EPT Barcelona: Level 17 updates

September 07, 2009

EPTLive updates from day three, level 17 of EPT Barcelona brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Rick Dacey, Marc Convey and Howard Swains.

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Blinds: 3,000-6,000 (400 ante)

4.45pm: Castelluccio hits the skids
Sergio Castelluccio has become the latest victim of Samer Rahmen. The table-neighbours got their entire stacks in pre-flop and it was queens (Castelluccio) versus ace-king (Rahmen). An ace came on the turn to sent the Italian out and vault Rahmen to more than a million.

Castelluccio departed in 39th and it was the final action of level 17. The full count for the remaining players is currently under way and will appear on the chip count page sooner than you can say: “Does Carter Phillips have one or two ‘l’s in his name?” (which has been the most interesting conversation subject in today’s press room digest.)


4.32pm: Standing up for the little man
Matt Lapossie, as you expect, is bullying his table and opened more pots than anyone else. Is there anyone out there that will put a stop to this I hear you say? Yes there is! Lapossie raised from under-the-gun to 24,000 and was flat called before Patrick Bueno three-bet to 54,000. Lapossie followed that up with a four-bet to 106,000. The other player moved out of the way before Bueno five-bet raised all in for 464,000. That was just enough to make the bully Lapossie give up for now. –MC


Matt Lapossie

4.30pm: Ross ransacking Morgenstern stack
Markus Ross is not a countryman that Anton Morgenstern is going to want to remember anytime soon. Ross has scooped anyway most of the young German’s stack in a pre-flop raising war that saw Morgenstern call the all-in from Ross with A♥ 9♥. Ross showed Q♥ Q♣, dodged the ace all the way to the river. He’s since beaten Morgenstern in a couple of smaller pots. Morgenstern is now on 80,000 and will have to get his chips in soon. –RD

4.25pm: Luis Ramon Rufus Acin eliminated
Luis Acin moved all-in pre-flop after Asa Smith had made it 15,500 pre-flop. It’s 112,000 more and Samer Rahman thinks it over in the big blind, looking at how much Smith has behind before folding. Smith calls immediately, showing A♠K♠ to Acin’s A♦10♦. After the 10♠3♠Q♥ flop Acin said something like “vamos!” but went quiet on the K♣ turn. Then silent on J♠ which gave Smith a flush. –SB

4.21pm: Blumlein bust
Frank Blumlein is out in 43rd, earning €18,000 but ruing pocket fours. Manole Mihai made it 16,000 from two off the button and Blumlein moved all in, 43,000 more, from the button. Mihai called and tabled 6♣6♦. Blumlein’s 4♦4♥ never caught up. –HS

4.10pm: No more va-va-oom
Thierry van den Berg has fallen to Frenchman Patrick Bueno. All the chips went in pre flop with Van den Berg holding pocket jacks to Bueno’s ace-queen. An queen fell on the flop and that was that for the Team PokerStars pro Netherlands member. –MC


Thierry van den Berg

4.02pm: Goodwin hits big against Philips
Marc Goodwin has been playing a patient game, picking spots and playing – and usually winning – some big pots. On a board of K♥ 7♦ J♣ 7♣ 5♣ Goodwin was first to act and bet out a pot-sized 146,000 into Carter Phillips. The American went long into the tank and finally counted out a huge stack of chips to make the call. Goodwin showed J♠ 7♠ for a full house and Phillips instantly mucked. Goodwin is on 710,000 and Phillips is down to 320,000. –RD

3.53pm: Sepman doubles, man
Yulius Sepman needed a double-up and he has managed to do just that. He withdrew chips from the ban of Toni Ojala. It was a pre flop all in encounter with Sepman holding pocket queens to Ojala’s pocket nines. –MC

3.45pm: Woodward departs
Matt Woodward is out in 47th. The runner up at the Grand Final in Monte Carlo this year found himself on the same table as Matt Lapossie, who has the stack to kill anyone stone dead here. Patrick Bueno opened from early position to 16,000 and Lapossie called on the button. Woodward, in the big blind, shoved all in for his last 100,000 and after Bueno folded, Lapossie thought for a while before calling. Lapossie had pocket eights, Woodward had pocket sevens, and the board helped neither. Lapossie stacked another 150,000-odd to his mountain and Woodward departed.


Matt Woodward

The full, official counts were published just before this hand. They can be found in the usual place.


3.33pm: Another one gone
James Collopy is out having moved in with A♦5♠ against Michael Greco’s A♣9♠. the board ran out K♥10♠8♠9♦J♦ sending the chips to the Englishman and the American to the rail in 50th place. — SB

3.25pm: Reinkemeier explains his queen-high call
We caught up with Tobias Reinkemeier and found out about his controversial call in a 150k pot with Roland de Wolfe (see level 16 updates for the hand; RULING!). Reinkemeier said that he was convinced that De Wolfe had no show down value and had some kind of combo-draw, which his queen-high would beat or that the British player would have king-high and would almost certainly muck. Unfortunately for De Wolfe it’s standard tournament rules that if you muck your hand without showing both cards that your hand is dead.–RD

Controversy over queen high.jpg

Tobias Reinkemeier talks through the big hand with Thomas Kremser while De Wolfe looks on

3.20pm: Here we go again
And that’s another level in the book. We’re down to 52 players, and the target is 24 for the day. Matt Lapossie remains the leader, but stacks are growing and growing. All together now:





Matt Lapossie


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