EPT Barcelona: Going public

September 05, 2009

It’s the future, apparently, the ability to let people know exactly what you’re doing when you do it, everything from eating breakfast to what music you might be listening to; but all in no more than 140 digits. It’s an exciting new wave of technology making the private public and turning everything you “tweet” into one of those kids competitions requiring you to explain on the back of a postcard why you should win a new bike in no more than 12 words. But people like that.

Like the PokerStars Blog and PokerStars, a raft of Team PokerStars Pros are in on it, updating their status from around the world , everything from how their day is going, big hands, to what appears to be the first thing that enters their head in the morning. In tournaments the natural brevity of twitter comes into its own; instant relief for those impatient souls in search of instant gratification. Like keno players.


Daniel Negreanu

Take Daniel Negreanu, progress of which you can find on his twitter feed @RealKidPoker:

WARNING: The following tweets contain grammar and spelling that some readers may find disturbing.

11.13am: I’m enraged with fury right now. Some french ‘fan’ stole my wallet while I was taking a picture with them.

12.23pm: Calming down now. I’m only worried about my Green Card really. I’m the tighest player at the table! Lex Velduis has played 5 20k pots lol

12.30pm: Peter Eastgate on my left. Lex three to the right. Good start for me up to 36k. Better start for Lex he’s well over 60k in the first 30 min

4.02pm: Holding steady with 36750 after level 4.

Negreanu likes to spread them out a bit while Noah Boeken (@NoahBoeken) fires them off in staccato bursts:


Still waiting for that level five hand… Noah Boeken

4.40pm: About time! Just won my first hand!!had to wait till level 5 to do it, now let’s keep runnin 21k

4.43pm: Very next hand I raise aqcc to 825 and my active scandi neighbor makes it 2100 and I call. Flop 239cc I c he bets 1800 which I checkraise

4.45pm: To 6000 he thinks for a minute and moves allin which I have to call, suprisingly he showed QTo and my Ahi took down a 44k pot,ez game LOL

But if you want to go a little deeper than current affairs try philosophy where there’s none better than the Flying Dutchman himself, the so-good-it-must-be-spam twitterings of Marcel Luske (@MarcelLuske).


You tell me… Marcel Luske

9.48am: dont go in circles but analise what is the correct direction 2 go & use yr energy positivly!

9.45am: Do what have 2 B done or DO something else,,, If you are over 21 ?

Who can follow that?


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