EPT Barcelona: Level 18 updates

September 07, 2009

Live updates from day three, level 18 of EPT Barcelona brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Rick Dacey, Marc Convey and Howard Swains.

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Blinds: 4,000-8,000 (500 ante)

6.05pm: Aces bueno for Bueno – Pt II
Again Patrick Bueno won a pot of more than 200,000, this time when Cornel Cimpan had aces. The flop was 10♣7♣6♣, which fit very well with Bueno’s K♣5♣. The turn was J♣ though, which probably slowed down the Frenchman with the flush. He check-called Cornel’s 70,000 bet on the river of 6♦ (also giving house possibilities), and Cornel tossed his non-club aces into the muck in disgust.

6pm: Aces bueno for Bueno
Patrick Bueno found aces at the same time as Markus Ross had kings. Unsurprisingly, the pot went to the Frenchman and he moved up to 600,000, with Ross pegged back to 240,000.

5.54pm: Walthaus welcome
Goodwin has beat down Jorn Walthaus with a solid three-bet on his first hand on his new table. Michael Greco mucked his hand muttering, ‘It’s so sick,’ before the action folded back round to Walkthaus who tank folded. –RD

5.49pm: Quereda holding firm
Four tables left and Jose Alberto Carreres Quereda has just survived another all-in. The Spaniard shoved for 110,000 over the top of Samer Rahman’s 26,000 open raise. The short stack’s A♦ J♠ beat down Rahman’s A♣ 4♥ but Rahman’s stack is still heaving. –RD

5.45pm: Cirstea crushed
The Romanian Ciprian Cirstea is out. He and Georgios Kapalas got it all in pre-flop and Cirstea’s A♦Q♥ was behind Kapalas’ K♣K♠. The flop brought a queen, but it wasn’t good enough and thanks to a recent double up, Kapalas had him covered in chips too. Cirstea departs. – HS


Ciprian Cirstea

5.42pm: Here’s to you Mr Robinson
David Robinson opened with a raise from early position to face a three-bet all in from Georgios Kapalas in the big blind. Robinson made the call with A♣Q♣ and saw he was in bad shape against the Greek’s A♦K♠. The board came K♥5♦J♣J♠4♠ to hand Kapalas the pot and a 340,000 stack. Robinson down to 85,000 as a result. –MC

5.39pm: Thomas Traboulsi has left the building
Pocket jacks are a great hand to pick up when you’re short stacked – obviously not as great as aces, kings or queens but a great hand nonetheless. So given that bit of information Thomas Traboulsi was thrilled to get it in, but less thrilled when Cornel Cimpan’s K♥ 7♥ caught top pair on the flop. The German departs in 34th for €20,000. –RD

5.35pm: Our man ElkY

Watch EPT 6 Barcelona Day 3: ElkY speaks on PokerStars.tv

5.30pm: Sepman slain
Yulius Sepman has just been coolered out of the tournament. “Cooler” in that he found queens at the same time Mike McDonald found kings and it was always going in. Sepman finishes 36th for €20,000, and McDonald is moves beyond half a million. – HS

5.27pm: Goodwin and Phillips take it to the river
Carter Phillips and Marc Goodwin see a flop of 2♠10♦9♦ and tentatively check their way through the 3♥ turn to the Q♦ river. Phillips bet 26,000, sending Goodwin into the tank for a minute or so before he folded pocket sizes face up. Phillips has on his war face. – SB


Marc Goodwin

5.26pm: Goodwin’s read scarily good
Cornel Cimpan limps on the button and Marc Goodwin in the big blind tells the American that he’s more scared by the limp than a raise, ‘If you raise I can put you on four-five up to aces. When you limp you could have anything!’ quips the Brit. The flop comes down 10♣ 10♦ 9♥ and Goodwin checks to Cimpan who bets the pot and Goodwin insta-passes showing 9♦ 2♣ for flopped two-pair. Cimpan flashes his own nine back at Goodwin. Nice fold, sir! –RD


5.20pm: De Wolfe de double
Roland de Wolfe has managed to get his tournament back on track with a double-up through Carter Phillips. De Wolfe open shoved for 105,000 from mid position and Phillips gave him a spin from the big blind 6♦6♣. The board ran 8♥K♦7♥J♠10♥ to make a straight for the Englishman. He’s up to 215,000. –MC


Roland de Wolfe, happy days

5.12pm: Miracle on fifth street
Jose Alberto Carreres Quereda has been nursing a short stack all day. He started day 3 with 64,000 and had just under that when he shoved all-in from middle position with A♦ J♠. Mihai Manole called on the button with A♣ Q♣ and Thomas Traboulsi shoved for 90,000 with kings from the small blind. The 4♣ Q♦ K♦ flop gave Traboulsi top set, a 9♣ gave Manole a flush draw but a 10♦ on the river saved Quereda with a backdoor straight who is now on 200,000. Traboulsi is short on 60k. –RD

4.55pm: And now, level 18
And that’s another level done. We’re now beginning level 18 with 37 players remaining. Matt Lapossie has been at the summit of the chip ladder throughout the day, but Samer Rahmen is now up there too. -HS





Samer Rahmen


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