ for top two, but Kolpanitzki showed K♦9♥ for a flopped straight. An 8♥ on the turn, A♥ on the river. ElkY showed visible signs of pain as his slump continued, down to 270,000. Kolpanitzki up to 600,000. — SB

7.35pm: Mr Cool on Fire
Joram Voelklein raised from mid position then saw Simon Muñoz flat from the button before Marc Goodwin popped it up by another 130,000. Voelklein folded (queens he later said) but Muñoz moved his considerable stack over the line and received a snap call from Goodwin. Muñoz opened 10♠10♦ and Goodwin had the inevitable A♠A♣ before the board came 4♠5♦K♥9♣6♠. Goodwin scooped in the 1,250,000 pot and left Muñoz with 295,000. –MC

7.28pm: Asa Smith is out! Or is he?
Asa Smith has been having a hard time of it. He just had to lay down pocket tens to a large 4-bet and he’s now got his tournament life on the line with K♥ Q♣ against Samer Rahman’s 10♥ 10♣. The flop is 9♣ 2♠ 8♥. The turn is 2♥ and Smith starts rising to his feet before the K♠ drops on the river. Smith sinks back into his chair and chips back up to 340,000. –RD

7.25pm: Ross feels the force of Bueno
Patrick Bueno has now ended the participation of Markus Ross. They got it all in pre-flop: Bueno with Q♦Q♥ and Ross with A♦Q♣. The board ran out 10♠3♠8♥8♠8♣ and Bueno has now passed a million. –HS


7.24pm: Bonding swings out
Lars Bonding has got it in pre-flop with AJ against Simon Munoz’s Q♦ Q♣. The flop 9♣ 2♣ J♣ gave Bonding some hope but the turn and river blanked out. Bonding is out. –RD

7.22pm: The Bueno show
Julien Nuijten is not one to exaggerate and so when he says someone is hitting “everything”, you know he’s not kidding. It certainly seems to be the truth for Patrick Bueno. He took a chunk out of Matt Laposse when the Frenchman’s Q♣J♠ hit a queen on the flop and another on the turn. And Lappose gave him another stack about an orbit later. In another raised pot, the two of them saw a 2♦K♠8♥ flop, but it wasn’t until the A♠ turn that the money started to fly. Laposse bet 73,000 and Bueno called, bringing a 3♣ river. Laposse bet 122,000 this time and again Bueno called, showing K♣J♠ which was better than Laposse’s missed flush draw, with a 5♠6♠. –HS

7.20pm: There’s no stopping him I tell you…
Matt Lapossie’s rampage through the field continued, this time when Kevin Fesselier pushed all-in with Q♦Q♥ only to find the seven-figure stack of Lapossie calling and showing A♥A♣. The board ran out 8♦4♣A♥ (oooh) 7♣ (round of applause) 9♣. All done for Fesselier. Another 400k to Lapossie. – SB

7.15pm: The long hand
Joram Voelklein and Lars Bonding just spent ten minutes out thinking each other from the blinds. On a 2♣3♥2♥ flop Voelklein’s bet was called for a Q♦ turn card. Bonding checked before Voelklein made it 47,000 which again Bonding called. A 5♦ on the river. Bonding checked again. Now for the first of the long pauses. Voelklein took a few minutes before slowly sliding forward three large towers, shaking as they went, a bet of 219,000. Then he looked at Bonding directly to his right.

Now for the second long pause. Others at the table had latched on to other conversations and were chatting freely but not a peep came from the big Dane. Eight or nine minutes passed when Bonding called. Voelklein showed 6♣4♦. Bonding mucked. Michael Greco, standing to watch, made a bad smell face. Bonding down to 200,000. Voelklein up to more than 750,000. – SB

7.13pm: Raising War
Samer Rahman raised from the cut-off only to see Asa Smith three-bet, then Tobias Reinkemeier four-bet all in for 315,000 and Georgios Kapalas flat from the big blind. Rahman and Smith both got out of the way very quickly to leave their opponent’s settle in a heads-up showdown. Reinkemeier tabled J♣J♦ and Kapalas tabled A♦K♣ before the board ran 10♠2♥5♠A♠2♠. Reinkemeier out, Kapalas up to 1,200,000. –MC

7.07pm: One million pot!
But it’s all for nothing… Team PokerStars Pro Bertrand ‘ElkY’ Grospellier, Santiago Ambite and Toni Ojala got involved in a major 3-way pre-flop dance then ended up with ElkY and Ambite getting it all-in. ElkY had A♦ K♦ for a slight edge over the unsuited big slick of Ambite but it wasn’t enough to do anything other than chop the pot and Ojala’s pre-flop offering. –RD

7.03pm: De Wolfe takes chunk out of ElkY
Roland de Wolfe has just hit a three-outer to double up through ElkY. All the chips went in pre flop with de Wolfe holding ace-ten to ElkY’s ace-king. All was looking hunky dory for ElkY until a ten fell on the river. That leaves him with 500,000 with de Wolfe up to 550,000. –MC


6.53pm: More about Ukraine
On day 1b, we talked about the influx of players from the CIS countries to this event in Barcelona, noting that 29 Russians and six Ukrainians were in the field. Well, as we go late into day three, it’s the Ukrainians who have won the day. All the Russians are now out, but Oleksandr Vaserfirer remains seated.


Oleksandr Vaserfirer

6.51pm: Bonding gets blasting
Adam Markovits limped under the gun for 10,000 and Marc Goodwin raised from the cut-off to 30,000 picking up a caller in Lars Bonding in the small blind before Markovits made the call. Three players went to the flop but Bonding’s bet out for 58,000 was enough to scoop the 108,000 pot. Bonding also took the blinds unopposed the next hand from the button for a tasty 101,000 chip gain over two hands without a showdown. –RD

6.45pm: Walthaus downed
Jorn Walthaus is out. After Simon Munoz raised from the small blind, Walthaus found pocket deuces and shoved 136,000 from the big. Munoz called, even though he only had K♦3♥ but the board of 4♣J♠J♦A♣K♣ saw for Walthaus. – HS

6.30pm: Boubli moves in
Jan Boubli, a Barcelona champion from season two, moved all-in for 175,000 with A♣Q♣. Matt Lapossie sat up and made the call, showing 4♣6♣. Boubli, who had been standing up since moving in (a total of 175,000), watched the board come 10♥9♥J♦Q♠2♥. The queen was enough and the Frenchman doubles up to more than 300,000. — SB

6.22pm: Break time scrap
We just had another dwell-up heavy hand running deep into the break. Tobias Reinkemeier raised to 20,500 pre-flop and was three-bet by his neighbour, Georgios Kapalas, to 57,000. Reinkemeier then made it 103,000 and Kapalas decided it was time that they saw a flop and made the call. Both players tentatively checked the 8♠ 5♠ K♠ board before Reinkemeier tank-checked J♣. Kapalas bet out 125,000 and it was enough to finally make Reinkemeier pass his hand while the tournament staff busily coloured up the purple 500 chips around them. –RD

6.20pm: Chips and prizes, prizes and chips
Stay out of the black and into the red…



6.05pm: Back to the chip racks go the 500s
Players take a break as tournament staff colour up the purple 500 chips. Allow Jason Mercier to talk you through this brief interlude:

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Matt Lapossie


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